Third Time's The Charm - @Brutus & Sophia

The train ride was always something that Aleks didn’t particularly like about the entire Hunger Games process. Well, to be fair, he hated the way things were run in Panem entirely. But like every one of the victors since the beginning of time, unless they passed or retired, this was their life now. Aleks was only in his third cycle of duty - six tributes reaped, four dead, and two whose outcomes were unknown. But no matter what, at least one would die. Aleks would fail someone’s family and leave an innocent child to suffer to arms of the death.

As Brutus and Sophia boarded the locomotive, Aleks parted into his own room and plopped down into one of the red velvet chairs. His arms stretched along the sides and his head reclined back as he took in a set of deep breaths. It’s not that he was nervous per say; he just needed to devise a strategy upon speaking to his tributes for they were full blown careers or at least from what Aleks gathered.

Brutus was built like a warrior - tall with muscles bulging through the majority of his physique. He held an aroma of cockiness to him. Aleks could tell  through the wink and final comment he left behind as the reaping came to a close. And not to mention the most important piece of evidence to support this conclusion - when he beat down Julius to a pulp in the middle of the square for having his named called.

And then there was Sophia with a tongue that oozed venom - willing to verbally terrorize Isis for being initially drawn as the female representative. The attitude could get her far, but also prove as a detriment. Tributes with more bark than a bite usually got targeted first or pushed a normally weak individual to triumph. Topaz was a prime example from last games - strong and capable of winning, but ultimately depleted his luck.

Both Sophia and Brutus would be a challenge.

Aleks brought a glass of water to his lips, chugging the contents in a few seconds. He then rolled the item in between his palms, wasting time he could be using to help those who needed him. Okay - they were from district two. More than likely they hated Aleks’ existence and felt that he would have nothing to offer.
But that didn’t mean Aleks wouldn’t try.

Lowering the cup to the surface of the table, Aleks hoisted himself up and paced to the door at the far corner. He pulled it open with a light tug.
“Mind if I come in?” He asked gently.


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