Here are the Pre-order Bonus Stickers for the windchime charms!!! (these stickers are about 3 inches big. The charm itself is 2 inches 15$) FINALLY DONE. I’ll have the other 6 for the r76 and bottle charms done soon. Been sick and busy but i GOT THIS

Order Here!–


Promptis charm I made that I might be selling. ⭐️💫

[EDIT]: WELP THANKS FOR THE LOVE, GUYS. I honestly did not expect so much support ahhh– 😭 In the next two weeks I will be figuring out how to put these up for sale. They will be double-sided, double-board charms. If you are interested, pm or dm me and I can update you when it’s all set up~!

I am making acrylic overwatch ‘pick your ship’ charms!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

They are all double sided so they can smooch whatever character you like! 

They will be available in 2.5″ phonecharm and keychain style clear acrylics!
You can get them at (hopefully) Megacon, (definitely) Metrocon, and soon on my etsy shop (will add a link when available)!

And yes!! I will be adding more characters, but not not for a month or 2 because  i need a break! orz

anonymous asked:

could you draw John and Sherlock all wrapped up in blankets and cuddly all warm and fuzzy (◡‿◡✿) it would just make my day. (I love your work so much!!&!!!!¡¡!!¡!! I internally scream every time it comes on my dash ahskldlakshhsksll)

thank you!
i hope you like it  ♡(。-ω-)