charm class and elegance


The Strypes @ La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris. 04/30/2014

The Strypes are really talented. I was blown away by their amazing and insane performance last night.  If you don’t know them, they’re making good ol’ rock tunes so go listen to them!  I’ll not hide from you that the opening act which was Dick Voodoo wasn’t that great.

Girls went all crazy whenever Ross or Josh came a little closer to the pit.  Especially when Josh couldn’t stop make his guitar solos near the crowd. He even let people strum his guitar a little. It’s true that they were quite charming, dressing with elegance and class. The crowd went more crazy when he threw some guitar picks! Plus, Ross also threw his harmonica! 

I believe the lads performed 23 songs, including some covers which is amazing. You can’t be bored with them. You’re constantly dancing and surprised by their talent and energy on stage. I liked the fact that they’re really connected to the audience. 

So young, So talented.