It’s amazing that not even a year ago we had no idea you were even an idea and not even 3 months ago, born. You are one awesome kid and have grab a hold on everyone around you! You make people fall for your spell and can tell already you will be a heart breaker! Love you so much Charlotte Jolynn! #charlottejolynn #babygirl #2monthsold #blondie #blueeyes

first month of being a young mother,.

We came home from the hospital and everything was fine. She is to little to leave the house, so everyone came over. We didnt take her out much, just yet. People were coming over everyday and it was getting annoying. Yeah, you wanted me to get time away from her but I didnt want time away from her yet. I had to yell at my mother and told her to stop letting people come over every night. Charlotte has been great at night, sleeping all night besides when she wants to eat. I can be a heavy sleeper but when it comes to being around her, im a light sleeper. ill wake up at the littlest things she does. She drinks her bottle, burps, gets changed and goes back to sleep. She likes falling asleep in my bed and then ill move her to hers. Im totally fine with it, I don’t care what people have to say about it. She is a little piglet, she eats so much already. When she is awake, shes awake. Its crazy. She makes so many different faces. She is the biggest drama queen for a newborn, its funny. Things haven’t been that bad yet, I have a lot of people helping me with eveything and its great.  I’ve been able to go out a lot when I have someone to watch her, but I can’t always go out. It stinks but its fine, I like sitting at home watching movies or tv and cuddling with Charlotte. After 3 weeks, we started taking her out more, not a lot. 

Since I’m a single young mom I had to get help from the government. Thats something I never wanted to do, but I needed to do it. It is a big help and Im able to buy things that me and my daughter need. Im glad Im doing it but I am trying to get off it. I am looking for a job and might have one.

June 15, 2013 <— one month mark (: