charmed: s5 ep22

So i just watched the SPN season 5 finale Swan Song for the first time - “omg y r u only first watching this now, you’ve been a fan for like a year” well yes, let me tell u, i have spent more time reading fic and reblogging gifsets than actually watching the show, what a thing - and anyway, um… How did that episode feel to people who hadn’t been spoiled rotten by tumblr before watching? Idk, i found the whole ‘Chuck narrating’ thing kinda awkward and too calm for a finale, but maybe calm is just what you need in this ep to balance out all the shock and emotion you’d feel if you weren’t spoiled beforehand. 

I’m used to feeling wowed, or even wrecked, after a season finale, and this didn’t really do it for me. So i’m just wondering, did it feel like that too, for those of you who’ve watched it more or less unspoiled?