If Marlene said AD identity will be easy to guess BEFORE 7x20 because we’ll have a lot of clues... Aria...

This is from 7x18. If what Marlene said is true, THIS HAS AD VIBES EVERYWHERE!

Besides, lately the girls have been filming alone, without Aria in a lot of scenes. Why? Maybe because she’s ending the game and has to deal with a lot of things, trying to hide her identity.


n: i’m not a fan of the hug.
c: then you haven’t been hugged properly. a hug is like an emotional heimlich: they put their arms around you and give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety goes shooting out of your mouth like a big, wet wad and you can breathe again.

Things I am 90% convinced will happen in PLL soon

1. A reveal of another set of twins (Mary’s children IMO).
2. Charlotte was born a FEMALE, Charles and Charlotte are TWO DIFFERENT people, possibly twins.
3. Eddie lamb recognizing Aria was IMPORTANT.
4. Wren is somehow involved (I don’t think he is Uber 🅰 though).
5. Uber A/A.D has been around since SEASON 1, Mona was never working alone she was working for him/her.
6. Mona is still working for A.D and always has.
7. THAT NIGHT is still very important and key to the final mystery.

We’ll have to wait and see how many of these actually happen but these are my predictions 😊

PLL Season 7 aka Season 1?

These 10 first episodes of the season remind me very much to how season 1 because of lots of reasons, I’m going to start:


Lots of old characters from season 1 or other past seasons have come back to the show, Jenna, Noel, Jason, Paige, Sydney (lol) and we know that Wren is coming back too (I’m very exited about it). And some of the new characters that were came in the last season are gone: Jordan, Liam, Shower Harvey, Rollins, Yvonne (I’m sure she’s dead, maybe Toby isn’t but Yvonne is)  


1. The necklaces Spencer gave to the girls (7x08) remind me of the bracelets Alison made to them (1x02)

-The first time we see The Kahn’s Cabin was in the 1x03 and we have been able to see it again some other times during the show. Then in season 7 we see it in episode where Spencer and Emily find the pen drive.

-Probably the most obvious parallel of the season was when someone (probably Noel) wrote in the liars car “I see you” like he did to Ezra’s car in episode 10 from season 1 when he found Aria with Ezra.

And then Noel in 7x10 said to Emily and Hanna “You know too much” just like the message text in the 1x10 when Hanna saw Noel at Camp Mona and though he was A.

-The Haleb sex scene in the 7x10 is OBVIOUSLY a parallel from their first time in 1x19.

-Also I have to say that Spoby’s first and last kiss look very alike, and in the 7x10 there’s a board of scrabble in Toby’s car.

And we’ve seen lots of references to the french leanguage, in the 1x16 when Spencer teaches french to Toby, also in 6x20 there is mention to the lenguage, so in the 7x01 because of Mary’s books and finally in the 7x10 Spencer gives Toby a french book.

-In this first half of season 7 we found out that during the 5 years jump Aria had a thing with Jason for a time and well, during season 2 (not season 1 but it happened in the same year and those two seasons were the start of A) they also had a thing.

-Going back to season 6b, do you remember Charlotte’s death right? It was very compared to the scene in 1x22 when Ian tries to kill Spencer in the church. But in season 7 (7x01) there is also a parallel to that scene, when the liars find “dead” Hanna, actually a mask, hanging in the church.

-Pll started with the disappearance of Alison and finding out that she was “dead”, I don’t want Alison to suffer more but I think it will be such a shock if she dies at the end of the season and the liars going to her funeral like they did in the pilot.

-AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. If we are going back to the origins, does this mean that so is A? And guess who was the Original A: MONA.           I’m always rooting for Wren to be A and I hope so but I think that Mona being A makes sense, she started the game and she wants to end it.

What if Hanna wasn’t dreaming?

Mary Drake, the twin, tells Spencer that she and Melissa look like twins. After that, Hanna “dreams” with Spencer but it’s not the ACTUAL Spencer. 
Spencer now has bangs but she dreams with a no-bangs Spencer. Why? If it was actually a dream, she would have dreamt with bang-Spence.

Does that mean that Spencer also has a twin that helped Hanna? Is the Spencer with bangs not the real Spencer?

“THE MIRROR HAS 3 FACES…."set director of PLL recently posted this photo saying "this beautiful screen will be seen in the FINAL scene of the FINAL shot of the FINAL episode…..3 uses of the word "FINAL…” I’m almost positive that I am right!!


Why did Aria lie to Jason? Why did she tell she was with Ali (and the girls) when the fire happened? 

Aria said Ali told her not to say anything about it to Jason and that’s reasonable, but why did she lie? It’s because her file was stolen and she has something to hide?

  • cece: im not a bad person, ali!
  • alison: you killed wilden!
  • cece: okay, but did he die??
  • alison:
  • cece:
  • alison:
  • cece: wait a sec
  • cece:
  • cece: fuck

1x01 - 6x11 Parallelism

I love how they recreated the night Ali went missing in 6x11. The girls had a fun night, drinking and sleeping at the same place, like in 1x01. They woke up feeling drunk and with the news that Cece was missing, the same news the girls got after waking up in 1x01, but the missing girl was Ali.


After the season 6 finale, it’s safe to say the “Wren is Uber A” hype is well and truly on. Not only did we find out Rollins is actually British like Wren, but within moments, so many of us found some very clear connections between the mystery at hand and the much loved, shady, original British doctor. Rollins who???

So, this post has been made in order to show off all of these connections for all the Wren theorists and fans out there. Of course I did not figure out most of these, I’m just the one putting them all together in a beautiful gallery of Wren shadiness. Please feel free to add any! 

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