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Makeup Artist Charlotte Hayward Talks Emma Watson’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Makeup

The sand is soft and yields to the touch, softened by rain and scented with Πέτρα and ἰχώρ.

Her name is Charlotte but it originates as ‘Carlota’. There are no sounds for ‘Charlotte’ but there are for ‘Carlota’ and she carefully draws Χάρλώτα on the shore.

“Very good, child.” He smiles and touches the sand. “And now, my turn.”

Xωνσταντῖνος is what he writes and she takes a long while to read the letters; the alphabet is new to her and she struggles to decipher it.

“But that isn’t ‘Nathan Silver’ or its equivalent.” The little lady frowns and tips her head. “That’s not an ‘N’ sound or a ‘Ss’ sound.”

“What sound is it?” He shifts her onto his lap and she pouts in thought.

“It’s a ‘Kh’ sound.” She declares, and he chuckles.

“Yes it is.” He wipes away his name and tucks it back into his chest of secrets. One day, a day he cannot foresee even in his wildest musings, she’ll write it on the fresh dirt of his grave.

For now, he removes his coat and tucks it over her head. The scent of rain is all around them, and the first few drops of a second shower patter against his silver hair.


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