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@ghoodgirl spring/summer 2017 lookbook 🍦🍭 

 •stylist: me ❤️❤️ 

 •mua: Monique Stevens 

 •photographer: Makeda Lane 

 • models: Kristin Armani, Taylor Lloyd, Shyra Merchant and Stephanie Ahiabuike

 •creative director: Lica Mishelle

I Went To Warped Tour!

I went yesterday - it was a two hour drive to and from and woof. I wasn’t driving - I was the navigator. It was lit on the way there but on the way home we were all so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

I had a really great time though. 

As soon as we got there I got a picture taken with Andy Black: 

I gave him my Batman plushie and he commented on its bobbly head and said: ‘Thank you darling’ (Ahh~ my heart c’x <3 ) 

I got to go see him perform and wowza <3 I was in the pit - so freaking close to him <3 (No pics or vids of that - I just wanted to live it man) 

There was this girl behind me during the concert and towards the end I lifted up both of my hands and made a heart and she took a picture of it and it was a super pretty picture with Andy in the heart and I really hope I get to find that picture? XD My friend Lara gave the girl a SquadSix Cosplayers card so that the girl could contact us - but I dunno if she lost the card or something? I dunno but I hope I get to find it somehow XDDD 

A bit later my friend stops me and shows me this Instagram page and: 


And a few hours after that I went to a TEI Talks Workshop and got to sit around and listen to him talk and answer questions and just…. wow. He’s so beautiful and he’s so kind and intelligent and wow. He has a beautiful smile. 

I got back home sometime after midnight and I crashed so fast. I’ve been in bed almost all day today. My muscles hurt, my eyes are tired, I’m slightly sunburnt. But it was well worth it. 

I’d definitely do it again. 

I plan on going to see American Satan on October 13 (Andy’s got the lead role) and I definitely want to go to a BVB concert <3 

Andy gives me a lot of hope