charm chain

Simple Strength Bottle Charm

A charm you can wear with you to bring yourself emotional strength.

You will Need:

  • A bottle charm with cork
  • A chain, ribbon or string (I use a black cord)
  • Garnet shards


Open your bottle charm and carefully fill it with garnet shards until it is filled and seal it shut with the cork. “Garnet, bring me strength and bring me courage.” Repeat as many times as needed. Wear it whenever you need aid in finding strength.

To cleanse: place bottle into a bowl of salt or place in window in moonlight.

Resolution Spell Bottle Necklace!

White candle
Incendiary device
Fire-proof container
Herbs that correspond to your resolutions
Small glass bottle charm + chain

Start your ritual in your usual way (if you cast a circle, call the corners, etc.)

Light the candle.

Write your resolutions in the paper, and then read them out loud, clearly picturing each one manifesting.

Fold the paper and place in the fire proof container.

Add your herbs (I used peppermint to bring change, aloe for protection and luck, thyme for health and courage, lavender for happiness and peace, chamomile for wealth, cinnamon for spirituality and success, sage for wisdom, and dandelion seeds to bring my wishes to reality.)
Hold each herb in your palm over the flame before adding.
Feel the heat charging the herb, and feel each herb adding it’s intended purpose to the resolutions, making them stronger.

Set it all in fire with the flame from the candle.

It doesn’t have to burn to perfect ash (and it won’t.)
If the paper doesn’t completely burn, light it again.

Mix the ash and remaining ingredients together, and scoop some into your bottle.
Seal it with the wax from the candle, and wear it often.

The leftover ingredients you can bury or keep in a larger spell jar in your home.

End your ritual in your usual way.

Puppets and Bilge Rats by Happenstance and Balderdash (ongoing)

Content Warning: This fanfic contains content that may be offensive to some individuals. Please check the tags here and on AO3 before reading.

Author’s Summary: Set just after the events in the Author’s AU (Season 4, Operation Mongoose part 1 & 2). But in this version, Henry doesn’t succeed in changing the story and we follow what happens after Hook is revived and interrogated by Queen Snow.

My Comments: I think this is the first Captain Charming fic I’ve recced on this blog, as the pairing usually has them on… friendlier… terms. But the scenario presented here is a rare and enticing look at Deckhand Hook and Heartless Charming and has lots of whump for our enjoyment. The story’s only just begun, but I am absolutely on board for the ride to come!

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