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Quite possibly the most romantic ending to an S support conversation in all of Fire Emblem. 

who curses? mtl

1. !!!Trina!!!- her vocabulary is 90% “fuck” and “shit”

2. Whizzer- his vocabulary is only 75% “fuck” and “shit;” he prefers “bitch”

3. Cordelia- almost exclusively when talking to Whizzer or when she hits her toe or when she’s angry 

4. Marvin- again, almost solely when talking to Whizzer, and it’s normally one of two phrases: “Fuck you” or “fuck me.”

5. Mendel- he curses pretty often, but he only says “damn”

6. Charlotte- nEver unless someone she knows has been hurt; in fact, she corrects everyone on their language


I missed my studio so much! Finally back home in Charlotte. My @dandchi savage hat was waiting on me and a few other packages.

About to unbox my new sewing machine and set it up so I can get started on these swimsuit orders!

How’s everyone day going?

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