charlotte wiggings

Did a Charlotte costest today!! 💖 I finally cut the bangs and curled my wig and got excited, this wig is so thick and it took me f o r e v e r to curl but now she’s super fluffy! Also I got a super pretty brooch for her huge hair bow and I LOVE IT IT’S SO SPARKLY 💎✨ I just have to finish my axe and then I’m done with Charlotte!!! Less than a week until momo CRUNCH IS HAPPENING 💀


Ariel by borboletta_blu

You feel like you have a voice in this show. I have opinions and I get to talk to the writers about them and they listen. Not all my ideas are great. I once asked if I could wear a green wig and dance around like a robot and they said, ‘Absolutely not.’
—  Charlotte Sullivan (talking about Rookie Blue)