Welcome to the Charmed Network! I don’t know if there’s others out there like me who run a Charmed blog who have to sift through the posts in the Charmed tag looking for original gifs and graphics to reblog of this fantastic show. If there are, you’d know it can get tiring scrolling through the ‘OMG it’s [insert actor]’ and the random spam posts.
Thus this network was born. This is a network purely to combine all Charmed blogs that post original content. If you make your own gifs, graphics, or edit screencaps then you can be a part of this network!
An added bonus is the Charmed Network Tag, this is a place where you can tag your content and I will reblog it straight to this blog, so I will be creating a database of creators, and creations!

Reposters aren’t welcome, Sorry.

How to Join
  • Must be following the Charmed Network Blog, and the admin [x]
  • Shoot the admin, or the network blog a message requesting to join.
  • Be a creator of original content (gifs, graphics, fanfiction), Specify what it is you create so I can put it on the network page.
  • Send in an icon for the network page.
  • Reblog this post.