Pokeball Bath Bombs With Toy Inside

These Pokeball bath bombs are not only full of physical and therapeutic benefits, but also include a toy hidden inside! Prepare for a Pokemon to be unleash in your tub as the horde of bubbles tackle muscle aches and perform wonders for your skin.

$9.00 - Click here to check it out!

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Charmander line is done, onto Squirtle!
A bit messy, tbh, but I kinda did that on purpose to make it feel like it was put together by a Pokemon Biologist, rather than an artist.
Anyway, there are both wild and domestic Chars (wild being very rare an even domestic are hard to find). The western ones are more like the original “standard” charizard, and eastern ones are more similar to eastern/Chinese ones. Northwestern ones are lighter in color because living in the north, they sometimes come into contact with snow.