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Thank you to the wonderful @acornpress who we’re super lovely and patient!  I’m sorry the pictures are so aweful, but they came out really nice. Thank you so much!

So I’m going to be putting these together all night tonight lol

art for wonderful lingerie-lost-in-obsession

 "Sherlock and John (as a couple if possible) sitting on the front show of a fashion show? with John a suit bought by Sherlock and Sherlock maybe fanning himself with the programme and john maybe looking through their gift bags…. I always think that because of Sherlock’s style and fame, designers keep inviting him to shows and he goes to London Collection: mens with John “

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I swear Chad Charming (Jedidiah Goodacre) looks like a baby Isaac Lahey/Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf) and Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty) looks like a baby Mad Hatter/Jefferson/Sebastian Stan (Once Upon a Time)  and I am so down for that and no one can tell me different. 

All right Disney-there’s a crossover for you!


Three different things to be exact. Got some more charms for people who would be interested!

I forgot to write it in the first image but ALL THREE ARE 2 INCHES BIG. The mchanzo bottle is 12$ and the other two are 15$. If you buy 2 of any of the 15$ ones you can get them at a discount price of 26$. Some parts of the design will be semi-seethough for cool effect!

ALL THREE CHARMS will get separate BONUS pre-order stickers! so if you buy all three you will get 3 DIFFERENT bonus items!! The Bonus will be 3 stickers each and the designs will be released at a different time!

Pre-Order will go until early to mid May! And will probably ship out by the end of May! 

Bottle charm here! —

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- Shadowhunters (books, tv series, movie, whatever)

- ACOTAR, Throne of glass

- Six of Crows

- Rick Riordan’s books

- Lunar Chronicles

- Other autors such as Jennifer Armentrout, Holly Black, Rainbow Rowell, Victoria Schwab, Melissa Marr, A. G. Howard etc…

- Books in general

TV SERIES such as:

- Teen Wolf

- The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

- Once Upon a Time

- Charmed

- Sherlock

Charms back up for sale! Pre-orders are now all sold out and sent, and regular price is now $18 for both or $9 each! They now come with a randomly colored acrylic star dangle!

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Masterlist Update: 19/10/16

Here you can find my writing that I’ve done for either Teen Wolf or The Originals, as well as Captain Hook/Kilian Jones from Once Upon A Time. Ones that have been requested by people and the ones that I have written as well. Enjoy reading through them :). And anybody’s welcome to request, just send me an ask. x

Teen Wolf Imagines

Theo Raeken

*Unexpected Encounter Series
- Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11

One Shots
*Protective Duo
*Two can play that game
*Math Tutor
*Theo and the Banshee
*Night out
*Sneaking Around
*Your Move
*Stay Away
*Dress Trouble
*Bad Timing
*A Unexpected Moment
*Study Session
*Family Off Limits
*Big Mistake
*I’m Not Walking Away
*Come Back To Bed
*It’s Over…Were Over
*You Drive Me Crazy
*I Don’t Regret It…Do You?
*Happy Birthday
*Give Me A Chance
*You Pushed Me Away
*The Next Step
*You Went To Far
*Difficult Decision
*Biggest Fear
*Why Did You Kiss Me?
*Forgive You…Yes, Trust You…No
*Something Were Not
*Endless Love
*Date Gone Wrong
*Being Difficult
*Two Different Storms
*My Hands Only
*Height Problems
*Last Breath
*They Just Don’t Know You
*Just Sleep Babe
*A Night In
*Same Old Fight
*Board Game Fun
*Shopping Trip Deal
*I Hate You…I Love You?
*Force Of Nature
*Movie Date?
*Got A Secret,Can You Keep It
*Handsome, Dangerous, Addictive
*Needed Me
*Blood Like Gasoline
*I’m In Love With A Killer
*Nothing To Be Jealous Of
*Be Careful What You Wish For
*Strange Love
*Like I Would
*Back In Your Arms
*I’ll Be There
*A Happy Ending
*Lazy Love
*Bad Memory
*Sparks Fly
*I Love Everything You Don’t
*Long Day

Mini Series Imagines
*Admit It -  Part 2
*Miss Me -  Part 2
*When It Comes To You - Part 2
*Two Broken Hearts - Part 2
*Roommate Drama - Part 2
*How Could You? - Part 2 - Part 3
*Present And Past Collide - Part 2 - Part 3
*Complicated - Part 2
*Quantico - Part 2 - Part 3 (Part 4 coming soon)
*This Isn’t A Joke - Part 2 - Part 3

Stiles Stilinski
Trying to study
*I’m Sorry- Part 2
*I Like You
*Over-Protective Parents
*Embarrassing Secrets
*You Can’t Have Him
*He Likes Me…He Likes Me Not?
*Could This Be The Start Of Something?
*No Need To Worry
*Meeting An Old Family Friend
*Can’t Sleep Without You

Derek Hale
*Let Me Help
*Sorry To Disappoint
*Just Kiss Me
*A Close Call
*Happily Ever After

Isaac Lahey
*Can I Stay
*Are You Serious?
*What Are We?
*Only Got Eyes For You
*Classroom Distraction
*You’ve Completely Changed - Part 2
*Feeling A Connection
*I Was Watching Over You
*Argue Than Make Up
*Knight In Shining Armor
*Secretly In Love
*If I Could Fly
*First Impression Gone Wrong
*Back In Your Arms
*Confession Sealed With A Kiss
*It Must Be Fate - Part 2  (Part 3 coming soon)
*Shout Out To My Ex

Scott McCall
*Love Me Or Leave Me- Part 2
*Late Night Visits

Liam Dunbar
*My Hero
*The First I Love You
*Please Don’t Go
*Things Change, Feelings Fade
*Truth or Dare

*Back Off

Lydia Martin
*A New Banshee Screams

Josh Diaz
*Harder Than Imagined
*Late Night Confession

Dating _____ Would Include
*Stiles Stilinski
*Theo Raeken
*Isaac Lahey
*Derek Hale
*Scott McCall
*Peter Hale
*Jordon Parrish
*Liam Dunbar

*Theo and Stiles fighting over you -  Part 1   Part 2
*Isaac x Derek x Reader - New Feelings vs Old Feelings
*Stiles x Theo x Reader - A Difficult Choice - Part 2
*Isaac x Theo x Reader - Feeling Guilty
*Theo x Stiles x Reader - Working With The Enemy
*Theo x Parrish x Reader - Heart Beats For Two
*Killian x Theo x Reader - War Of Hearts - Part 2 (Part 3 coming soon)
*Issac and Stiles

The Originals Imagines

Kol Mikealson
*Eternal Love
*Soul Mates

Elijah Mikealson
*200 years
*The Difference Between You And I

Klaus Mikealson
*Ordinary Girl
*That Charming Smile
*Little Wolf
*Forbidden Love

Dating _____ Would Include
*Klaus Mikealson

Once Upon A Time Imagines

Killian Jones/Captain Hook
*Not One To Give Up
*Meeting Hook For The First Time
*You And Hook Get Into An Argument