charmed sign


Rough around the edges, memories and baggage… You know me;
Never play the safe card, when I go I go hard.


They’re all made up out of charm. They’ll nurture you and care for you till they die. They’ll love you so deep. Wether it’s a lover, relative or a friend. They’ll love you so deep, their love flows with their blood throughout their body.
They’ll be sweet and kind to you till the end, shower you with love and attention. They’re always putting your needs before their own. More than anything else, they’ll protect you. Protect you from the bad.
Pisces will protect you from the harsh reality.
Leo’s will protect you from anyone that’s trying to lower your confidence.
Libra’s will protect you from self destruction.
Cancers will protect you from the evil people that aren’t capable of taking care of you.
Keep in mind, all four of them are very, very multilayered. If they love you, they’ll help you peel off their layers a little easier.
They taste like the sweetest lover on your lips, they’ll hold your hand protectively, they’ll say your name in a way that when you hear their voice, all your troubles and worries disappear. When you hug them, you feel nurtured and cared for.
Be careful, they can shake you and break you into millions of pieces as much they can make you feel special.

The Signs as Enchanted Forest Residents
  • Aries: Baelfire
  • Taurus: Merida
  • Gemini: Mad Hatter
  • Cancer: Ariel
  • Leo: Maleficent
  • Virgo: Evil Queen
  • Libra: Rumplestiltskin
  • Scorpio: Prince Charming
  • Sagittarius: Robin Hood
  • Capricorn: Snow White
  • Aquarius: Captain Hook
  • Pisces: Peter Pan
Element Switch-Up

Aries: so emotional like a water sign, so solid like a earth sign, so social like a air sign.

Taurus: so independent like a fire sign, so nurturing like a water sign, so natural like a air sign.

Gemini: so logical like a earth sign, so daring like a fire sign, so wavering like a water sign.

Cancer: so dependable like a earth sign, so tough like a fire sign, so insightful like a air sign.

Leo: so volatile like a water sign, so steadfast like a earth sign, so charming like a air sign.

Virgo: so intellectual like a air sign, so honest like a fire sign, so understanding like water sign.

Libra: so sensitive like a water sign, so confident like a fire sign, so contemplative like a earth sign. 

Scorpio: so intense like a fire sign, so observant like a earth sign, so dynamic like a air sign.

Sagittarius: so intuitive like a water sign, so self-reliant like a earth sign so versatile like a air sign.

Capricorn: so perceptive like a water sign, so determined like a fire sign, so quick-witted like a air sign. 

Aquarius: so imaginative like a water sign, so thrill seeking like a fire sign, so objective like a earth sign.

Pisces: so adaptable like a air sign, so introspective like a earth sign, so encouraging, like a fire sign.

The signs as Harry Potter spells and charms
  • aries: incendio, lights an object on fire
  • taurus: accio, summons an object
  • gemini: legilimens, caster can explore victims mind
  • cancer: impervius, makes an object repel water
  • leo: lumos, creates light at tip of wand
  • virgo: mobiliarbus, moves object with wand
  • libra: protego, reglects spells back to sender
  • scorpio: obliviate, erases memories
  • sagittarius: expecto patronum, creates a patronus
  • capricorn: alohomora, opens locked objects
  • aquarius: expelliarmus, disarms your opponent
  • pisces: wingardium leviosa, makes an object fly
🌟Stars Guide Me Home Spell🌟

a celestial spell for when you are feeling lost and need a sense of direction in your life

🌟 gather: a sight of Polaris, a magnet, dandelion, and a bay leaf.

🌟 gently invoke the influence of Polaris, the North Star using its symbol 

🌟 draw the symbol on the magnet

🌟 under the starlight, burn the dandelion and bay leaf

🌟 rub the ash on the magnet. keep the magnet on your person as a charm.

🌟 wait for signs of guidance from polaris using the magnet. 

Second Chances

Glancing in the rear view mirror, I see that both my daughters are still sleeping. Cora was clutching her stuffed dog, and  Lucinda had her pink blanket held up to her face. 

I’d driven all night to get to my brother’s house in Charming, stopping for coffee and gas. The girls were still young enough, they slept most of the way. I yawned as I drove past the “Welcome to Charming” sign.  The ink wasn’t even dry on my divorce papers when I left Tacoma.

Caleb had abandoned us, six months ago, Cora was almost five, she kind of understood that daddy had left and wasn’t coming back. Lucinda was only two, she really didn’t get it

I wasn’t going to even tell my brother but Lee told him. Herman came to visit us three months ago, to check on us.  He insisted that I take some money, since Caleb had drained our bank accounts when he left. 

I finally took it, just so I could get back on my feet, I filed for divorce, and started my life over. Just the girls and myself, It was still a struggle, Herman asked Lee and the club to keep an eye on us.

 The club tried to help the girls and I out, but I refused to take their money, not wanting to take charity. Herman again came up, and talked me into moving down to Charming so he could help me out.

Once it was too late to change my mind he informed me that Happy was a member of the Charming chapter. The last time I saw him, was in the Tacoma clubhouse just over five years ago, we’d had an epic fight.

I had stormed out, and we didn’t see each other after that, I have a permanent reminder of him on my hip. I never got it removed. The sun was just starting to rise above the horizon when I pulled into my brother’s drive.


The Signs as Spells/Charms From Harry Potter

Aries: Reparo - Repairs Things

Taurus: Wingardium Leviosa - Makes on object fly

Gemini: Tarantallegra - Forces opponent to dance

Cancer: Rictusempra - Tickles opponent

Leo: Lumos - Creates light at wand tip

Virgo: Aparecium - Reveals invisible ink 

Libra: Episkey - Heals minor injuries

Scorpio: Fidelius - Hides a secret within someone

Sagittarius: Obliviate - Erases memories

Capricorn: Stupefy - Knocks out opponent

Aquarius: Legilimens - Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim

Pisces: Confundus - Used to confuse opponent

* I stayed away from spells/charms dealing with elements like fire, water etc.

signs as my favourite tv shows

aries; misfits

taurus; charmed

gemini; skins

cancer; heroes

leo; the office us

virgo; doctor who

libra; pretty little liars

scorpio; american horror story

sagittarius; buffy the vampire slayer

capricorn; angel

aquarius; that 70′s show

pisces; bob’s burgers

Hogwarts classes the signs would love
  • Aries: Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Taurus: Herbology
  • Gemini: Transfiguration
  • Cancer: Care of Magical Creatures
  • Leo: Charms
  • Virgo: Arithmacy
  • Libra: Apparition (sixth years and those of age)
  • Scorpio: Potions
  • Sagittarius: Flying (first year only)
  • Capricorn: History of Magic
  • Aquarius: Astronomy
  • Pisces: Divination
You Shook Me All Night Long

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Request: Imagine your Gemmas niece and your back in Charming. Chibs smut

The car pulled over to the side of the road and you angled the rear-view mirror to look at yourself.
You rummaged through your handbag and pulled out your lipstick, and drew it across your lips.
You grabbed your eye liner next and redrew your wings and after re applying your mascara you looked over your work.
With a wink and a pout to your reflection, you shifted the mirror back into position and lifted the handbrake, driving smoothly back into the traffic and past the ‘Welcome To Charming’ sign.
It had been years since you’d left.
You had been naive and innocent then, just a young girl searching for herself.
But now, you were back.
The last few years had been kind to you, and your body had developed into that of a full blown woman.
Curves in all the right places, soft skin and long legs. Your hair fell graciously down your back and anywhere you went all eyes were on you.
Confidence radiated from you and you bathed in it. You loved the way heads turned when you walked into a room and the way other girls envied you.
Sure, some of them were bitchy, but you had been raised by your Aunt Gemma til you were fifteen, and she had taught you to be the biggest bitch of all and not take anyones shit.
You were similar to your Aunt in many ways.
Neither of you gave a shit what anyone else thought, and nothing could stand in the way of getting what you wanted.
You were fiercely loyal and you would do anything to protect the ones you loved.
When you left she was still the Queen of SAMCRO, but you had heard that things had changed.
A smirk spread across your face as you wondered who the poor bitch was that took Gemma’s place. No matter where your Aunts old man sat, everyone knew that as long as Jax was in SAMCRO, Gemma would always be queen.
The familiar streets began to flow past you as you drove, the windows down and the warm air swirling through your car.
You knew the way to TM like the back of your hand and before you knew it you were pulling into the lot, the row of hikes a welcome sight.
No one knew you were coming and you smirked as you saw what you suspected were Prospects eyeing you from the garage.
You didn’t see many familiar faces so you hopped out of your car an headed for the Office.
The sound of your heels echoed across the pavement and you smirked as you felt the eyes on you.
The door to the office was open and you could see Gemma sitting behind the desk, her head buried in the paperwork in front of her.
You leant against the door and knocked lightly.
“I’m busy.” Gemma said, without glancing up.
A smile spread across your lips and you crossed your arms over your chest.
“So you’re still a bitch, huh?” You asked.
Gemma’s head snapped up but once she saw you her mouth dropped.
“(Y/n)??!!” She gasped and stood up, tossing her glasses to the desk.
“Hey Gem.” You grinned at her.
You both moved closer and she embraced you in her arms.
You squeezed her tightly, realising just how much you had missed her.
“What are you doing here?” Gemma asked you, stepping back to look at you.
“I heard there was a bitch trying to take your place.” You said with a smirk and Gemma smirked right back at you.
“I am so glad your back.”

The clubhouse was exactly the same as you remembered.
From the wall of mugshots to the strong smell of liquor and cheap perfume, and the same old rock songs playing through the speakers, just like they had so many years ago.
You smiled as you looked around the room, taking in the familiar sight.
You were home.
“Chucky, get us a drink would you sweetheart?” Gemma called to a man behind the bar and he nodded immediately before grabbing two glasses.
You smiled warmly to the strange man and he stuck his ‘hand’ out.
You shook it gently and he grinned at you before passing you and Gemma your drinks and she smirked at him.
“Thank you, Chucky.” She cooed and he blushed slightly before moving away.
“So where is everyone?” You asked as you took a sip, your eyes glancing around the empty room.
“Church.” Gemma explained and you nodded.
After an hour of catching up with your Aunt both of your attention turned to the large doors as you heard them open, and SAMCRO began to file out.
You rested your elbows against the bar behind you and leant back, a smirk on your face as you studied the familiar faces.
Jax was the first to notice you and his face lit up with joy. You hopped of the stool and ran towards him, throwing your body into his open arms.
He swung you round, squeezing you tightly and you threw your head back and laughed loudly, letting your hair fall down your back.
He placed you back on the ground and you both grinned at each other goofily.
“Long time no see, Teller.” You smirked and nudged him playfully.
A large hand ruffled your hair and you turned only to be wrapped up in a bear hug by Ope.
You had always been close with the two, being only two years younger and you had spent a lot of your childhood with them.
You grinned and hugged him back.
“What took you so long?!” Opie beamed and you grinned back at him.
Slowly the familiar faces began to swarm towards you and you embraced each of them dearly.
Bobby, Tig, and Uncle Clay.
Chibs stood near the back and you smirked at his wide eyes before moving forward and throwing your arms around his neck.
“Hey Chibby.” You purred in his ear.
His arms held you awkwardly and you fought back a laugh, knowing it was your appearance that was having this affect on him.
When you had left Charming you were a young girl, with too much attitude for her own good. But these guys hadn’t seen you in years, and all their jaws were practically hitting the floor as they looked over your now developed figure.
He fought to keep his eyes away from your curves and your cleavage and he smiled at you warmly.
They introduced you to the others you didn’t know yet, Juice, Happy, and Kozik.
Each of them looked you up and down, smirks on their faces as they took you in, but you were used to it.
“So how long are you here for?” Jax asked you as he threw an arm over your shoulder and you all walked towards the bar.
You shrugged.
“Til I get sick of seeing your ugly face.” You smirked up at him and he shoved you playfully, both of you laughing.
Soon the drinks started flowing, the music played louder, and the air began to merge with the smoke from ciggarettes and joints.
Laughter filled the room and you say with your SAMCRO family, catching up and laughing together about all the things you’d missed.

The sun began to set outside, but you were oblivious. You sat around the clubhouse, all of you well on your way to being drunk as you all belted out the words to ‘You shook me all night long’.
You had always been the life of the party, and your friends had always said you were like a chameleon, able to fit in with any crowd no matter your differences.
People seemed to relax around you, and tonight you had had everyone in fits of laughter, and for the first time in a long time the boys had forgotten there problems.
No one noticed the door to the clubhouse open, and no one notice Tara walk in, her hands on her hips as she looked at the chaos.
You were on the table, the boys around you, all of you screaming the lyrics to each other, grins on your faces.
Chibs’ eyes were locked on you as you swayed your hips and moved to the music.
However you had a habit of getting a bit too excited when you heard ACDC and after swinging your head around the table, your hair flowing, you slipped and your cousin Jax caught you, all of you erupting in laughter.
Tara stormed across the room, a scowl on her face as Jax lowered you to the ground.
You didn’t see her coming, your back was too her and she stormed up to you.
From across the room Gemma watched, a smirk on her face.
Tara pushed your shoulder roughly, making your body turn to face her.
you looked her up and down, a wicked smirk on your face as you looked her over.
She had never met you, and she stepped closer to you, her fists clenched by her sides.
“Stay the fuck away from my man.” She spat.
You raised your eye brows, and scoffed.
“Excuse me?”
“Jax is mine, bitch.” She said coldly and she shoved you once more.
That was the final straw.
Fire filled your bones and your fist collided with her jaw.
Her head snapped to the side and she clutched her face in shock before it turned into a scowl.
She swung her fist, but you were faster.
This time, you got her right in the nose, and a cracking noise confirmed a break.
Tara fell to the ground and you leapt on top of her.
Fists were flying and you could feel arms trying to lift you off her.
But you resisted, despite Tara having her hands wrapped around your hair.
With one final blow to her jaw you stopped resisting, letting the strong arms lift you.
Before they could carry you away you stared down at her as she looked up at you in shock, blood pouring from her nose.
“Your standards have dropped, Jackson.” You said loudly before squatting in front of her.
“But luckily for you, bitch, I’m not really into fucking my cousin.”

The strong arms held you firmly and you were marched across the clubhouse.
When you turned around you saw it was Chibs leading you and you didn’t mind so much.
He led you in silence to the hallway and you walked with your head held high.
Tara had managed to get a couple of good hits on you but nothing too major. You might have a couple of bruised and scratches in the morning but you’d been in worse fights before, and you knew you’d look better than her.
Chibs opened the door and you followed him in, your eyes scanning the room you realised was his dorm.
“Ye alright lass?” He asked you softly.
You walked to the bed and flashed him a grin over your shoulder.
“Couldn’t be better.” You winked and he chuckled lightly.
“Where’d ye learn to fight like that?” He asked you as he moved across the room and both of you sat on the bed.
You looked at him and raised you eye brows.
“You do remember who raised me, right?” You asked playfully and you both laughed.
Chibs reached into the bedside tables drawer and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.
His strong hands unscrewed the bottle and he took a long swig before passing the bottle to you.
It was smooth down your throat and you passed it back to him.
Your fingers touched his as you passed the bottle and you felt a spark of electricity run through you, and warmth began to grow inside you.
Chibs placed the bottle on the table and you both sat in silence.
Neither of you could deny the sexual chemistry burning in the air. It was just a matter of who would make the first move.
Of course, it was you.
Slowly, you stood and stepped in front of Chibs.
His eyes met yours and you smiled at him, your hands reaching out and running along his shoulders.
You lifted your knees onto the bed and sat in his lap, straddling him.
His hands touched your thighs and you bit your lip as you looked into his deep eyes.
You both moved your heads together, teasing each other, his hands caressing your thighs and your hands running through his hair.
His breath was in your lips and you licked your own lips before moving your head forward.
His lips were soft on yours, cautious, almost, but the feel of him lit a hunger inside you.
You pressed your lips against his once more and ran your tongue across his lip.
His hands moved to your waist and he gripped you firmly as his mouth moved with yours.
Your hips rolled against him and you moaned softly at the friction, you could feel how hard he was already through your clothes.
His hands explored your body, searching desperately across your skin and he lifted your shirt, tossing it behind you.
His lips moved down your neck and he sucked roughly at your skin, making you tug gently at his hair.
Your hips continued to grind against him and you clutched desperately at him as his lips explored your neck and the curve of your breasts.
His hands moved up your back and he unclipped your bra expertly before letting it drop to the floor.
You pushed him back on the bed and lay on top of him, your hips grinding against his and your lips pressing against him.
His hands were warm on your skin yet they sent shivers through you.
His hands dipped under the waist band of your jeans and he held you to him as you rolled your hips against his, both of you moaning.
You pushed his kutte off his shoulders and impatient hands unbuttoned his shirt.
Chibs rolled you onto your back and you moaned as he pressed his hardness against your core.
His lips moved to your breast and he sucked roughly at your nipple, and you gasped as you felt him bite it gently.
His hands moved to your jeans and he tugged them down your thighs roughly.
His eyes took in every inch of you as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor, his boxers following instantly.
His member stood proudly and you licked your lips as he moved onto the bed and hovered over you.
You reached up and kissed his lips softly.
His hands moved to your panties and he pushed them to the side before lining himself up at your entrance.
You moaned as he rubbed himself against your folds and he pushed forwards slowly.
A gasp escaped your lips as he pushed into you and he paused for a moment, letting you adjust to him.
You both looked into each other’s eyes before kissing deeply.
A list burnt within you and you moved your hips, signalling him to continue.
He took the hint and moved his hips against you, both of you moaning at the sensation.
His thrusts became deeper and his whole length pulled out of you slowly before slamming back in.
Your back arched off the bed and Chibs began to pound into you relentlessly, his hands gripping your legs and his mouth wrapped around the skin in your neck.
You felt every inch of his length enter you and you moaned his name.
His thrusts became faster, harder, more desperate.
“Chibs.” You moaned as he filled you and he growled.
Your nails scratched down his back as he moved inside you.
His hand ran between your bodies and his thumb reached your clit, rubbing soft circles.
“Cum for me little girl.” He growled and you moaned loudly at his words.
His thrusts shook your body and you both moaned as you both reached your release.
His movements slowed and he rested over you as you both caught your breath.
After a moment he lifted his head and pressed his lips to yours softly before rolling off you.
You rolled onto your side and smiled at him through hooded eyes.
“Well, that was fun.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think Toby would be the type to buy little charms for Arrrgh to hang on his earring. Like little cupcakes or sushi or cats?

If the earring isn’t some symbolic thing to be left alone, then I could definitely see Toby giving his Wingman trinkets to hang from it. Whether or not he wears them, Arrrgh keeps all of them, either in a box somewhere or tangled in his fur. Chances are, Toby has a few charms to match that he wears on a bracelet or necklace. (like a wing charm. Wings for the Wingmen)(I will never get over that name, Toby and Arrrgh are the best BroTP)

Edit: this gives me an idea.

I know most people see a matching gift thing as romantic, but here’s an idea: Platonic bonds. Wearing matching charms is like a sign that the two consider each other family. Toby asks ahead of time about what implications gift-giving might have(to avoid unintended offense), and once he learns about the family bond idea, he immediately starts planning.

Eventually, all of the team have their own set of charms, all with at least one charm that is the same to represent their team bond. Blinky and Jim might share a charm for their father-son type bond, Claire and Jim probably have a separate charm bracelet or necklace for each other(perhaps it’s the theater masks, Comedy and Tragedy). Blinky and Arrrgh definitely have a charm for their long-lasting bond. And of course, only Toby and Arrrgh have the wing charms.