Online love, is it true?

It does exist but I don’t think its true. Words can be so charming, but when you found out that he/she is just using you for his/her past time. That would be so painful, especially if you believed it. So what’s best is to stay away from internet people, you don’t really know what they’re made of. And that’s just my opinion. Haha :P


Kyary’s new song Invader invader ^o^


Ive been from my obstacles and I lost my sight for Him. damn why did I let it happened? Ive been a bad girl >.<

No matter how bad a person be, He will never take His back from us. That’s what He is. Very powerful, Very kind, very lovable, very awesome, very merciful, very beautiful. :)

Lord, please help me become a better Christian. And thank you for everything.. Amen :’)