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Ange Lucare: Bluebells
Meaning: Humility - Faithfulness, consistency, loyalty, firmness. Silent and desperate love.
Dorothy: Aquilegia vulgaris
Meaning: Victory,worry, assertiveness.
Beatrice: Christmas Roses
Meaning: The Serious and standard beauty, the reminiscent of love.
Chise Todo:  Cherry Blossoms.
Meaning:  The beauty of high bar, humility, patience and the power of Samurai.
Princess Charlotte: Roses
Meaning: A passionate and romantic love.


プリンセス・プリンシパルまとめcase2 」by 時々山崎 (Pixiv)
Translated and Typesetted by Coolez

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Title: Worn Out and Patched Up
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 880

Characters: Charlotte Sullivan, Deacon
Pairings: Deacon x Sole Survivor, Deacon x f!Sole Survivor, Charlotte x Deacon
Summary: Charlotte deals with a snag in her wardrobe options

They’re her mother’s thighs. Thick and wide. She never wanted them. Dreaded their arrival. Her mother’s thighs found her in her late thirties and never left. They greet her in the early morning through the worn-through denim right below the crotch of her jeans, along the inseam. Worn-through by the miles and miles and miles of walking, squatting, crawling, tumbling, jumping, and running in the Commonwealth, with her mother’s thighs.


Charlotte shucks her jeans off and kicks them into a corner of the old yellow school bus she’s made her home. Her minuscule pant collection halved. Tough finding pants big enough, or long enough. Everyone is fucking small in the Commonwealth. Every pair of denim she’s come across has been taken-in to fit their smaller selves or disassembled to create something new. She hoped she’d have more time, or come across more old stores with old world sizes, before her mother’s thighs sabotaged her favorite pair.

No such luck.

She pulls the only other pair of pants she has, out of a box under her bed. The denim is lighter colored, but thicker. Stains and dirt will show quicker. Someone else’s blood is a rusty stain along the left cuff. She winds a belt through the loops to keep them up over her hips.

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A scaffold made of rib cartilage, moulded into the shape of an ear, placed beneath the skin of Charlotte Ponce’s forearm for future transplantation following the successful growth of skin around the scaffold.

Charlotte Ponce was mauled by a raccoon when she was a baby and required extensive plastic surgery to repair the damage done to her face, which included constructing a replacement for her nose and right ear.

20 May 2017 | Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge stands with her children Britain’s Prince George and Britain’s Princess Charlotte, following the wedding of her sister Pippa Middleton to James Matthews at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, west of London. © JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images