I had these lovely key charms delivered Tuesday and I completely love them so much. @elithien is an incredible artist who always delivers the best works of (fan)art I’ve ever received. I love her work so much. Y'all, everyone needs to support her so much! I feel like I need to throw money at her because I love her art so much.

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown


Hello everyone~ I’m opening up some pre-orders for some new charms and merch, and reprinting some old designs as well, if you’re interested feel free to drop by and take a look! whatdoyoumeanitsbasicallyallvoltron?(*’∀’人)♥



They’re finally here!! After waiting so long to get everything and assemble them, they’re all ready for shipping out!

They’re 2″ double-sided clear acrylic charms with their respected color phone straps. Each of them have their original colors on one side and on the other side is their holiday recolors, Demon Hanzo and Americree. 

They’re going for 12 USD a piece but bundled together they’re 20 USD. 

I have a limited stock and you can find them here


After an extraordinary demand these suckers sold out in less than 24 hours! Thats incredible and thank you all so much for your support! I will be ordering in more and they will be here sometime next week! If you really want one, message me and I will personally contact you when they come in so you can snatch them up before they’re sold out again, thank you so much again!

What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

(Jack) (Bitty)

Okay so I came up with this great AU idea and I decided I'm gonna post it here so here you go

Imagine a charm necklace AU.

Everyone gets a charm necklace at birth with one charm on it. This charm being a small plate with the person’s birth date on it.

Throughout their lives, they find more charms scattered about in their daily life. One in their bookbag, another in the bottom of a cup of coffee, just showing up wherever they’ll find them.

Now imagine each charm representing a significant life event in the near future.

Some are obvious, like a coffin indicating that they will have a secondhand experience with death soon. Some are more cryptic and require more thought. The individual can decipher what each charm means for themselves, or they can just wait for destiny to take its course.

But what about soulmates, you may ask?

Soulmate charms are themed after whoever your soulmate is. For example, if your soulmate is passionate about cats, you might find a charm of a cat or a ball of yarn. Something along those lines.

Soulmate charms come in two varieties: platonic and romantic. Platonic soulmate charms have a diamond, romantic soulmate charms have a heart. Sometimes the charm will also have the soulmate’s favorite color in it, or maybe the first letter of their name.

When someone dies prematurely, their necklace breaks in half and scatters the charms. Old age deaths only occur after the necklace can only hold one more charm: a small plate with the person’s death date on it.

Feel free to add to this AU or use it in your art or writing if you want! I’d love to see what people do with it!


dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

you can find these at conbravo @ hamilton, ON if you’re attending!