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EbumI Masaru from the anime ALL OUT. I actually find the show pretty charming, I remember reading a comment saying that the show was trash, but I disagree. The show isn’t perfect but it isn’t awful, plus it is another sports anime  that has some similar plots like every other sports anime, such as: Yuri on Ice!, Free! (<3), Haikyuu!, DAYS, Prince of Tennis (well that show was really good.) I don’t know why I am rambling on!! ENJOY THE PICTURE. :D

I am also doing 7 dollar lineart/sketch drawings similar to the one I did for Ebumi, so if you are interested you can let me know :D

Also I have a little reference I used of him here.

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I honestly don't understand all the hate. I mean yeah the plot is moving as slow as molasses (I blame that mostly on cartoon networks scheduling), and the animation can be a bit iffy here and there, but I don't think any of the problems are NEW.

they. are. not!

and you know why people didn’t said anything before in the animation? IT WAS NEVER FUCKING IMPORTANT.

We ALL knew (I mean season 1 fans) that it was part of the show’s charm, the show itself is a BIG “you don’t have to be perfect to be good”, I mean think about the first lesson they teach us in the show? “If every pork chop where perfect…”.

The animation doesn’t have to be perfect and on point, REBECCA ADMITTED its part of the charm being imperfect, the crew admitted they are proud of their imperfections, ALL the characters are imprefect and have done fucked up stuffs or made wrong choices, and they learn, they grow! because they don’t have to be perfect, WE don’t have to be perfect.

 IS THE SHOW BIGGEST LESSON TO KIDDOS, don’t be what people think is perfect, being imperfect is the real perfection! the pureness of the real world, just be good, and always try to be better, because even tho perfection is impossible, being better every day is possible!

And that mixed with the variety of representation (nonbinary characters with they/them pronouns, Polyamorous characters, plus-sized characters, big characters, wlw’s, feminine boys, poc/poc coded characters) and the big amount of heart the show has… is… a mixture of EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a cartoon, good colors, good backgrounds, good animation, AMAZING characters, good plot, good background characters (JESUS FUCK THEY EVEN MANAGE TO HAVE GOOD BACKGROUND CHARACTERS THATS TOO MUCH DETAIL), villains that are NOT only “rawr i’m bad”, its huge! and yeah its not perfect, sometimes it focuses a way too much on things that shouldn’t have that much focus and Lapis at the beginning of her redemption arc was kinda all over the place (now she has more character since we are learning more about her and GOD BLESS), but gosh it has so much pros! 

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So, quick question: Do you prefer Classic Doctor Who, New Doctor Who or both? Got a bit curious about it while I was inking that Doctor Who/ Portal crossover picture and thought I would ask. Personally I like both, though I like new Who a bit more; I think it's Ten was my first Doctor, but who knows?

I’ve seen much more (i.e. all) of the New Who and only a handful of the original run of the show. I do appreciate the charm of the original show and how it captured the imagination of so many people! But I also enjoy the stories and performances of the revived series. The first Doctor I ever saw was Nine, but the first one I watched consistently (and consider to be “my” Doctor) was Ten.

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