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I’m Going To Hold This Over Your Head For A Very Long Time

A/N: Just a little something light and fluffy to fill the cracks in your broken heart after that season finale.


They sit on the couch together, arms wrapped around each other. The room is dark save for the light of the tv. Tissues litter the floor around their feet and empty mugs of various sizes sit empty on the coffee table. 

“Shall I make you more tea?” Killian asks, his eyes concerned as Emma sneezes, hand clutching her chest, feeling it in her lungs. 

“I’m fairly certain there is more tea in my body then blood,” Emma says, her voice thick with sickness. 

The end credits begin to role and David sighs dramatically from upstairs. 

“That is the seventh time today!” he exclaims. “Thank God that’s over.”

Emma snuggles her head against Killian’s chest, holding on tight to him as her body shakes. One arm around her shoulders he’s pulls the blanket up over her lap with his free hand. 

“Can you hit play again?” she asks softly. 

Killian could practically quote the movie back to her now, possibly even do a one man show. But he nods, pressing his lips against her burning hot forehead, and picking up the remote to replay the movie. 

“Please, no!” David cries. “It is three o’clock in the morning!” 

“Remember that time-”


That you stabbed me in the back and killed me?!” 

“It was a different reality! Let it go!” 

“I died!” 

“Oh my gosh!”

Killian hits the button and the opening music blares downstairs. 

“Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin.” 

“Deal with it, Dave!” 

Once upon a time, I dreamed of my very own happily ever after. And I’ve got it here in the form of fondant, buttercream, and a multitude of sugar and bliss.

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nekuran  asked:

Sorry about all the asks that I do, but you are marvelous and I yours headcanons are like a treat for me. What if in a casual reunion between S4 and Homra in their bar (and maybe with Sukuna and Yukari there?) Anna keep watching Fushimi for a while and just when he is going to ask whe she is watching him she said 'I want Fushimi as bride' (and hell breaks)

Maybe it’s like Valentine’s Day and everyone’s been invited to a nice party at Bar Homra. Fushimi gets dragged along against his will by Munakata and ends up sitting in the corner most of the time but everyone keeps making an effort to get him to be social, Kusanagi makes him a nice low-alcohol content drink (because drunk Fushimi is even less social than sober Fushimi) and Munakata and Yata keep coming to talk with him and everything. Anna comes down from upstairs at one point dragging a small bag filled with little wrapped homemade chocolates that she passes out to everyone except Fushimi. Fushimi pretends like he doesn’t notice but Anna keeps giving him these slightly nervous looks. Yata’s about to eat his chocolate when he notices that Fushimi doesn’t have one and is like ‘oh, hey, Anna, what about Saruhiko?’ Anna blushes a little and then reaches into her bag for the biggest chocolate of them all and hands it to Fushimi, stating that she wants him to be her bride. There is a very long pause as Fushimi suddenly feels like there is a chill in the room. Yata’s immediately like what the hell have you been doing to Anna monkey and Fushimi states that he had nothing to do with this, she’s your King. Kusanagi’s like now now I’m sure Fushimi has a good explanation for this right while his sunglasses shine dangerously. Munakata steps in and notes that there’s no reason for all this commotion, it is perfectly normal for a child to decide they want to marry an adult with whom they are close (and after all, Munakata’s nephew announced his intention to make Fushimi his bride just the other day). Munakata thinks such things are cute and should be encouraged, Yata and Kusanagi are not so into that. Anna tells them both not to worry, she will make Saruhiko into a lovely bride as she sits down next to him and leans against him, Munakata chuckles quietly and Fushimi sighs and facepalms.

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