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this is an unorganized mess and i meant to do this like a month and a half ago because now i’m at 3.7k but yeah thank you for everyone who puts up with my shitty blog yous guys are the best.
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i’m sorry if i forgot anyone, and like i said, this is a disorganized mess so it’s in no particular order. but thank you to my friends, mutuals, and everyone that follows me.

I love how all of Connie’s ship names are just zany and cute.

Connie/Sasha: Springles

Marco/Connie: Marcoroni

Connie/Reiner: Springboard

Connie/Annie: AnnaConda

Armin/Connie: Charmin’

Still need to find a catchy one for Jean. But I haven’t really seen anything for Eren, Historia, Ymir, Bertholdt, or Mikasa. If anyone has suggestions, let them be heard!