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this is an unorganized mess and i meant to do this like a month and a half ago because now i’m at 3.7k but yeah thank you for everyone who puts up with my shitty blog yous guys are the best.
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i’m sorry if i forgot anyone, and like i said, this is a disorganized mess so it’s in no particular order. but thank you to my friends, mutuals, and everyone that follows me.

I am water.
My dreams, my hopes, my pain,
my friendships with no gain;
Whatever I held on until this day
Will all be swept away,
while you, my friend, are watching without falter.
I am water.

I am water.
By tragedy our friendship is no more.
And still you’re waiting for me at the shore.
This can’t be, even if we tried to be…one (,) of us must go.
And even though I wish it were not so
nothing I could say or do would alter.
I am water.

But your fire!
Your mere presence brings me agony,
still I let your flames wash over me.
Every child knows: fire and water don’t mix well.
But together we can face this hell,
since freedom is our hearts desire.
Oh, your fire!

But your fire.
And though in your heat my body dissipates,
I’ll cross this distance my dearest friend so hates.
Together fighting, suffering a sickness none can cure.
Hear my words, friend, when I say our love is pure.
A mind could not procure a pain so dire,
Just your fire.

Flaming water…
„The ocean is my reason to pull through and be strong.“
I say naively, not realising it was you all along.
Don’t be sad. It’s alright. I knew we’d part, so I told lies.
But the Ocean that I sought was always in your eyes.
I’ll give you strength, but please, just make it end this slaughter!
With flaming water.

fire and water will never mix.
Sadly, that is something I can’t fix.
But know that you’ve made my hell of a life, a life worth living
through all of your relentless giving.
From up here, your smile still looks charmin’.
Forever your friend, Armin.



A little poem for Armin tribute week Day 2: Elements.