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It’s all Hallows Eve the moon is full

                                              will she trick or treat  I bet she will


Keychain Catalogue for Comifuro 9 ☆ Visit us at table [ i5-6 ], Cosmic Ranger Circle, on both days!

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🔹Persona 5 & drinks @ IDR 25k
🔹Morgana and Velvet Twins @ IDR 30k
🔹Ancient Magus’ Bride @ IDR 25k (1 set will be IDR 45k)

And there’s also a bonus postcard if you bought more than 1!

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I kinda adore this scene. I don’t think it was in the book, but it’s great. Here is Jamie all refined, gentle and gallant “prince charming" with his beautiful bride,so close to finally seal the deal, when his lame barbaric relatives burst into the room and totally ruin the moment. I love how he springs on them with the utterly murderous look on his face. And he keeps looking at Claire all the time, trying to assess the damage. Claire is doing an utterly convincing job of playing the innocent vulnerable bride, hiding her face and looking all frightened and shy, but unable to keep straight face after they finally leave the room. When Jamie sees her laughing he is instantly releived and joins in her amusement. Loved it!

Once upon a time, I dreamed of my very own happily ever after. And I’ve got it here in the form of fondant, buttercream, and a multitude of sugar and bliss.

Cake: Betty Janes Bakeshoppe

How happy am I to think that one month more puts an end to our long separation; shall I find you my Dear girl as impatient to receive me as I shall be to fly to your bosom? I have ever since you gave me leave to do it, considered loved and cherished you as my own; but the prospect of your being so by those sacred ties which society has established and heaven approves has something delightful in it, that I find myself incapable of expressing. How often have I with Eloisa exclaimed against those forms which I now revere as calculated to knit our union together by new and stronger bands. It is not true that—
“Love free as air at sight of human ties
Spreads his light wings and in a moment flies.”
A sincere passion takes pleasure in multiplying the ties by which it is held to its object, and every new sanction is a new gratification. It seems to think it never can be closely enough linked to what it loves.
With transport will my heart answer to the question, will you take this woman to be thy wedded wife?
Prepare my charming bride to crown your lover with every thing that is tender, kind, passionate and endearing in your sex. He will bring you a heart fraught with all a fond woman can wish.
—  Ham to Eliza, October 27, 1780

fairytale retellings for my teen wolf ships: scydia + the little mermaid

lydia dreams of a life on land, never realizing the turmoil currently overtaking the kingdom she gazes at. everything changes when she saves prince scott from being drowned by a group of would be assassins. lured in by promises of adventure, lydia trades her fins for feet. the only rule: don’t fall in love.

I’m Going To Hold This Over Your Head For A Very Long Time

A/N: Just a little something light and fluffy to fill the cracks in your broken heart after that season finale.


They sit on the couch together, arms wrapped around each other. The room is dark save for the light of the tv. Tissues litter the floor around their feet and empty mugs of various sizes sit empty on the coffee table. 

“Shall I make you more tea?” Killian asks, his eyes concerned as Emma sneezes, hand clutching her chest, feeling it in her lungs. 

“I’m fairly certain there is more tea in my body then blood,” Emma says, her voice thick with sickness. 

The end credits begin to role and David sighs dramatically from upstairs. 

“That is the seventh time today!” he exclaims. “Thank God that’s over.”

Emma snuggles her head against Killian’s chest, holding on tight to him as her body shakes. One arm around her shoulders he’s pulls the blanket up over her lap with his free hand. 

“Can you hit play again?” she asks softly. 

Killian could practically quote the movie back to her now, possibly even do a one man show. But he nods, pressing his lips against her burning hot forehead, and picking up the remote to replay the movie. 

“Please, no!” David cries. “It is three o’clock in the morning!” 

“Remember that time-”


That you stabbed me in the back and killed me?!” 

“It was a different reality! Let it go!” 

“I died!” 

“Oh my gosh!”

Killian hits the button and the opening music blares downstairs. 

“Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin.” 

“Deal with it, Dave!”