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Most of you guys know how I got angry with my parents for sending me to the place where I met you guys. Sending me to the place where only I can hear is the sound of the crickets and kokak-kokak of the frogs. No malls, parks and other city habits. But, day by day I realized how I’m so blessed… God send me to the place where I can be free for the first time of my life, loved & cared much. First time to go out with friends without the company of my parents or guardian. Hang-out at the Beach (though I don’t know how to swim),  SAPA(River)where I almost drowned (AHAHAAH! Thank you, Lord for sending Kuya Ebe as an instrument for saving me.) CURTAIN WATER FALLS(wow! watta beautiful falls. I wanna go there again.), FORESTSFARM (So far, Only Dennis Farm. :( ‘coz my grandfather won’t allow me to go at their lunggafor the reason, that I have an allergies. *sigh*),RICE FIELDS (I had hard times walking at the Pilapil.AHAAHAHAH! I pity myself for that. :P) and many more. :D

I know there’s always a reason for everything. Reasons why I met them, why I love them & why I cared much for them. Maybe I’m too attached with our friendship. That I can’t distinguish what is true and real. What is true to me and a lie for them. Maybe you cared too much for me to expect more than what you can.

Now, I know we’re getting older. Different paths we may cross but I still hoping that one day we will still meet again and hoping that on that day, all heartaches & heartbreaks already healed (Amen).