i think if new years means anything, it should mean owning up to the past years mistakes, and forgiving the wounds from the past year.

so i say we start something new. let’s forgive, or at least tried to. 

for me, 2011 sucked hardcore. i mad some amazing decisions, and made huge strides in my life, but i also made some crap decisions and lost A LOT of people i cared about. and some i loved. i’ll miss them, i hate the way it ended, but it did. and it wasn’t all me. 

so if anyone fucked you over this year, or if you fucked anyone else over, forgive them. before midnight i want you to text them, call them, email them, whatever. tell them you’re sorry for what you did wrong. this does not mean admitting all guilt, it means apoligizing for whatever you had a part in. 

new years doesn’t mean much, but i think it should be a fresh start. and no-one can start fresh without a clean slate. even if it’s nothing more than an “i’m sorry" we should all do it everyone makes mistakes, own it. even if you’re not proud of it. let’s start 2012 without baggage, there is nothing worse than words unsaid.

i don’t know about you, but i need a fresh start.