TV Friendships: On ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6 and hope for Hook, Charming

One of the things that is great about a show like “Once Upon a Time” is that with a rather robust cast comes some further opportunities to pair up characters, and put them in interesting situations where you test the limits of their relationships. That’s what makes the show so interesting in that so many dynamics are fairly fluid; people who may be your friend one season are an enemy the next.

For this edition of our TV Friendships series, what we wanted to do is cast the focus on two characters in particular who we’ve seen a little bit of over the years in Charming and Hook. They’ve been adversaries, but they’re now friends and on the cusp in some ways of being in-laws if Hook ever opts to propose. It’s just such an interesting, odd situation given that Hook is significantly older than David, but could become his son-in-law if he marries Emma Swan. We like the humor between the two and what Josh Dallas and Colin O’Donoughe bring to the table. Suffice it to say, we’d like to see a whole lot more of them.

Where the two left off – The last we saw these characters, they were getting a chance to celebrate temporarily being back from the Underworld, only to then see some other unfortunate events unfold in between the death of Robin and eventually the arrival of Mr. Hyde. They know some of what’s coming, but not the full extent. There are further dangers coming in this world, and they are unaware of them. It’s a rather dangerous spot to be in, but at least their relationship is on solid ground.

What we’d like to see next – With Robin dead and Rumpelstiltskin likely preoccupied with Belle, Charming and Hook have more of an opportunity to get a little bit of a bromance going than every before. What we find so fun about them is that Hook is this reformed bad-boy type, while Charming constantly finds this need to be good and heroic. You can have them taking part in some real-world activities like having a beer together or going fishing (hey, normalcy can be a good thing) while giving them some funny rapport. We want to see the guys do some normal bonding, and then also team up to take on some physical challenges while the likes of Emma and Regina put their magic to the test.

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