Okay, folks, so I got a small batch of Voltron charms I made. They’ll be put on rings shortly! Anyone want to buy some? $2.50 (Except for butt lance. That one is $1) each but also buy 4 paladins get the last free! I wanna do a trial selling on here before I make like an etsy or something. Message me for more details!

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New acrylics are released for preorders this month!  Get your hands first on our new releases with preorder discounts!


We have a lot of new Mystic Messenger items that came out this month (707 is so awesome lololololol).

Preorders are open for double acrylic keychains, clear acrylic keychains and clear acrylic stands. Clear acrylic keychains are only available through preorders! (Normally we only have double acrylic keychains and clear acrylic stands in stock). All acrylics are 2" pieces.

Custom orders are also open!  Custom orders have an additional $5 per character drawing fee, and the material cost is the same as normal preorders.  Please provide name of series and character, and a reference image if possible. You are also free to choose your pose! (and base piece if you are ordering stands)

Shipping is excluded on all prices. Prices are USD. Payment accepted by PayPal or credit card. Please feel free to ask for a shipping quote before you order :D Preorders are open from 01 October 2016 to 16 November 2016. I am trying to get everything made by some time in December. Hopefully I can start mailing out items near end of December (preferrably before Christmas post office closures) or early January 2017.

Questions? Let me know!



Hey guys! I need some help 😢

Which of these would you be interested in for clear acrylic charms? I want to get some test charms to see if i like a company but i wanna get some that i could sell afterwards! Here are some options:

1. Mikan (double sided)

2. Squid sisters (double sided)

3. Raven (double sided and i would make it so that the back would actually be the back of her)

4. Shinji charm in the style of earthbound sprites! (Im thinking the back side would be him in his regular clothes???) I also have the full eva kids sprite set i made for possible charms

5. REQUEST something that you would really like and ill consider it!


introducing you The Saigen Double sided Charms i’ve been drawing



dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

you can find these at conbravo @ hamilton, ON if you’re attending!


i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one


Designs for Royal!Haikyuu Charms! I hope to get them in time for SacAnime Summer 2015. ^Q^ I have an unhealthy addiction to the HQ!! babies in royal garments but this is probably the only time I’ve drawn HQ!! merch with them wearing their uniforms lmfao.