Charmed Challenge - Day 25: Favorite Charmed Ones turned into

Goddess. Piper looked so amazing as a goddess! And although I can’t bring myself to watch these episodes because of the sadness, I think this were the best thing they were ever turned into. Cuz it really filled it up to them! Piper was the most powerful one; Paige was the young yet full of power and energy; and Phoebe was the balance between them, the sweet and caring one but not less powerful because of it.

Charmed Challenge - Day 24: Favorite Piper, Phoebe and Paige Moment

Yeah. When they vanquished Shax. This didn’t made me love Paige right away and I still haven’t dealt with Prue’s death they way it’s supposed to. But this moment of them it’s my favourite one because they weren’t only vanquishing Shax, they were vindicating Prue the way she would have liked. Prue never ran away from a fight and, by finally getting their chance to vanquish Shax, they weren’t running away from the fight. They were fighting the good fight, like Andy said once.  ;)

Charmed Challenge - Day 26: Your Least Favorite Demon

Ugh, Barbas! I just hate him so badly. I find him extremely annoying. I hate the way he walks, he talks and what he does to th sisters. Whenever he’s talking, I’m just like: ‘Arrrrrgh, just finish the sentence already!!!!’. Although I find the character brilliant portrayed, I can’t bring myself to like him.