Who's the Emison baby sperm donor?

I have to say before we begin that I’m sorry for what you’re about to read ahead of time. The moment this idea popped into my head, I literally couldn’t think of anything else.

So, who’s the sperm donor for the Emison baby (well, babies)? Well… Technically… Charlotte.

Yep. Charlotte.

It’s entirely possible that before Charlotte transitioned from Charles that she froze her sperm in case she wanted biological children in the future. I’ve read multiple articles from trans women who froze their sperm as they were transitioning for this very reason, so it just may be plausible that technically speaking Charlotte is the missing link in the chain here.

And if I am correct with Mary being A.D. and doing this… It would give an entirely new meaning as to why she’s doing it. She lost her daughter Charlotte, she lost Bethany (whom she saw as a daughter), so what better way to have a fresh start than to have a child (or *cough* twins) and take back what you felt was taken from you?

This would make the child biologically connected to the Drake and DiLaurentis family while making Alison the second cousin to the children.

I kept asking myself “Why would they make Alison pregnant?” There had to be some underlying reason for what A.D. wants and does, and I think this is it. A new start.

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Hailey Burns is a 16 year old girl who vanished after walking out of her home in Charlotte, North Carolina  on May 23 2016. Her mother checked all the doors the night before and they  were all locked, but when her family tried to wake Hailey up for school the next morning, she was gone and the front door was wide open.  Her father says she left a diary behind that had a detailed plan to run away with a 32-year-old man she met online. Hailey has Asperger Syndrome and has had behavioral issues in the past. Her family did everything they could to stop this from happening, but it still did.

There is very little media coverage about this, but what we do know is Hailey’s parents tried to eliminate all social media from their home.They were very strict with phone and computers usage but it is thought that Hailey used her friends phone or the school’s computer. Hailey also had several  severe medical conditions that require medication, but she didn’t take any of them with her.

Hailey is 5’4” (1.63m), 130lbs (59kg) and has curly, brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black long sleeved shirt with Marilyn Monroe on it, and Converse tennis shoes. She may be wearing a blue book bag with flowers on it.

If you have any information about Hailey’s whereabouts, please contact the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office at (704) 672-6100 or the Charlotte-Mecklenburgh Crime Stoppers tip line at (704) 334-1600.

Who’s the father?

Okay so by now I’m sure we all know Emily is the mother of the baby that Alison is carrying. But what I wonder now is who the father is. My kind of crazy theory is that the father is Charlotte. I think Charlotte may have wanted her own kids one day so perhaps Jessica had some sperm stored in a bank for her. Then A.D. found out and with Emily donating her eggs they thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I feel like they would go this route to have the child related to Alison but not have to involve Jason in this aspect. What are your theories guys?

Maybe not even at all something that might make sense but I keep thinking that the baby is charles/charlotte! Think about it, now that she’s a woman on the outside and mentally of course, but her chemistry is male, would she still have sperm? Explain it to me if I’m wrong, I’m doing research if that possible !

The reason why I’m thinking that is because Rollins wanted charlotte to live on and he did it as punishment to the liars because he thinks one of them killed her. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Far fetched or nah ?!

Left-handed drivers 'crash more and get more speeding tickets'

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PLL: What we know about Sara Harvey Season 1-6

The first significant episode regarding Sara Harvey is 3x24 “A dAngerous gAme”. At the time we weren’t able to fully understand the episode because it was not revealed that Sara Harvey is Red Coat/Black Widow. It is revealed in 6x10 "Game Over Charles" that Sara Harvey was hired by Charlotte Dilaurentis as Red Coat to do her dirty work. She is the red coat who flies to the Thornhill Lodge to distract Mona. After Shana set fire to the lodge Sara pulled Mona, Aria, Spencer and Emily out of the burning lodge but left Hanna inside, who was then saved by Alison. When Alison saves Hanna she unknowingly reveals that she is alive to Shana, Wilden and Charlotte. Knowing that Wilden wouldn’t allow Alison to come back, because of lies he told regarding her death and Radley Charlotte kills Wilden.

In 4x1 we see Black Veil with a burned Alison mask indicating that it was in-fact Sara Harvey who pulled Mona, Aria, Spencer and Emily out of the fire. But why did she leave Hanna? (Theory at bottom of post)

In 4x9 a Red Coat is seen unscrewing a panel In the Dilaurentis home, we can now assume Sara Harvey was the person hiding underneath the Dilaurentis home. There is holes in the floor boards hinting that the Red Coat has been spying on the everything that’s been going on in the house.

Sara is mentioned in 4x14 “Whose in the Box”. It is uncovered by Hanna that Sara went missing around the same time as Alison which causes her and Emily to meet with Sara’s friends to find out more information about her. One of Sara’s friends, Claire says this about Sara “She was pretty, poised and perfect and everything she gave you, she took two things away. I mean she’s gone but she’s not "gone”. And we can’t get away from her and I’m so tired of being Sara’s friend, it just sucks the life out of you.“ 

In 5x6 "Run, Ali, Run” Black Veil is seen sending flowers to the parents of Bethany Young. Charlotte reveals in 6x10 that she absolutely hates Bethany after Bethany blamed Marion’s death on “the boy in the dress”. If Charlotte hated Bethany so much we must assume that she would not want to send flowers to her parents either. Sara Harvey had other reasons for sending flowers to them.


Sara was found in the doll house wearing the iconic yellow top. It is implied that Charles was forcing her to be Alison. In the same episode Mona (trapped in the dollhouse) is wearing the yellow top, and Alison (trying to save the liars)  is forced to wear the yellow top as well. Point being, there is at least four of the same outfit. Jason saw someone talking to Melissa in a yellow top, and Charlotte promises it was not her, my theory is this was Sara Harvey. I believe Sara Harvey is the twin of Bethany Young. It has not been revealed who told Bethany about Mrs. Dilaurentis and her fathers affair, my guess is her twin, Sara Harvey informed Bethany of the affair. This is when Bethany realized why Mrs. Dilaurentis was spoiling her. Bethany then steals Charlottes clothing and escapes Radley to get her revenge. I believe Sara went to the Dilaurentis house to find her missing twin, Bethany but instead found Melissa. Melissa had already buried Bethany’s body at this time. Sara was then left with no clues as to where her sister had gone. From that evening she devoted her life to figure out where her sister had gone, hence faking her kidnapping. At this time Charlotte believed Alison was gone as well and I think Sara Harvey agreed to be the new Ali doll in order to find out what really happened to her sister, Bethany. When ‘A’ (Charlotte) and Red Coat are seen standing over Alison’s grave in 3x01 “It Happened 'That Night’ I believe this is the first time Sara realizes her sister is truly dead. At this point Sara realizes her sister was killed instead of Alison, giving her a reason to go after Alison and the people keeping her hidden. The night of the lodge fire 3x24 "A dangerous gAme”, Sara flew to the lodge pretending to be an accomplice in hopes to get revenge. This is the reason she leaves Hanna in the fire to burn, because she thought it was Alison. The real Alison in fact saves Hanna, revealing that Alison is still alive. Sara Harvey continues to work for 'A’ in hopes she will find Bethany’s real killer. While grieving she secretly sends flowers to her parents in 5x6. In 6x10 “Game Over Charles” Mona reveals that she hit Bethany with the shovel, thinking it was Alison. When Mona saw Alison walking later that night she assumed Alison didn’t die from the shovel and tried to cover up what she had done by helping Alison fake her death, creating the first 'A’. She would not have any reason to believe anyone else was killed, until it is revealed that Bethany was in the grave. As of now, Five years later, I believe Sara Harvey knows exactly who killed her sister (Mona). I believe she blackmailed Mona into giving a fake testimony to make sure Charlotte was released and that’s why Mona changed her story so last minute. It would explain her reaction when Sara Harvey comes to Charlottes funeral and why she bolted so quickly after the funeral ended.

What do you guys think?  Let me know your thought opinions, if I missed something or anything. Thanks guys.

My Thoughts On "Burn This"

A was eating cake in the last ending and now Hanna is. Twin hint?

Of COURSE Aria found the pics from A.

I’m confused w this Spoby flashback. Did Spencer have an abortion?

Ezra knows how to play Aria like a fiddle.

Aww this scene between Ashley and Caleb is so wahhhhhhhh.

Liam is way too understanding.

There goes Sara Harvey messing everything up for me again. Really Aria you couldn’t follow to see who it definitely was?!?

In what world does someone who wants to run someone down and not get caught go out of their way to borrow a car that’s unique and sticks out???

Tanner is seriously the worst.

The video is the one Melissa made for Spencer right? I can’t keep track w this damn show. But I’ve been waiting for that video to resurface.

Clearly this new A doesn’t like Aria as much as Charlotte did. #thelofttriedtoturnAriaintoasmore

Ok so Spoby had a pregnancy scare. Guess however that played out led to their eventual breakup…

A HAS TO BE A PARENT. Who else says they’re gonna light a fire under your ass?

Ezria is totally being set up to be Endgame.

Mona why can’t you talk about it on a deserted street?

Emily idk if getting in the car w Mona is a good idea. It didn’t end too well for Spencer.

Mona is def gonna say someone blackmailed her into calling Charlotte to lure her out but she doesn’t know who it was. #yawn

I swear I thought the mechanic at the end was going to take a mask off.

Idk what was sadder: the Spoby flashbacks, Hanna’s shower or having another useless episode.

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