For those that read my blog I am in no way a renowned theatre critic. I make spelling mistakes (which my girlfriend loves pulling me up on), I don’t go into too much detail and my opinion and understanding of a topic that I write about may be wrong. But its always my thoughts, my opinion, my experience and my truth.

Some time last year through ‘Twitter’ I had managed to connect with other actors out there trying to make it in this industry. I wanted to reach out and be inspired by like minded, enthusiastic and ambitious people. Thanks to my good friend @nicholaspinnock I went to Monologue Slam and saw a lot of talented performers who I’d later complimented via tweets,then they replied and proceeded to follow one another respectively. I had also wrote about them too in an earlier blog on the event. Tweets, retweets and quoted tweets were going back and forth and I admired such support of one another, I didn’t question who’s fake or not. It was just encouraging.

Anyway, through one connection to another I got talking to Charlotte Josephine. A young actress/writer who was just promoting her play 'Bitch Boxer’ which she was performing at The Underbelly Festival 2012(if I remember rightly). @charlotte_j_b came across as a really friendly person. We’d always acknowledge one another on our 'time line’ but I had no idea at the time, the magnitude of her talent and the concept of this production. 'Bitch Boxer’ went on to play at last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival,but there were opportunities to see it in a pre-fringe run in London. Nicholas and myself had both said we’d try to catch it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it.

Luckily, i got a second chance to see it this year as it was put on at The Soho Theatre, Dean St. for a couple of weeks. I had still been in contact with Charlotte, who had come back from Edinburgh with critical-acclaim for her play. She went straight into 'Julius Caesar’ @DonmarWarehouse , London. Another production I wanted to see but never got round to it. I didn’t want to be one of those flaky types that say one thing through the mystique of Twitter and not mean it. I genuinely intend to go more theatre this year and see what’s out there.

I took my 'spellings correcting’ girlfriend who isn’t really a theatre buff to be honest. But we both left feeling really glad we made the effort because we absolutely enjoyed it.

'Bitch Boxer’ is a one-woman play directed by Bryony Shanahan and is about Chloe,a young girl from Leytonstone, east London who takes up amateur boxing in her local gym where her 'old man’ trained her. It is set in modern times leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games in Stratford (Chloe’s back yard) and for the 1st time women’s boxing was gonna be introduced. For 55 minutes ,Charlotte basically played every character, keeping a close audience totally engaged with her dialogue, comedy timing and don’t even get me started on her sparring technique and cardio fitness thrown into the mix. Plus amongst all that, to top it off, her acting was so on point as she took you through the emotional journey of the characters ambition,vulnerability and will as she told her story.

We loved it. I’m so glad I got to see it. I didn’t feel I warranted to say hi in person to overwhelm someone after such a performance by awkwardly saying “Hi…..I’m @Kevekev73.” Lol . But we’ll meet one day.

Snuff Box Theatre (@SnuffBoxTheatre) is a talented group and I would happily support future productions. In fact who knows, I may get to audition and perform for them one day. I wouldn’t hesitate. It would be a great platform to promote yourself and be a part of. Snuff Box comprises the team of Daniel Foxsmith, Bryony Shanahan and Charlotte Josephine. All from the Theatre course at East 15, Stratford…..My manor. I’ve worked with a few ex East 15 actors and I’ve always been impressed. Wish it was there when I was growing up. Then again east end boy still done good.

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