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the canes are the hottest hockey team: a thesis

10 points in favor:

  1. sebastian aho (finnish, adorable, shy, v smart, never looks comfortable)
  2. noah hanifin (smirks in his actual nhl photo wtf, baked frat boy aesthetic, boston boy, actually seems like a nice guy, +5 american)
  3. sebastian aho (again, he’s v cute, cute accent, nice hair, smart player, the eyebrows, my ace friend says he has kind eyes, and deserves to be on here twice)
  4. jeff skinner (smiles, dimples, general canadian charm, his SKATING,like watch his skating please)
  5. teuvo teravainen (has won a stanley cup, standard finnish awkwardness)
  6. haydn fleury, if called up (fought in a pre-season game, 7th overall in 2014, kind eyes)
  7. jaccob slavin (loves his wife, charming, american +5)
  8. elias lindholm (honestly just look at him, so pretty)
  9. brett pesce (eyebrows, american +5, less cute but like he’s not ugly)
  10. older team members: scott darling (from virginia so i’m putting him here), jordan staal (i mean look at him, that jaw, that hair, left the penguins so +15), cam ward (weird goalie charm), derek ryan (american, charming, kept me watching preseason, the dr)

points against:

  1. traded eddie lack (my heart is still broken, i miss you lacko, taco boy, went to calgary pride and took over flames instagram)
  2. toronto’s mitch marner, auston matthews, and william nylander
    1. however they still don’t have sebastian aho so like…
    2. who do they think they are
    3. also i’m mainly just here for marner and matthews
    4. sorry sweden :O  thanks for rask
  3. existence of carey price (the saving grace of the habs, yes i made that joke, i mean look at him though)
  4. i guess other players who y’all are in love with ?? idk who but they’re not canes player hot
    1. being a canes player means that you are hot by association
    2. jeff skinner has not aged in like 10 years
    3. so.
    4. if tyler seguin was traded to the canes he’d get like 250k more followers bc he’d get 250 times more attractive
  5. i’m lesbian and have difficulty telling male attractiveness


the carolina hurricanes (& the charlotte checkers) are the best looking hockey team, and they should use this to their advantage. like if season tickets costing $688 aren’t drawing in the crowds then have skinner and staal just charm a bunch of people into coming. it’ll work i promise. i mean look at them. see points 1-10 for reasons

anonymous asked:

what metals are tiaras made of nowadays?

Tiaras like other jewellery are made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.  These metals are used because they are less reactive but they are also more expensive.  The metals used in tiara making (and most other things) are not 100% pure instead the main metal is alloyed with others to improve the strength, durability, malleability, luster, or resistance to corrosion.  Also you asked for “nowadays” so all of the tiaras seen here except for one have been made in this millennium.

Gold is probably the most used metal for tiaras.  It’s typically but not always used in combination with silver.  The diamonds would be set in silver and any other gemstone in gold.  Overwhelmingly the tiaras covered here on Tiara Mania are set with both gold and silver but it can also be combined with platinum or white gold or sometimes just used by itself.  I’ve seen people say before that there are not very many gold tiaras anymore but just because it’s not in your face yellow gold doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Skilled jewellers can set gemstones in a way that very little of the metal is showing but sometimes they use the metal as an important part of the design and not just as something to hold the gemstones like in Joanna Newsom’s Opal Tiara.

Silver is the longest used of the white metals here.  It’s cheaper than the other metals but it also easily tarnishes.  I think the only recent tiara I’ve covered here that is made of silver only is Princess Marie of Denmark’s Amethyst Lily Tiara but if you look outside of the world of royals you’re more likely to find tiaras made of just silver.  Axenoff is a jeweller that is making great tiaras using silver and semi-precious gemstones meaning they’re cheaper though still above my price range.

Platinum became popular in the early 1900s and continues to be popular to this day so I was surprised to find that the most recent tiara made of platinum that I’ve covered was made in 1976.  It’s a Diamond Tiara made by Van Cleef & Arpels that has been loaned out to several royals including Princess Grace of Monaco.  Platinum is stronger and heavier than gold and silver meaning it is more durable but it also means that it is more difficult for a jeweller to work with.  In addition to the extra cost of craftmanship needed, the price of the platinum itself is more expensive than the other metals here meaning a very expensive tiara. 

White Gold which is an alloy of regular yellow gold and a white metal like nickel but can include several other metals like silver, palladium, or manganese maybe even with some copper or zinc.  The whole thing is then plated in rhodium for added strength and whiteness.  Out of the 356 tiaras I’ve covered there are only ten of them that I know for sure use white gold.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of white gold tiaras out there, they’re just not royal ones.  As white gold has become more popular, royals have come under more scrutiny for their spending on jewels so they buy less tiaras then they used to.  But jewellers are still making plenty of tiaras for non-royals who have the money to buy expensive jewellery and are not in the public eye.  Which sadly for us means we don’t get to see all of the new white gold tiaras being made.  Queen Letizia of Spain’s Fleur de Lys Tiara is one of the few new royal tiaras and it is made of white gold.

Unless the jeweller makes it known which metal was used, it’s usually impossible for us to tell the various white metals apart from each other.  Understandably, the gemstones are considered more interesting so sometimes the jeweller will release information about the gemstones and forget about the metal.  For example, when Van Cleef & Arpels made the Ocean Tiara for Princess Charlene of Monaco in 2011, they released all sorts of information about the gemstones but nothing about the metal.  It’s clearly a white metal we just don’t know which one.

Personally I like it when jewellers experiment with metals like Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s Midnight Tiara which uses rose gold, white gold, and black oxidized silver.

Or Boucheron’s Emerald Ivy Tiara which is made with black gold and has been worn by Queen Rania of Jordan and Dita von Teese.

Why I Started Watching The Show

Remember Season 1, when we were introduced to this girl drawing beautiful pictures of the Earth on walls of a cell? When we learned about a 6 year old boy who gave up his entire life to protect his little sister? About a boy who plead guilty for a crime his best friend, the girl next door, the girl he loved, committed? A crime that he planned out so that she would be able to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Remember Monroe, Murphy, Wells, Charlotte, Octavia, Raven, Miller, Harper, Monty, Jasper, Conner, Sterling, Roma, Dax, Finn, Bellamy, Clarke and 84 others who were all sent down before the Ark?

Remember how when they first landed, they were worried about things like who gets the extra clothes, but soon learned to depend on one another so that they could survive on the ground?

Remember the group of kids who had been given up on?

Remember the group of kids who became closer than family taking care of one another?

That’s why I started watching.