Chase brought Oliver to his lowest this season.

Since then - with the help of Felicity and Diggle and his sister - Oliver is finally beginning to believe in himself. He’s finally beginning to let go of the past.
He’s finally beginning to grow.

It took hitting rock bottom for Oliver to finally start moving forward.

Which means that, to a degree, Chase is to thank for Oliver’s development this season.

And that reminds me of what Oliver said to Slade in his ARGUS prison on Lian Yu at the end of 2x23:

“You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you.”

Oliver’s finally learning to let go of his past. In order to follow through on that completely, Oliver needs to go back to the island one last time.

And now I’m dying for a parallel between what Oliver said to Slade at the end of season 2 & what Oliver says to Chase when he finally faces him on the island where it all began.