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Things I am 90% convinced will happen in PLL soon

1. A reveal of another set of twins (Mary’s children IMO).
2. Charlotte was born a FEMALE, Charles and Charlotte are TWO DIFFERENT people, possibly twins.
3. Eddie lamb recognizing Aria was IMPORTANT.
4. Wren is somehow involved (I don’t think he is Uber 🅰 though).
5. Uber A/A.D has been around since SEASON 1, Mona was never working alone she was working for him/her.
6. Mona is still working for A.D and always has.
7. THAT NIGHT is still very important and key to the final mystery.

We’ll have to wait and see how many of these actually happen but these are my predictions 😊


1x01 - 6x11 Parallelism

I love how they recreated the night Ali went missing in 6x11. The girls had a fun night, drinking and sleeping at the same place, like in 1x01. They woke up feeling drunk and with the news that Cece was missing, the same news the girls got after waking up in 1x01, but the missing girl was Ali.


After the season 6 finale, it’s safe to say the “Wren is Uber A” hype is well and truly on. Not only did we find out Rollins is actually British like Wren, but within moments, so many of us found some very clear connections between the mystery at hand and the much loved, shady, original British doctor. Rollins who???

So, this post has been made in order to show off all of these connections for all the Wren theorists and fans out there. Of course I did not figure out most of these, I’m just the one putting them all together in a beautiful gallery of Wren shadiness. Please feel free to add any! 

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PLL Season 7 aka Season 1?

These 10 first episodes of the season remind me very much to how season 1 because of lots of reasons, I’m going to start:


Lots of old characters from season 1 or other past seasons have come back to the show, Jenna, Noel, Jason, Paige, Sydney (lol) and we know that Wren is coming back too (I’m very exited about it). And some of the new characters that were came in the last season are gone: Jordan, Liam, Shower Harvey, Rollins, Yvonne (I’m sure she’s dead, maybe Toby isn’t but Yvonne is)  


1. The necklaces Spencer gave to the girls (7x08) remind me of the bracelets Alison made to them (1x02)

-The first time we see The Kahn’s Cabin was in the 1x03 and we have been able to see it again some other times during the show. Then in season 7 we see it in episode where Spencer and Emily find the pen drive.

-Probably the most obvious parallel of the season was when someone (probably Noel) wrote in the liars car “I see you” like he did to Ezra’s car in episode 10 from season 1 when he found Aria with Ezra.

And then Noel in 7x10 said to Emily and Hanna “You know too much” just like the message text in the 1x10 when Hanna saw Noel at Camp Mona and though he was A.

-The Haleb sex scene in the 7x10 is OBVIOUSLY a parallel from their first time in 1x19.

-Also I have to say that Spoby’s first and last kiss look very alike, and in the 7x10 there’s a board of scrabble in Toby’s car.

And we’ve seen lots of references to the french leanguage, in the 1x16 when Spencer teaches french to Toby, also in 6x20 there is mention to the lenguage, so in the 7x01 because of Mary’s books and finally in the 7x10 Spencer gives Toby a french book.

-In this first half of season 7 we found out that during the 5 years jump Aria had a thing with Jason for a time and well, during season 2 (not season 1 but it happened in the same year and those two seasons were the start of A) they also had a thing.

-Going back to season 6b, do you remember Charlotte’s death right? It was very compared to the scene in 1x22 when Ian tries to kill Spencer in the church. But in season 7 (7x01) there is also a parallel to that scene, when the liars find “dead” Hanna, actually a mask, hanging in the church.

-Pll started with the disappearance of Alison and finding out that she was “dead”, I don’t want Alison to suffer more but I think it will be such a shock if she dies at the end of the season and the liars going to her funeral like they did in the pilot.

-AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. If we are going back to the origins, does this mean that so is A? And guess who was the Original A: MONA.           I’m always rooting for Wren to be A and I hope so but I think that Mona being A makes sense, she started the game and she wants to end it.

The Monster of All Theories

What I’m about to say, I don’t believe has been said in any other theory before. Yes, there is a twin, an identical twin… And it is someone we have met, someone we think we know very well and yet don’t know at all. There are three. Bethany, Courtney, and Charlotte. All identical, only two are twins, Charlotte is a doppelgänger of both identical twins so you could say… There are triplets among us, at least there used to be.

Charlotte never meant to hurt anyone, she never did- in fact, the only things she did usually ended with no one dying, and yet someone… Someone out there was a cold-blooded murderer. That person is still out there. That person is who I’m going to name “Courtney” (an ode to the books!).

She killed Jessica. She killed Ian. She killed Garret. She killed Charlotte. She corrupted and tried to kill Alison. She met with Melissa. She had the visitors pass. She lived in the haunted house. She went to UPenn. Everything Charlotte didn’t admit to, Courtney was behind it. She was behind it all. It was said that Bethany Young was 20 when she died, making her and Courtney two years younger than Charlotte. Charlotte isn’t the one with the twin, Bethany and Courtney are identical twins and they look EXACTLY like Charlotte, and I’m going to prove it.

Lets start at the beginning, the twins story- this is the story of Bethany and Courtney. We originally thought that Charlotte was the one with the twin, that the other girl represented Alison… It sounded right but didn’t really fit, Charlotte never caused any intentional harm to Alison- therefore she couldn’t be one of the twins. We knew one of them was crazy enough to stab the other over a doll, that one of them was sent to Radley, and one of them was dead. Now, in the story- they never said the other twin died after the stabbing, it is merely assumed she died from the wounds.

Both twins survived, one was insane- the other was not. The dead twin that we see over and over repeatedly tells us that her sister keeps telling lies to her parents about her, I think it’s quite possible that Courtney stabbed herself to get Bethany thrown into Radley. In 3x13, the dead twin shows up again- she says she called her mother and asked to go home but her mother started crying. The dead twin then says her sister tells lies about her- telling her parents she ran away, that they fight all the time.

This could be interpreted as Courtney telling her parents that Bethany ran away from Radley when she was actually murdered.

How do I know that Bethany was the non-violent twin? The tapes. The tapes that were recorded during Bethany’s stay at Radley.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul! You could be the nicest person in the world, she gets them to do anything she wants! 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 minutes if you’re a man!”

The person that Bethany is talking about doesn’t fit anyone on the show that we know of, Charlotte was not evil, and I can’t stress enough that she repeatedly uses “she” to identify this person. But… There’s more, from another one of the tapes Bethany had been recorded on:

“Not destructive, self defense! It’s me or her, she’s not the only one who can make plans!”

Bethany sounded like it was either her or the other- neither could live while the other survived. (Harry Potter reference for my potterheads!)

Does that sound like someone who would just randomly push someone off the roof and then blame it on someone else? No… Because the one who pushed Marion off the roof wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney. How do you think Charlotte knew how to get in and out of Radley? Someone showed her how.

I believe Courtney snuck in and out of Radley at will to cause trouble, that way she could do whatever she wanted and Bethany would take the blame. She’d take the blame every single time because she wasn’t the twin that was admitted.

Now, lets take a step back to 5x13, the Christmas episode… While rummaging through the DiLaurentis house, Hanna found a letter, a letter from Bethany to Alison. Does this letter sound like someone who has any intent on hurting Alison?

This letter solves one of the biggest mysteries on the show… The yellow tops. Courtney sent letters to Bethany pretending to be Alison, she’s the one who bought the yellow tops, she’s the one who set everything up. Charlotte following Bethany from Radley back to her house to protect Jessica proves the fact that she had absolutely no idea there were more than one yellow top out that night, in fact it proves that whoever set everything up was NOT Charlotte but someone else.

It’s funny how Melissa and Charlotte were supposed to have this huge relationship, yet the only time Charlotte mentions her was when it involved the trip to Cape May. Charlotte supposedly went to UPenn with Melissa, Melissa supposedly called Charlotte to tell her that Mona was in Radley… But Charlotte was already IN Radley. She had never met Mona before, she knew nothing about her, she listened to Mona talk about how happy they were that Alison was gone… And yet, why did Charlotte need a visitors pass? Why did she tell Melissa to notify her if Mona was ever in Radley? It’s because Charlotte wasn’t the one using the visitors pass, it was Courtney. Courtney used Charlotte’s “Cece Drake” alias to gallivant around, she made friends with Melissa- corrupted Alison, and caused mass mayhem around Rosewood.

Courtney started the entire thing, from day 1. The attack on Alison in the haunted house? It was right after the frat party, and right after Alison started receiving messages… And ironically, right after Alison told the twin story the first time. Courtney created destruction wherever she went, she got people in trouble and felt no remorse whatsoever.

The fact that Charlotte, Courtney, and Bethany looked alike worked for Courtney’s advantage, she could do whatever the hell she wanted and one or the other would get blamed for it. That’s also why Jessica was taking “Bethany” out, only it wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney- she was blackmailing Jessica for either the existence of Charlotte, or the murder of Mrs. Cavanaugh- probably both. It was said at the stables where Jessica took her riding that “Bethany” threw a bucket at Jessica’s head, they never came back. Courtney then hated Jessica, she started to feed Bethany lies about Jessica having an affair with their father… This is when Bethany’s drawings turned dark, this is when Charlotte realized Jessica could be in danger- and therefore giving Courtney the motivation she needed to kill her twin once and for all. If Courtney’s plan worked Bethany would’ve killed Jessica, Courtney would’ve killed Bethany (both of them wearing the yellow top), and Alison would’ve went down for the murder because she was also in a yellow top. Bethany killing Jessica would match the anger she had towards Jessica so no one would question it, and Courtney murdering Bethany wouldn’t be questioned since both were in yellow tops, and Alison would’ve gone down for the murder because of the letter planted in the DiLaurentis house so it made to look like she planned to kill her. (Season 5 storyline anyone?)… That is, if Charlotte hadn’t have escaped and accidentally knocked Alison out in the first place.

Now, getting to the proof that Courtney is in fact Uber A… There are some requirements for the person who actually IS Uber A… 1. This person knows everything that happened on Labor Day. 2. This person dug up Bethany’s body in 3x01, proving that someone knew that body wasn’t Alison before anyone else. 3. This person knew every single person involved with each crime, aka Mona and Melissa, along with the accomplices who covered them up. 4. This person is highly intelligent, but absolutely insane and dangerous.

Charlotte had no idea that Alison was alive up until the night of the lodge fire, so how could she have possibly known the person in Alison’s grave wasn’t her? The simple answer is, she couldn’t have. This proves that whoever Uber A is knew not only the Bethany was dead and that Alison survived, but they knew who was responsible for each crime. Didn’t you ever wonder why exactly Melissa, Wilden, and others did the things they did? There was something they had done that someone knew about that held it against them.

Last episode Melissa said Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this would be impossible because Charlotte was watching Jessica bury Alison, she had been with Jessica the ENTIRE night while Bethany was knocked out and buried. Meaning someone saw everything happen and watched it unfold.

Another thing Charlotte said during the 6x10 finale stuck out to me… She said she could never trust Mona, that since she hit her best friend with a car, how could she trust her? And yet, the red coat who dug up Bethany’s body had Mona do it. Speaking of red coats, one of the scenes  with the A ending has red coat torching bobbleheads of the girls, if Charlotte had worn the red coat just that one time at the saw mill… Who bought the black hoodies in 3x01?

Now, I’m going to go back to the Season 4 finale when Jessica was murdered. We all know Charlotte didn’t do that, Jessica was the last person in the world who knew Charlotte existed and was the only person left who loved her. The person who did this was heartless, they wanted to hurt Charlotte and Alison in any way necessary, and that was taking away someone they loved, and someone who the killer absolutely hated. No one on the show hated Jessica more than Bethany, at least that’s what you’re made to think- and yet, if Bethany is dead, who STILL hated Jessica enough to kill her? Courtney.

Courtney isn’t like Charlotte or Mona, she has no real reason to do what she does… As Bethany said, “She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul!”

Knowing just how evil, and just how smart Courtney was, she did things for Charlotte to hate Bethany (i.e. killing Marion and blaming it on her), and she did things for Bethany to hate Jessica (telling her about the “affair”). She pitted people against each other without them knowing it was even happening, and they didn’t even know they were being manipulated, Courtney had a reason for every single move she made- she never did anything that wouldn’t serve a purpose.

Now, reading the synopsis for an upcoming episode, it says that Alison believes she’s going insane- I think Courtney is going to be showing up (much like what Alison did when she was supposed to be “dead”) just to torture Alison, making her think Charlotte is still alive. Alison will probably think she’s going insane and will most likely be put in a place like Radley (possibly by her own hubby *cough*).

Now, who do I think killed Charlotte? Like I said in my Vertigo theory (which you can read here:, I think Dr. Rollins was the one to help murder Charlotte- while Courtney was there. From the tapes Bethany was recorded on, she said Courtney could get anyone to do anything she wanted within a few minutes of knowing them, 2 minutes if you’re a man. And I can guarantee you that he’s using his marriage to Alison as an alibi, Courtney probably told him to do it as an alibi but also to further damage Alison and put her away permanently. And we’ve also seen recently that whoever the big bad is right now has access to Medical Records, (Veronica and Yvonne’s).

And now, she’s going after Mona and Melissa as well, she’s framing Melissa for murder and torturing Mona as well. Melissa is going to most likely be pinned for some murder, whether it’s Charlotte or Bethany- right now it looks like Melissa may be going down for Charlotte’s murder because of the murder weapon being a part of her luggage bag. And remember, Melissa HATES Charlotte now for telling Wren what she did… So they’ll believe the motive.

Now, for the physical proof:

In 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day- she says that Bethany left with the Yellow Top, and from this letter that was found in 5x13… Someone was sending Bethany letters pretending to be Alison, and THEY are the ones who gave Bethany the yellow top. In 3x19 Jason stumbles out of the house, drunk and high- he sees Melissa and someone who looks like Charlotte in the yellow top. I think it’s very likely that Melissa was talking to Courtney, in fact- I think Courtney was the one who outed Alison and Ian to Melissa.

Whomever Melissa was talking to in the yellow top, she knew- she knew very well. And in 6x10 while Charlotte was explaining how she accidentally hit her thinking it was Bethany, Alison says that Jason saw her and Melissa talking, but it couldn’t have been Charlotte because she was in all black. So, whoever Melissa was talking to looked EXACTLY like Charlotte.

And in episode 4x24, when Alison was telling the girls what happened on Labor Day, she discovered the EXACT same yellow shirt in her room- along with an A message. So the person who sent both Alison AND Bethany yellow tops had a plan for them, and Charlotte was NOT included in that deal.

And again in 6x10, Charlotte said she stopped visiting Mona once they started weaning her off her meds- and yet, in 3x01 Red Coat took Mona to the cemetery to dig up Bethany’s body which Emily recalls in 3x18. This proves that whomever dug the grave up KNEW whoever was in that grave wasn’t Alison, and Charlotte believed Alison had been dead up until she discovers that Alison is alive in the Lodge Fire.

One of the most prominent pieces of proof that Bethany, Charlotte, and Courtney looked alike was in 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day when she mistook Alison for Bethany- Charlotte says this: “She stole my clothes and knew I had out privileges so she snuck out of Radley.”

Speaking of Red Coats… A recurring thing that keeps popping up are twins, specifically twins in red. Well, take a look:

The last photo is from the night Charlotte was murdered, whoever was in that red shirt was there when Charlotte was murdered… And since Marlene has confirmed there is an identical twin coming up, along with the fact Alison believes she’s going insane. It has to be someone who looks exactly like Charlotte without being her twin… I believe Courtney is alive and well, and we’re going to meet her… Very, very soon.

(P.S. Melissa is still the one trying to figure out who the killer is, and Dr. Rollins is still the one who killed Charlotte… None of that has changed!)

I have a lot more physical proof that she exists, but I’ve been writing this theory going on about 10 hours total so… If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

What if Hanna wasn’t dreaming?

Mary Drake, the twin, tells Spencer that she and Melissa look like twins. After that, Hanna “dreams” with Spencer but it’s not the ACTUAL Spencer. 
Spencer now has bangs but she dreams with a no-bangs Spencer. Why? If it was actually a dream, she would have dreamt with bang-Spence.

Does that mean that Spencer also has a twin that helped Hanna? Is the Spencer with bangs not the real Spencer?

Mid-Season HOAX!!! (A is not really A)

When you watch all the mid-season finale’s you might realize that the show gives us “HUGE clues”. They’ve always made us believe that the person who is revealed is the real A. The person in charge. 




Well… it all turned out to be wrong. They’re not A. Maybe they were involved in the A game. We don’t know that yet for sure. But we know that they all are not the person in charge. So what makes us believe that THIS TIME they told us the truth in another mid-season finale.


I think there’s more to the story. Maybe Cece isn’t really A. 

Cece said herself:
“You only need to come up with a really great story that is fabulous and devastating at the same time.”

Just saying. 

So you mean to tell me that the 4 main Liars were just supporting characters in Alison’s story line the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME?

-They had absolutely nothing to do with That Night.

-They never did anything to Charlotte directly.

Then there’s:

A’s Motive: Because those bitches were happy Ali was gone. 

and A’s Favorite: Mona Vanderwaal, who was happier (by far) that Ali was gone (more than any of the other 4 Liars combined), but still ended up being A’s “favorite”. Makes sense.

So uh, why did we need Aria, Spencer, Hanna, or Emily at all? Way to tie them into the plot - - NOT.

Mar should have just stolen one of our amazingly thought-out and detailed theories. Everything would have been A-OK (pun intended).

A week later, and I’m still so mad lol.

Kuddos to the fandom. You guys are wonderful, and I love ya’ll so much. 

We deserved better than this.

The Mother of All Theories Part 2

Here we are again, another theory, another finale, and another lightbulb going off in every direction. I thought I had some parts of the story correct before, and I did- but now everything falls into place so perfectly, there’s no other way the story can go.

Jessica is the one with the twin, definitively. For theory purposes I’m going to name the twin Jennifer, just so you know exactly who I’m talking about throughout the theory.

Something that always bewildered me was the twin story, there are multiple things throughout the twin story that I didn’t understand… For example, the fact that the setting of the twin story looked like it took place in the 60’s, if the twins were in fact one of the liars- or even one of the older siblings, there’s no way any of them would be born even CLOSE to the 60’s. Another thing that didn’t make sense to me was the fact that absolutely no one matched the story, if it had been Charlotte who was supposed to be represented in the twin story- Charlotte would have deliberately hurt Alison in a malicious way, which she didn’t. From the twin story we know that the twins were playing with the dolls when all of a sudden they both began to fight over the same doll, one of the twins then got up and stabbed the other- one twin was sent away and the other twin was never said to be dead or alive.

Both twins survived, Jessica was the twin that got stabbed. Why do I think this? Jessica has a very specific sense of style, one that is very conservative… She is always wearing a button up blouse, a sweater, a jacket, and/or a suit. A wardrobe that could very easily hide, I don’t know… A stab wound on her chest? Another reason I think Jessica was the twin that was stabbed is all of the medications she was on, we know for a fact that she had a prescription for a very heavy sleep aid, one that Alison used to drug the girls the night of Labor Day. We also know she had blood pressure medication, with the sleeping pills and high blood pressure medication we can assume something very traumatic happened to her to cause sleepless nights and high stress levels.

Another thing that had never been brought up again was the haunted house in the first secret, I believe it was Emily who said she felt like something bad had happened there… From the look of the house, it had been abandoned for a very long time, and the only bad thing we known to have happened a long time ago WAS the twin story.

Now, to get to the BIG secrets… Jennifer is the mother of Bethany Young, AND Peter Hastings is the father. We know from the twin story that whatever one twin had, the other wanted, I think it’s safe to assume that since Jessica was dating Peter, Jennifer wanted him too- and most likely pretended to be Jessica to sleep with him and therefore got pregnant with Bethany. THAT is one of the huge reasons there is so much tension between the Hastings and DiLaurentis families, whether Peter knows about Bethany being his child I think is pretty likely, this could be the reason Jennifer is going after Melissa- because she knows she killed Bethany.

This is how everything started. Bethany was most likely thrown in Radley because of either one of the Hastings or DiLaurentis family members, probably Jessica or Peter, this is how the hatred for her sister grew into rage.

It is quite possible that Jennifer was the one who was taking Bethany out to the horse stables- since she looked like Jessica (who was on the board of Radley) she could see her daughter and take her out whenever she wanted… This could ALSO be why Bethany threw a fit when Jennifer asked her to call her “Aunt Jess” instead of calling her “mom”, if anyone asked about seeing a patient out of Radley, they would say that it was Jessica. It would also explain the sudden hatred towards Jessica, Jennifer could’ve told Bethany that Jessica was dating Peter and taking her away from them, hence the drawings of Jessica as a devil taking Peter away from them.

Bethany had always been Uber A’s motivation, everyone involved with her death is now either dead or being tortured or blackmailed for it, but another motivation is her pure hatred and envy of her twin. If she couldn’t have them, no one could.Melissa buried Bethany alive, Mona hit her, Charlotte defaced Bethany’s grave, Jessica and Wilden covered the murder up, she hates Alison because Bethany was taken away from her- she hates all of the DiLaurentis children because Bethany was taken away from her.

Jennifer has Melissa’s taped confession admitting to burying Bethany alive and unless Melissa finds Charlotte’s “killer” by election day, she’s going to release the confession everywhere and destroy the entire Hasting’s family. Melissa is trying desperately to find out who the killer is, when she doesn’t realize the killer is the one blackmailing her in the first place- she’s torturing the liars to the point of having one of them admit to it. That will take care of Charlotte’s murder, Jennifer will get away with it once Melissa finds someone to take the fall.

Now, getting to poor Alison- Jennifer is dressing up as Jessica to drive Alison insane, only the person who knew what Jessica was wearing when she died (or in this case who buried her in the first place) could dress up like her. Also, in the scene where “Jessica” comes in to see Alison-  “Jessica” is wearing the same outfit as in episode 4x14:

Jennifer is trying to make Alison go insane and to end up in a mental institution like Bethany was. This also brings up the fact that Jennifer and Rollins are working together, why of all things would “Jessica” come to visit Alison just to tell her that Rollins is a nice guy? It’s to give Alison piece of mind to trust Rollins, and it’s most likely to set up for Rollins admitting Alison into a mental institution. It’s also quite possible he’s drugging her at the same time. No one but Rollins, Alison, and the girls knew Alison was there.

It could be quite possible that Rollins and Jennifer are… Involved *cough* or he could possibly be an older son, I wouldn’t cross either of those possibilities off.

So, there we go. Another mystery solved. Happy PLL Day, Everyone!!


Why did Aria lie to Jason? Why did she tell she was with Ali (and the girls) when the fire happened? 

Aria said Ali told her not to say anything about it to Jason and that’s reasonable, but why did she lie? It’s because her file was stolen and she has something to hide?