charlotte tucker


I couldn’t make something in time for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t forget about it, I swear! D:

I hope you all had a great time by yourself, with friends, or with your special someone!

Here, have a Cartman getting turned down for the 764th time for this amazing occasion. B)


some shots from the shitty gregstophe mv i made that i like as standalone drawings because i put more effort into them than the rest of the video

Here’s the final image of ‘Brother Voodoo’ from our first episode of 'Ride With Us’– you can watch the live stream from yesterday at -
(70 mins)

Again, sorry it got shaky at points, we’ll be perfecting the set up the more we do these. Enjoy!!

•Collaboration with @tylerqtucker

•Subject suggestion from Michael Samuel DeNicola