charm city cake

Cheer Up Post #4707 - Charm City Cakes Edition

For the anon requesting Charm City Cakes, a bakery originally from Baltimore, MD, here you go!

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To me, Frozen is like a Charm City Cake: so gorgeous in presentation and exterior details, but bland and overrated when you actually bite into it and realize they sacrificed flavor and texture to make sure the cake was as superficially pleasing as possible. And then everyone you talk to about the cake either seems to be projecting their own favorite flavors onto it or they tell you “these cakes weren’t meant for eating.”

Of course, I wouldn’t begrudge anyone liking or even LOVING it, just as I hope folks wouldn’t begrudge me being underwhelmed by it. Just don’t expect me to do back flips when it wins the award for “Best Cake Ever.” :D