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 "Sherlock and John (as a couple if possible) sitting on the front show of a fashion show? with John a suit bought by Sherlock and Sherlock maybe fanning himself with the programme and john maybe looking through their gift bags…. I always think that because of Sherlock’s style and fame, designers keep inviting him to shows and he goes to London Collection: mens with John “

thank you!


Promptis charm I made that I might be selling. ⭐️💫

[EDIT]: WELP THANKS FOR THE LOVE, GUYS. I honestly did not expect so much support ahhh– 😭 In the next two weeks I will be figuring out how to put these up for sale. They will be double-sided, double-board charms. If you are interested, pm or dm me and I can update you when it’s all set up~!

so my overwatch charms are finished and soon to be ordered for AX, and i’ve posted png versions for online personal use here

usage rules:

  • online use only (icons, headers, edits, etc.); you can crop if necessary
  • visible and accessible credit required (if someone wants to know where you got the art from they should be able to find the source without asking you); so a mention or a link in your description, about page, etc.
  • no physical reproduction or distribution (do not make into stickers, charms, etc.; please ask for personal use)
  • do not repost or claim as your own

charms will also be available online later

eta: fixed ana