charlotte pickle


As a child I always felt a special connection to Angelica & Charlotte’s relationship because:

Although I wasn’t a total brat, I was spoiled & my mother was a strong, independent woman who took no man’s bullshit, worked in a corporate building and was a little more inclined to discipline me when I needed it than my father.

They were my favorite characters and still are.

I never realized this until now but.......

You know as a 90s kid growing up a lot things went over my head, especially in cartoons….never got the adult humor, references and why certain shows had all their character had four fingers instead of five. But one thing I never understood was in a little show called Rugrats. Now, we all know and love the show about Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, Angelica, Susie, and later Dil and Kimmie but there was one thing that always had me scratching my head was about Tommy and Dil’s mom, Didi. It wasn’t like she was a bad mom or anything it’s just that I wondered what her earrings were hanging off of. They never showed her ears. Not in the original series or the spin off “All Grown Up.”

See? Look:


And again:

not a thing….

Now some of you may argue that there must have been one point in her life that her ears were shown well this should squash that bubbling argument.

Like I said….nothing…there.

And it only seems to be with Didi.

Want more proof?

Everyone knows who this is…..Mrs. Charlotte Pickles, mother of Angelica, Aunt of Tommy and Dil, Wife of Drew Pickles, and Sister-in-law to Didi and Stu….in this picture she clearly has no ears. It looks like her earrings were bolted in on the sides of her face.

However, in All Grown Up….

Boom. Ears, son.

So, with all this being said….where on EARTHare the ears of Didi Pickles?


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