Make Me Choose: anon asked:
Gophie (Gideon x Sophie) or Chenry (Charlotte x Henry)

“Of course I do [love you]. I didn’t marry you so I’d have someone to run the Insitute with, Henry. I married you because—because I knew I wouldn’t mind how difficult directing this place was, or how badly the Clave treated me, if I knew yours would be the last face I saw every night before I went to sleep.


modern au (the infernal devices) charlotte and henry branwell ❝could we really both have been so stupid?❞ ❝well, i’m not surprised about me,❞ said henry. ❝but honestly, charlotte, you ought to have known better.❞


He shrugged his thin shoulders and kissed the top of her head. ❝I thought you were fond of me,❞ he said gruffly. ❝I thought you might come to love me, in time.❞
❝That’s what I thought about you,❞ she said wonderingly. ❝Could we really both have been so stupid?
❝Well, I’m not surprised about me,❞ said Henry. ❝But honestly, Charlotte, you ought to have known better.❞