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Grey's anatomy spin-off

So what about a spin-off in which Jackson and April, after getting married again, decide to move out with Harriet in L.A. The plot would take place 5 years later, with them being at the head of a center recently bought by The Avery Foundation: the Seaside Wellness Center.
And yes I’m talking about that one from Practice Practice. And all of our favorite doctors would be there: Addison, Cooper , Charlotte, Naomi, Sam… and even Amelia, Owen and their future children!

So what do you think ? Who would watch this spin-off? 😜


what do we want? drugs! when do we want them? now! ( requested by anonymous )


Shondaland Parallels ft.:
Cooper x Charlotte (Private Practice) || Callie x Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)


anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 when they’re at the door cos she looks ridiculously adorable in that outfit?
         ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again

All Grown Up

This is just a quick little one shot of Amelia with some of her Private Practice family. It’s set sometime after Amelia and Owen’s wedding. 

Owen used all of his might to pull he and Amelia’s suitcase out of the trunk of the cab. Amelia watched through the lens of her sunglasses as Owen used every muscle to lift the piece of luggage that was probably twice her size. “Jesus what did you pack in there, bricks?” His face was red, his veins budging out of his muscles, something that Amelia was secretly enjoying the view of from her spot on the sidewalk.

Tipping her glasses down, revealing her deep blue eyes, her voice did her best Owen impression she could give, “Just the essentials.”

Wheeling the suitcase over to the sidewalk they were now making their way up the pathway to the front door of the house. He leaned forward as he followed Amelia, whispering in a low husky voice, “Is you red lingerie set one of those essentials?”

“Maybe…” Amelia teased as she stopped in her tracks, allowing her back to lean against Owens chest. Biting her bottom lip, knowing it drove him mad, she slowly turned herself around tilting her head in a flirty way. Owens hands found their way around her waist, pulling her petite frame into him as his lips met hers.

He kissed her slowly, each kissed filled with mystery. “Let’s skip the birthday party.” Another kiss. “And go straight for the after party.” Another kiss. “Just you.” Another kiss. “And me.” He kissed her again, this times her hands linking around his neck as she continued to laugh between each kiss.

“Either get a room or give me hug.” The southern accent rang through the outdoors, the pair pulling a part only for both of their eyes to meet the skinny blonde standing in the doorway of the house.

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anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 whereby amelia & gang decides to go to connecticut?
          ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again

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— “i’m not fragile, i’m a drug addict. i’ve fallen off the wagon twice and gotten back on… that makes you very freaking strong.”

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