charm hotel


I mean look at that photo…
They for sure asked someone to take it.
Imagine Chris charming an hotel employer like

“ Ma chérie could you please take a photo of me and my bae while we show everyone our shaved, tonic and majestic legs?”

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This is sad day for all people who know his music, who just know him. I remember when for the first time I listened cover of charming “Chelsea Hotel No 2” by Lana Del Rey 3 years ago and cover of amazing “Is This What You Wanted” by The Last Shadow Puppets few weeks ago. I love them but no one isn’t be able to sing them better than Leonard. You left us dear Leonard but you and your beautiful and deep voice always will be in our hearts.
Rest in peace Mr. Cohen

List of Characters We Need
  • Animan
  • Darkblade
  • Gamer
  • Rogercop
  • Kungfood
  • Stoneheart
  • Vincent Aza (Paparazzi)
  • Simon Grimault (Magician)
  • Armand D'Argencourt (Fencing Teacher)
  • Fred Haprèle (Mylene’s Dad)
  • Alec Cataldi (Host)
  • Guy Behind Bri
  • Jean Duparc
  • Mercury
  • Peacock Kwami