i learned a lot about falling in love when i fell out of love, i learned a lot about being a friend when i was alone


AKA: Check Please Couples and Who Gets Up With The Crying Baby


They both try to volunteer and have the other one sleep. “You have an upcoming roadies honey, get some sleep” “No Bits, you have to be up early at the bakery, I got her” and they both end up getting up and checking on the baby together. These two. 


They switch off each night (it is marked on a calendar and you are allowed three trade days per month). Sometimes when Ransom crawls back into bed at an ungodly hour Holster tries to give him a sleepy fist bump and ends up nearly giving him a black eye. 


Shitty is just?? So impressed?? That Lardo birthed a HUMAN!? He gets up 10/10 times, he’s a nocturnal thing anyway and enjoys sitting in the rocking chair and waxing about the problems with there being a Christmas tree in the White House if we are really going for the separation of church and state 


Chowder leaps out of bed, even if it is to bring the baby back to Caitlin to nurse. Even sleep deprived Chowder is a delight to be around because for every yawn he does, he will show you a new picture of his baby. 



“No. It’s your turn.”

“I will give you $5,000 if you do it”

“Don’t need it, I married a trust fund boy.”

(And then Nursey puts his cold feet on Dex’s thigh and Dex shoves him and he nearly topples out of bed and Nursey complains the whole walk down to the nursery. Dex falls back asleep to the sound of Nursey’s gentle voice over the baby monitor and reminds himself to make a ‘nursey in the nursery’ joke in the morning)

So Caitlin Farmer is tall (and she’s trans). She plays volleyball and is VERY TALL. She’s taller than Chowder (who is also trans everybody’s trans I don’t make the rules) for sure.

But don’t think for one second that that stops Chowder from picking her up/giving her piggyback rides literally all the time he loves picking up his big beautiful ripped girlfriend and making her laugh and feel like a fucking princess.

Chowder has his insecurities, but being shorter than Farmer is not one of them. To him, she is literally a Viking goddess come down from Valhalla he loves her tallness and her body and everything about her so much

Farmer used to be a lot more insecure about her height and build, but then this really sweet goalie falls head over heels for her exactly the way she is. It doesn’t solve her height dysphoria, but it sure does help when Chowder whispers in her ear how gorgeous and perfect she is whenever they’re cuddling or kissing in bed

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Just a thought...you know those au's where the name you call your s/o is on your body. Think about chowder and him being so excited, "maybe they're a farmer!" And some stupid person being sexist says it's probably a guy and chowder probably at least had the thought what if it is a guy? I've never felt that way about a guy but I must love them and kinda freaking out a bit about sexuality? I just thought about that..

Sweet baby Chowder would love his soulmate no matter what, and he would constantly be asking himself “is farmer a pet name?? ARE THEY A REAL FARMER?? but why would I call them that? Do they call me goalie???” So many questions, and all Chowder can think when he runs into the women’s volleyball team is “i hope this one wants to be a farmer, she’s got such pretty eyes” and he nearly cries when he finds out her name