charmed: season 3

What I want Season 3 to have

- TONS of Cat Grant aka The Queen of The World™
- more James
- no Mon-El (not even mentioning his existence) or any new unnecessary white male character who takes screen time from the actually interesting characters
- also I want Lucy back (I seriously miss her, she was great)
- why did they break up with James exactly when he didn’t end up with Kara??? (Let them be together pls)
- Maxwell Lord could be also back
- more J'onn as Alex’s and Kara’s space dad
- S-U-P-E-R-C-O-R-P !!!
- pls no Sanvers wedding, they are literally dating for two months and they are not ready yet, don’t ruin it for them
- I also love Winn and he should have at least half of the screen time thanks

parallelisms between s3 and s4: love triangles.

ok y'all i know we’re all mad at yousef right now but my friend and i thought about something.
at the beginning of the season we were all talking about some parallelisms between s3 and s4 but i dont see anyone talking about them now. but there still are.
•in 3x05 isak tells even he’s better off without mentally ill people in his life. this causes even to distance himself from isak because he understands this might be a problem in their relationship. isnt this the same thing happening in s4, more or less? yousef tells sana he’s not muslim. sana unfriends him on facebook. yousef gets his atheism might be a problem for them and stops texting her.
•in 3x05 isak casually sees even and sonja (who doesn’t have any problem about even being bipolar) making out at a party. in 4x05 sana casually sees yousef and noora (who doesn’t have any problem about yousef being an atheist) making out at a party.
•at this point, in both seasons there is a nine-day hiatus.
•back from the hiatus, sana and isak are both broken and refuse to talk about their problems with their friends.
•they both try to avoid the boy they’re in love with.
•but even and yousef can’t let go of isak and sana, and while even starts sending isak cute drawings, yousef flirts with sana and tries to bond with her in the only way he knows it works, by playing basketball.
•and at this point we’re all confused and wondering what the heck they’re trying to do.

ok, so, i’m not trying to justify what yousef is doing and his behaviour with sana. i still think he’s an asshole. i’m just saying this might be an explanation. we know for a fact everything in skam has a double meaning. but i might be totally wrong. tell me what your thoughts about this are 👀

Better Call Saul

Season 3, “Sabrosito”

Director: Thomas Schnauz

DoP: Marshall Adams