Mimikyu - Eeveelutions charm are up for pre-order! 

♢This is a pre-order Item, Item(s) will be ship once its ready!♢

Pick your favorite Eeveelution in disguise!!

♢ 1.5" sized Clear acrylic and double sided!
♢ Front and back designs are the same
♢ Comes with a metal chains

For purchase of a set there will be a bonus charm given! Give all of those pika in disguise some love!

Fell in love with mimikkyu right away uhuhuhu it needs so much love amgg ;;;;;; <3

Charms are available here!

Give these mimikkyu lots of loveee <3 <3

“No Malicious Beings May Enter”

This is one I sat down and wrote up for my roomates who have been feeling like bad things have been happening in the apartment. I personally haven’t seen anything, but to be cautious, I made this.

Use it to protect yourself if you feel badness going on, from actual beings, to negative energies. Put yourself and your power into the sigil. I personally use a fire ritual to activate it.

Be safe my darlings 💋

Mimikkyu is a cutie who deserves all the love in the world ;; 

Artesanias Iris’ girls proposed me to make a collab with them and sell a pack together with this Pokémon as theme, they are making a plush and I’ll be making the charms. I just couldn’t say no, just look at him aww I love u for who you are Mimiiii ;AA; 

MIMIKKYU PACK AVAILABLE HERE! (only 15u available) 

Pokemon Go Team keychains are open for pre-order!! x3 


Ive finally finish this ;;;;; I seriously cant resist these leaders and the urge to draw them are just too big ;;;; Imma need to stop doing these for a bit and go back to other commissions x’DD


This pre-order is a bit different, its quota-based. If by mid-August (around the 15th) the quota does not met, I will refund the money, and the keychain will be cancelled.
♢Comes with 2 Clear Acrylic
♢ 1" sized Clear acrylic double sided and
♢ approximate 2" - 2.5" sized Clear acrylic double sided
♢ Front and back designs are the same
♢ Comes with a metal keychain

For purchase of a set there will be a bonus charm given! Let us live in harmony~ #teamharmony xD

My Charmed Car

So, I drive a 2002 SUV that has been in need of a fair amount of maintenance for quite awhile. I dont know how many other people can relate, but I had also run into some financial and other personal troubles over the last year that were keeping me from being able to give my vehicle the tlc that she needed. I knew it was only a matter of time before she broke down on me, and I really, REALLY, needed her to make it until I had both the time and the money to bring her to a garage.

Time to tip the scales in my favour with a little bit of magic.

I bought a small toy car that looked similar to mine and placed it in the centre of a map of my area. I then surrounded it with quartz points and various lucky herbs and spices, lit 4 white candles representing the directions on each side of the map, so that the car was in the centre and visualized the vehicle driving without problems to all the places I need to go on a regular basis, and eventually making it to a garage without issue.

I continued the visualization until the candles had burned completely.

Then, I burned two sigils that I had previously created, one that meant “vehicle functions as needed” and the other, “Bettie loyal and unwavering steed”. I put the ashes into a small witch bag that I was simultaneously creating for my rear-view mirror, containing the ingredients from the spell (i dumped them off the map into the bag after the candles had burned out) as well as one of the quartz points.

I then redrew the sigils in the dust on the sides of my vehicle using moon water, (redrawing them every time I drove), and reiterated my intent that the vehicle must function as needed until I can get to a garage.

So, yesterday I was finally able to get to a garage. She made it!

The mechanic said he couldn’t believe my luck, because my oil was bone dry but my engine hadn’t seized. I must have made it just in time.

Heh. Yeah, just in time alright.


OKAY SO after many years of wanting to sell my own fan merch since I was like 10, I am finally doing it!

This D.Va charm is my first and only product as of right now, but I am very excited to be selling it! It is currently in stock and available for purchase in my TicTail store. The cord and dangle come in three possible colors - orange, green, and pink.

Keep an eye out for more charms, prints, stickers, and buttons in the future!


Prayer of Elphame

Oh damned be thee,

Queen of heaven.

Heart filled with rage and power,

deliver us, deliver us, deliver us.

Mercy be upon us, we pray.

Save us from the Oppressors and tyrants,

give us strength beyond strength.

Let us be bold and true to destroy our enemies.

Oh holy be thee,

Queen of hell.

Eyes full of love and wisdom,

deliver us, deliver us, deliver us.

Love be upon us, we pray.

Break our chains and let us be free,

give us power beyond power.

Let us be all, and let us be one.

Oh mighty be we,

the seed of Elphame.