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  • Scarlet: Well, Cinder, today is a very special day. It’s your first coronation!
  • Cress: The whole crew’s excited to celebrate.
  • Winter: Happy coronation, sweetie!
  • Kai: I love you, baby girl.
  • Thorne: You’re the best!
  • Jacin: I’m just here for the cake.
  • Wolf: Well, six out of seven of us are excited.

Rhys’ portrait - all done! I could literally spend days tweaking this to within an inch of it’s life but I am admiting defeat! (seriously though I will never be completely happy…)


I mentioned over on instagram I’ll likely be attempting a portrait series for ACOMAF, when I can find the time. Inner circle most likely! :)

Prints available over on Society 6!


Boy do I have a lot to say about this cover. And what Sarah said about it.

It’s a scene from A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

But look at the backdrop, Feyre is definitely in the Spring Court. Yet her hand is engulfed in flames. No darkness, no hint of the Night Court. Flames are the Autumn Court. Flames are Lucien and Elain. What is little Lucien up to?

And look at our badass of a High Lady with her hand engulfed in flame, even as she is trapped in the Spring Court. (Not to mention she’s wearing a tiara, bless her.)

But also, look at the flowers. One is definitely wisteria, and I believe the other is ranunculus. But idrc about the ranunculus right now, because wisteria has so many meanings. 

Now, I may be overthinking things a bit, but look at all of that. 

There are some things we definitely want (victory over hardship, releasing burdens, good luck, etc.); some things we already have (serious devotion, longevity, honor, etc.), and there are some things that have been motifs and themes throughout the series so far (duality of love, creative expansion, releasing hardships, etc.).

Sarah never does anything for no reason, so what on earth do these flowers mean. 

- Is the duality of love Tamlin’s poisoned love vs Rhys’ love, or is it more familial love and the duality of Feyre’s love for her sisters and the inner circle vs Rhys. 

- A spring birth, does that contribute to the theories of Tamlin knocking up Ianthe? 

- Victory over hardship? Is that Feyre’s victories in the Spring Court and role as a spy?

- honestly, I could analyze most of these (in further detail too) but I’ll spare everyone.

If anyone knows something about the maybe-ranunculus or the flower they actually are, please chip in. (I’m also probably definitely overthinking all of this.)

But in the mean time, I’m going to keep staring at this scene and trying to piece it together, because what is it and what’s happening to our badass darling Feyre. 

  • Teacher: Can you explain to me why you failed your test today?
  • Me: Matt Murdock is blind. Thats a fact and It drives me crazy that people seem to miss that whole concept of world on fire. He is blind. 100% but he gathers the data of what he senses, hears, smells, tastes, and feels to put together a picture in his head. It's not him seeing, it's him putting it all together to figure out what the data is telling him. He does not see, but he can sense in 360° everything around him. It just drives me crazy how people don't get that. He does not see forward with his eyes, he senses things all around him with his body. It would be impossible to show what that is like to sense things in that degree, so they chose to show the world on fire, but I just wanted everyone to make sure they understand that he cannot see, but that his body can sense things. He doesn't see the world on fire, he imagines it.
The ACOTAR colouring book!

If you follow me (and the rest of the S. J. Maas fandom) online, you may have seen some comments flying around about me working on the upcoming ACOTAR colouring book. 

WELL! I had to be 100% sure that I could say anything about it - but now I can confirm that yes! I am one of the artists involved. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful support and equal excitement! This is a dream project for me, to be involved in something because of how much I love it. It be might a little TMI but when I was asked to be involved I was reading that email and literally screaming in a toilet. I’m very excited okay. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

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Tf is wrong with Bella. First she starts dating her brothers ex gf, idec that she’s bi but why would you go and date your BROTHER’S ex gf??!! Then she starts dating Tyler posey and then goes and cheats on him with charlie puth. She wasn’t even discreet about her cheating, she literally was holding hands with dude in public daylight while paps took pics. Now he’s out here saying sorry to tyler on twitter

Idk if this is all PR but she looks a hot mess