Why did Aria lie to Jason? Why did she tell she was with Ali (and the girls) when the fire happened? 

Aria said Ali told her not to say anything about it to Jason and that’s reasonable, but why did she lie? It’s because her file was stolen and she has something to hide?

Almost a parallel - Pll

Anyone noticing all the parallels between the first few seasons and this one?? Jenna and Noel being front and center once more, Paige, Spencer at her old house with glass shattering everywhere and a knife in her hand during a storm (we’ve seen variations of that scene so many times), the list goes on. I’m getting the feeling that this might mean something…
As far as Noel being the other Drake child: I called it out earlier as a possibility but I doubted it, and frankly I still kinda do. It just never seemed plausible that he would have been in the picture for so long and have this major connection we never saw. Also it sees awfully convenient for them to find this info now, and the girls tend to jump to conclusions often. I don’t buy it, but I can’t be sure.
Anyway, I still think A is Ali. If it isn’t I’d be somewhat disappointed as that’s the best way to wrap up the seven year mystery: It was the obvious suspect from season 1 episode 1. Of course it’s probably someone else entirely.
I’m excited to see Wren’s return. I’m sure his story will play into Archer Dunhill or Elliot Rollins.
I think I caught a Spoby scene in the upcoming ep trailer, which makes me excited yet somehow uncomfortable since he’s engaged.
I hope we get a good finale.
Bye now - see you next week!!

Things I am 90% convinced will happen in PLL soon

1. A reveal of another set of twins (Mary’s children IMO).
2. Charlotte was born a FEMALE, Charles and Charlotte are TWO DIFFERENT people, possibly twins.
3. Eddie lamb recognizing Aria was IMPORTANT.
4. Wren is somehow involved (I don’t think he is Uber 🅰 though).
5. Uber A/A.D has been around since SEASON 1, Mona was never working alone she was working for him/her.
6. Mona is still working for A.D and always has.
7. THAT NIGHT is still very important and key to the final mystery.

We’ll have to wait and see how many of these actually happen but these are my predictions 😊

How the shit did those high schoolers know that A wore a black hoodie? How the shit do they know about A at all?

Did I miss something?

Sidenote: theres a new cast member that will be the new, younger version of Ali, aka, a total bitch to everyone at school. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they’re introducing her in hopes of starting a new story line after the PLL as as know it is over. Now that Ali is teaching again I’m sure Ali will get to witness this little bitch firsthand.



Okay, hear me out. Mary Drake’s doctor told Aria and Spencer that he dealt with two of Mary’s children. Firstly, the wording of this sentence messes with my head a lot. Two of Mary’s children? Is he insinuating that she may have had more than two kids? I’m not sure.

Secondly, when he talked about Mary’s first child, a boy, Aria automatically said Charlotte. WHAT IF SHE WAS WRONG. What if Charlotte was Mary’s SECOND child. This could make sense as to why the writers didn’t wanna tell us if her second child was a girl or a boy. What if he was born a boy, but then became a girl, Charlotte. The one her doctor described as vicious and angry, the second child, was Cece.

This could mean that her first child, IS OLDER THAN CECE, WHICH LEAVES ME TO BELIEVE THAT IT COULD BE SOMEONE LIKE.. hmm.. I don’t know.


This could also mean that Wren worked at Radley to watch over his little sister. It all fits together perfectly really, and it explains how Cece had so many ways of getting in and out of the sanitarium. She had someone working on the inside.
You Always Return To Family In The End - PLL

From last night’s episode and the promo for the next, I’ve gathered that;

1. Jaria was a thing; the promo shows Aria getting out of Jason’s bed which means Jesus will be returning in the next episode and it’s a confirmation that in the 5 year time gap they slept together. So she didn’t find out she was Mary’s second baby and he was keeping it their little secret. Which leads me to the second thing.

2. Spencer; also in the promo, she’s going through her mom’s files and she has a bunch of ones titled Spencer. She clicks on one of her on the floor and then with blood on her hands, like from the Dollhouse. I don’t know about what that means, but I am starting to come around on Spencer being the second child. The camera panned to her too directly when the doctor she and Aria visited said that quote about family, and later she’s going through her family album. Hasn’t Spencer always felt like a stranger to her family, rebelling and hating that being a Hastings means she has to be academically perfect? Idk, it’s starting to make sense to me. This doesn’t necessarily mean I fully believe the theory, but also A.D. doesn’t have to be the second child of Mary Drake’s.

As for Emily, I don’t really care for Paige. I have nothing against the character, it’s just that I’m always going to be all for Emison and having Sabrina there for no reason just makes me think she’s ANOTHER obstacle. I get that Em didn’t have a love interest but isn’t that a good thing for a show that boasts relationships and has never been explicit about it being okay to be single (even Shay says Emily has a revolving door of girlfriends). Whatever, that storyline feels dry to me.

I’m most excited about what’s happening with Hanna. Ashley Benson is such a good actress and I’m glad they’re making her go rogue. I think she’s going to be the one to figure out Noel’s not A.D. (obviously) and find Mary’s second child. Also; why haven’t they asked Mary about it yet? Like, Ali could definitely do that especially after their conversation in the other episode.

It was nice seeing Grunwald, and I think it goes without saying that when she said the threat is “close” she didn’t mean physically which makes me think… The fandom is all thinking the second child is one of the Liars, but unless they’re the threat… Who could A.D. be that’s close to them?

Also, I know she was dreaming but is what Ali held over Noel really pushing that sorority girl down the stairs? If so, how the hell did Hanna know that if she never old anyone? She hallucinated or dreamt Spencer earlier too, and a lot of people theorised that it was a twin. Is Hanna going to be the one to stumble upon Spencer’s true heritage (if she really is a Drake)?

Do you guys think Noel Kahn killer Sara and he’s working for A.D.? Anyone still think Lucas could be involved somehow? I’m always looking for alternatives, so lemme know.

Just leaving this here.

Oh, and a theory I did about Spencer being Mary’s daughter I wrote before the start of S7 —> THEORY 

PLL 7x15 title revealed “In The Eye Abides The Heart”

We’ve all wondered why someone would give their child a middle name that is also in their last name. Buttt, what if Alison isn’t a Dilaurentis but actually a Drake? We know that Jessica took Charles and raised him as one of her own bc mary was in Radley and unfit to be a mother. After 7.07 and learning that Mary had TWO children I started thinking that if Jessica took her sisters first born, then she would probably take & raise her 2nd born as well…. Right? Why raise only 1 child when there’s 2? Think about Cece and her relationship with Alison. Jessica absolutely hated their friendship. She called it toxic. We were first introduced to Cece as Cece Drake. She was basically an older version of Alison….like, to a T. Now that we’ve been introduced to Mary Drake, we have every reason to believe that CeCe was very much aware of who her mother was, hence her last name Drake. Maybe Jessica didn’t want Ali around Cece bc she knew that CeCe knew and didn’t want Ali to find out who her birth mother was. When Cece was admitting everything to Ali, she sings a line “hail to the mister, who comes between me and my sister.” Now, we all thought she said this bc of Ali being her sibling with Jessica as their mother–but what if she said that knowing Mary was their mother. Cece knew A LOT and I think Jessica felt threatened by her and all that she knew. NOWWWW, after all that, think about Alison and her middle name. Jessica wouldn’t give her child a middle name that’s also in her last name. BUT, if Ali is in fact Mary’s daughter, and a Drake, then maybe Mary gave Ali that middle name as a nod to her sisters married name, Dilaurentis bc she knew Jessica was going to raise Ali as her own. It makes complete sense when you look at it this way. Also, Marlene has told us before that Alis name was a major clue. Maybe this is how. Please give me your thoughts! I’d love to hear them all!! ThAnks, tAy!! @missboudreau I want to hear your thoughts too, sissy!!!😙😙

My Thoughts On "Original G'A'ngsters"

Why do the writers feel the need to throw this Jenna/Toby scene in when they never even properly addressed her trying to force herself on him in the past?

God I love Jason. Yassss kick her out. It’s ok Ali, she DOES have a place to stay being she owns The Lost Woods Resort.

Ezra constantly passive aggressively manipulates Aria into thinking she wants what he does.

First they made us dislike Caleb with the whole love triangle debacle. He’s shady as fuck lately. If they make him be A I will be SOOO pissed bc that means they only came up with the idea when Ravenswood was canceled and I REALLY want AD to tie back into the beginning of the show. *sigh*

When you nonchalantly ask your fiancé if she killed someone you might be in a slightly unhealthy relationship. Did YOU kill her Ezra and that’s why you’re looking to skip town?

Jason and Noel in one episode. #blessed

How did Jason know about Liam? Does that mean they’ve kept in touch. Omg they hooked up. Well that’s one way to keep in touch.

Anyone else think Jenna looks like Angelina Jolie laying on the massage table?

You would think spending time with someone who looks like your murdered mom would result in some kind of emotion. The Dilaurentis kids are a stoic bunch I guess.

What exactly happened to Yvonne and why is everyone so calm about it?

Spencer is so selfless and mature and I just love her so so much.

I’m soooo confused. The whole “Charles” is dead scene, is that when he transitioned into Charlotte? The whole symbolic death of Charles like with the grave? Bc Charlotte died after Jessica and they keep saying “Charles” and “son”. So Mary thought her son died, found out that was a lie and then found out Charlotte was murdered?!?

What did Jessica have on Mary that she listened and stood away from Rosewood???

Omg Aria doesn’t even know what she wants or thinks. Sorry Ezria fans but I just can’t.

I actually liked Spaleb but we all know how well that worked out so ugh why did they have to tarnish Haleb for nothing???

Wow the building Spencer up only to drop her flat on her face is an awesome theme for this season. #spaleb #istartedbuildingthehouseforyou

Yes check out the cellar at night in the dark. Smart.

Of course Aria doesn’t have a file bc she’s A. Or Ezra. Or Jason stole it already. Or Aria is Mary’s other kid and that’s why Aria has always had so many clues and been shady af. And now Jason hooked up with both of his cousins. I digress.

But seriously ANOTHER mystery child/family member. FML. Sucks bc they’ll just dig around and come up with wrong theories of who it is. Instead of ya know, just asking Mary.

When exactly did Aria go wedding dress shopping???


Ali, looking for you was the least your mother could do after burying you alive.

Wtf would these numb nuts leave the keys in the car? Like why wouldn’t A target them when they make it so damn easy.

Clearly AD doesn’t want to kill the girls bc if they did they would be dead. So the question is why??? It has to be someone who cares about them (or at least 1 of them) and just doesn’t want their identity found out bc then it would ruin a relationship (here’s looking at you Ezra!!!!)

Damn those masks are versatile. #matchbook

PLL 6x10 “The DArkest Knight” synopsis

Rosewood is no stranger to dead bodies, and it looks like the death toll will rise with Pretty Little Liars’ season 7 summer finale.

Freeform has announced an all-day Pretty Little Liars marathon, beginning at 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday, August 30, with the summer finale airing at 8 p.m. ET that night. Furthermore, the release teased that the finale, titled “The DArkest Knight” will leave at least one person dead.

“The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.”

Alison, Bethany, Charles/Charlotte Drake


In tonight’s episode, when Sparia went to talk to the male Dr. Cochran, he said he delivered 2 of Mary’s childen, NOT BOTH. Maybe Mary Drake had 3 children, hence: A.B.C.D.
Alison, Bethany, Charles/Charlotte, Drake.
….it’s probably nothing but it certainly is INTERESTING.



Remember when the hashtag for the season 6 summer finale was #FaceToFace? The hashtag was telling us who -A was!! #FaceToFace

But Marlene made a video about the summer finale with a t-shirt that said “IT’S NO LIE”, an anagram for IT IS NOEL.

In 6x10, they said we’d face -A (face to face thing) but not Charles. I still don’t believe Cece’s story about Charles being transgender.

After 7x09, what if Charles it’s really Noel and Cece was covering him up?
Noel was at the dollhouse, he clearly was the Charles at the prom, the one that met Spencer…