charmed: 3x11


3x11 “Mystery Spot”
“Tuesday. Pig in a poke.”

So I re-watched this episode today and had a nagging suspicion while watching, but wasn’t entirely sure whether it was my eyes playing tricks on me or the real deal. So I had to cap these scenes above to be sure. And now I am sitting here silently fangirling once more over how freaking brilliant this show has always been when it comes to silent storytelling and visuals that say more than a million words.

What I am talking about? Well, first of all. All gifs captured above aren’t coloured or edited at all, but the exacty colouring it is on my DVD. And that is kind of the key here, because if I had edited them, you wouldn’t be able to understand why I am so in awe with this show once again - I now what else is new. ;)

It’s subtle, but take a close look. The gifs from top to bottom are in the order of the episode. 1st gif, first time Sam and Dean sit in the diner and so on. And you know what the brilliant thing about the cinematography here is?

The more often Sam witnesses Dean’s death and is unable to stop it, the more the coolours start to fade and the darker and les saturated the images get. I am sorry but this is bloody brilliant, because this is essentially Sam’s life losing colour and joy and meaning, because Dean is not in it visualized by the colours draining away.

Maybe everybody had picked up on this already… I don’t know… But I sure was mindblown during rewatch! Well freaking done, SPN!

Tell me again how all those things on this show that happen to be amazing are just happy accidents and not purposefully inserted or utilized to tell the story on a visual and textual level.