#004 Charmander - The flame on its tail shows the strength of its life force. If it is weak, the flame also burns weakly. If it’s healthy, the flame on the tip of its tail will burn vigorously, even if it gets a bit wet. Its life would end if the flame were to go out. It is also an indication of its emotions; the flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself and when enraged, the flame burns fiercely.


That post with the old R/G vs. R/B artwork of the Bulbasaur Line is exploding with notes, so I though I’d go ahead and make a Charmander one. I originally said that the top row was Red/Blue artwork that is hard to find, but easier than the bottom row, and the bottom row is the ultra rare Yellow Artwork, which was made to match stock anime artwork closer, but a friendly user corrected me.

As it turns out, the bottom artwork came first, for Japan’s Pokemon Red/Green. And the above was made for “Blue Version”, and the international Red/Blue version. So the sstock artwork was actually just flats of Sugimori’s artwork.