57 Days To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew, it’s been a little while since I last wrote about my progress! Life’s been very busy on both the running and “other stuff” front. Yes, running and “other stuff"… that’s how I’ve compartmentalized life lately.

Here is a quick update in rapid list form:

  1. I recently strained my left calf muscle. As such, I have been training a little easier on myself.
  2. In spite of the above-mentioned point, I opted to do a hill run with a group of Iron-Man tri-athletes instead of my usual Charm City Run group. I managed to keep up with them for the first three miles… then walked the last two with calf cramps.
  3. My fundraising has almost hit the minimal obligation – key word ALMOST. I have not crossed that finish line yet, so if you are reading this and contemplating a donation I urge you to move forward.
  4. I have a very fun happy hour fundraiser secured at the Field House in Canton. More details on that in a later post.
  5. I have been planning to purchase a Garmin watch for some time now. My car is currently at the mechanics for some electrical short issues. Pending a reasonable bill from the shop, I could be purchasing one as soon as early September.
  6. I’m running 11 miles this Saturday – it will be my first time EVER running double digit mileage. I am very excited, yet some folks around me don’t understand how much this milestone means to me. It’s hard to articulate, but maybe I will have some better inspiration on Saturday after my run.
  7.  There are 57 days until race day… I AM SO FLIPPING EXCITED!