charlotte progress


So I don’t think I have a proper before pic to use but to me there’s noticeable change in the 2 pics after the first one(in the first one I’m the glob wearing kitty ears)

I have went from 280 to 225 and it is not easy for me to share that, but I am proud of myself.

I’ve struggled with weight loss for awhile and even hit walls where no matter what I did none of it was dropping and it frustrated me.

I eat right and everything but growing up used to be force fed by my moms ex girlfriend then immediately put to bed so it caused complications but I am working hard to correct it.

I started dropping lbs again after using Charlottes guides and assistance @fitness-fits-me and I want to just thank you so much Charlotte for you have got me losing again.

Her guides are not quick fixes so before you doubt there are real people using her guides. You have to continually work at it. All our bodies are different. So if you get her assistance make sure you apply yourself if you want results. Don’t just stop after you get the stuff down because not being active will put you back where you were. Her guides give you a nice break down of some actual workouts and meal plans including if you wanna call it a shopping list. Her stuff is not a hey starve yourself thing. No her stuff involves real food stuff you cook, and her workouts do cause you to break a sweat. So do not kick it if you haven’t tried it.

I plan to update more later as I progress to my goal. I’m told I feel smaller and I have dropped pant sizes my most recent drop was 28w to 18w

And I’m just really happy about it.

I’ve recently incorporated wii fit u along side her guidance. And it has done wonders for me standing up straight and balance is improving.

After I reach my next goal I plan to use the 2 along side Carrot.

Thank you again Charlotte rest assured I’ll be uploading more progress at a later date

@charlottewinslow @fitness-fits-me I have been doing the 1 mouth makeover for 1 WEEK and I have already notice that i am stating to lose my love handles , the second picture on the right was just after I had eaten so I was a little bloated I could’ve be happier thank you so much Charlotte more progress pictures to come 💪🏼


I bought a little Danish flag pin for my (unfinished) fem!Den hat and it’s very cute! Gonna finish up the hat soon, ‘cause it’s not much work :’)

Also finally started my Diane dress! Made the bodice and added the sleeves, and I’m making a start on getting the skirt shape right, which could be a little interesting

Sorry for the blurry picture!

Leanne’s dress so far~ It looks a little bulky at the moment because I have yet to make the bodice back-ma-jiggy. And obviously still a lot to do but at least it’s starting to look at least a little like her dress now, haha. Most likely making the pink overskirt next, and the belt in December or January, which is also when I’ll work on the wings a little more.


Hewitt family have been hard at work sewing today!

So, since last time, we’ve got hold of the Reyson wig, started making the undershirt for Reyson, as well as adding bits and pieces to the coat.

Added the neckline to Leanne, painted the front, made the belt, started hemming the dress and added more feather to the wings.

And Nasir has been started! The main gi body has been made, as have the trousers and the cloak is getting there, but it needs a good ironing :’)

Everything is far from finished, but we’re making good progress!


I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating, and a huge thank you to mmspectreon for uploading stuff and being patient with me <3

I’ve made the base of the Soraka dress and I’m very happy with how it falls; I’ve also made a fair bit of progress with the hooves, I’ve now made both clay bases and put latex on one.

Elliot’s been working hard on the armour for Quinn (no picture yet though sorry) and making the leather bodice which looks pretty awesome when it’s done up.


Finally got some materials to start working properly on my Leanne cosplay!

Started out by putting chicken wire on both wing bases and then using them as a pattern to cut out quilting. I then added some stuffing to fluff them out a bit at the top, then sewed all the quilting pieces together and put them over the wings. I finally started adding the feathers after that~ They’re a little cream/off-white but they’re really soft and lovely, and cost me a fortune so I’m going to use them :’)

Gonna cost me a hell of a lot to get all four wings done but I really like how they’re going so far~


Not a particularly exciting update I’m afraid, but I’ve got started on my vambraces for Rhaegar! I’m doing them in the style of dragon scales and I was originally going to make both the scales and the base out of worbla but I’m low on both worbla and money so the bases will be made out of foam and the scales worbla.

Cut over 20 out so far but still have lots to go!


Had a nasty infection which my body hasn’t taken well at all, so I’ve been a little bedridden, but I’ve managed to make Husky’s shorts and I’m getting the ears into the Monomi hoody! Gonna spend as much time as possible over the next week sewing, haha. Alice has added sleeves to her Nana dress and is making the peplum!