Charmed Challenge - Day 4: Favorite Couple

MY BABIES! They’re simply the best ones. There can be no argument there. Piper and Leo’s love is this epic love that everybody hopes for and they proved that, even though throught all the tears and struggles (yeah, I just quoted Leo’s vows) they still could make it. They still managed to be together at the end. And this is the greatest message you can pass to any fandom. Yeah, I may disagree on a few things that were made to them (like the ridiculous amount of times they took Leo away) but at the end they made this great epic couple and never once let their storyline goes boring. Piper and Leo are just meant to be and I can only hope onne day I’ll have a relationship as great as theirs.

Charmed Challenge - Day 18: Favorite Season 4 Episode

Saving Private Leo. Because it shows this huge part of my baby Leo that was missing, explains why he doesn’t like talking about his old life and, once again, it’s proof of how strong Piper and Leo’s love is. What she did for him, literally vanquishing old ghosts that were haunting him, just shows how much she cares about him and how much she doesn’t want him to suffer, at all. It also shows that she wants to help him to get over old pains and helping him move on. And, in the end, when she’s looking proudly at him and she says that he’s her hero, my heart melts inside and I just wanna cry.

Charmed Challenge - Day 14: Favorite Spell

I am light, I am one too strong to fight. Return to the dark where shadows dwell, you cannot have this Halliwell. Now go away and leave my sight and take with you this endless night.”

To me, this is the most inspirational spell of all. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of the dark ever since I was a kid and this is the first thing that makes this fear goes away, I don’t know. All I know is that whenever I feel like I’m not gonna make it through the night, I quote this spell to make me feel better. To make me stronger. And, whenever I do, it makes me feel like part of the Halliwell family.

Charmed Challenge - Day 8: Favorite Quote

“I’m being stalked by psycho killers and I hide in the shower?!”

I know, I could have chosed an inspirational quote, a love quote, any quote at all. But this will forever be my favourite quote because of the way Holly said it. It seemed like this wasn’t even on the script, it just came out of her so naturally that literaly made me cry of laughing. It’s this feeling, this knowing what to add and when to add thing that made Piper so loveable. She wasn’t a robotized characters, Holly portrayed her so perfectly that her lines seems like made up at the time, not already written, you know? I know you don’t, but that’s how I feel, lol.

Charmed Challenge - Day 2: Favorite Female Character

No doubt on that one, huh? Hahah. But why is she my favorite one? Because she’s just so real! I know that she’s a witch, who’s married to an angel and all, but the way that Holly portraied her just makes me feel like: ‘Hey, I can be that girl!’. Maybe not the super powerful witch that saves the world on a daily bases, but I can be the awkward shy girl that grows up to fight for her place in the world and succeeds.

Charmed Challenge - Day 5: Favorite Episode

CHICK FLICK! I really can’t explain why this is my favourite episode. It just is. Maybe it’s because there’s all the Piper and Leo’s cuteness after a whole season with the Dan plot. And there’s Prue meeting her idol and having her hopes dashed about him, which was a great plot. And I love how she dealt with it. THERE’S PHOEBE FANGIRLING! I can’t even begin to descrie how I felt when I saw that she was fangirling. It was like Alyssa was portraing me! LOL. And Holly was just so great on this episode. She made me laugh everytime she showed up on the screen. Anyway, everyhting about this episode is extremely flawless and that’s why I love it so much.

Charmed Challenge - Day 1: Favorite Season

I chose season 3 cuz, to me, it’s the season that shows the best part of my favourit trio (Piper, Prue and Phoebe). Prue has embraced her witch-self and is trying to find her balance, Piper is finally having her happily ever after with Leo and Phoebe is falling for the perfect guy for her. What else could I ask for? The season is only ruined because of its end.

Charmed Challenge - Day 11: Favorite Actor/Actress

I feel like I cheated on this one, but I don’t care. Because Holly is my favourite actress and Brian is my favourite actor on the show! They were the reason why I first fell in love by the show and they were the ones who made me keep going through the seasons I didn’t want to. They truly are Piper and Leo, you can see it in the little details. Like Holly’s sarcastic mood. Brian’s sideway smile. The way they look at the people they love. The way they smile. They put that in their characters and they made them more beliveable, loveable. They’ll always have a huge soft spot on my heart because of it.

Charmed Challenge - Day 9: Favorite Power

I cannot decide between freezing or blowing things up. They’re both such handy powers! Freezing is good cuz sometimes I really do need a serious nap. And blowing up things, yeah, it might be dangerous, but I guess I wouldn’t be so irritated LOL Both powers were very much appreciated on the show and I think the reason why is because they made things easier for the girls. Freezing gave them the time they needed to come up with something clever to do and blowing up made the vanquishing easier. This doesn’t make sense at all, but yeah :)

Charmed Challenge - Day 20: Favorite Season 6 Episode

This was the episode that made me fall in love by season 6 and Chris. My heart melts inside when he calls Piper ‘mom’, the way he treats Victor, they he shows how much he cares about Piper… It’s all so damn cute! It was from this moment on that I fell in love by him and that I couldn’t decide anymore between him and Wyatt. It just don’t seem fair. And I also loved Phoebe’s storyline. It was extremely well made! I love this whole episode, I can’t skip any parts when I’m rewatching it. :)

Charmed Challenge - Day 6: Favorite Guest Star

I got so excited when I found out that Charisma Carpenter was on Charmed! Not only because I grew a little obsession with her on Buffy (I only watched Angel’s first season, so…), but also because I found out that she was friends with Holly in real life and I was looking forward to see their chemistry on the screen. They didn’t had that much scenes together, but the few moments they were together were enough. Charisma is an amazing actress and it makes me sad that they never took the chance to enjoy her greatness.

Charmed Challenge - Day 15: Favorite Season 1 Episode

I cannot believe I actually chose The Wendigo. I was such in a terrible doubt between it and That 70’s Episode! IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE, GUISE! Guess I chose The Wendigo because it was the episode where it clicked to me. It was when I actually realized I was hopeless obsessed by Piper and that she was my spirit animal. I love the fact that this episode is all about her and she’s just so cute and badass in it! It’s too much for the me to handle. LOL