charlotte had such a pretty room

Dear PLL writers,

Stop making jokes at the expense of mentally ill people.

I’m not the type to get offended by everything—I get that sometimes it’s not about being PC, it’s about making people smile—but you need to stop. I don’t care how drunk the characters were or how negative their feelings were towards Charlotte. My inner turmoil isn’t a theme for a cutesy drink.

During the Dark Spencer Saga, Troian had to go into the writers room and tell you that she didn’t like the way mental illness was being talked about in the scripts. I guess you didn’t take anything away from that.

You were careful with Charlotte in 6x10 because you knew that the transgender community could be hurt and offended depending on what was said. How about you do the same for the mental health community?

Have you not realized that mental illness isn’t a joke because you’ve been talking about it this way for so long?

— pllrose.

1946 | Don’t leave me again | Marvan AU


Marlene turned off the lamp of Charlotte’s bedside table and walked away from her room, not closing the door since she knew she didn’t like to sleep in the complete darkness. Her daughter was four years old now and there wasn’t a day that she didn’t ask for her father and there wasn’t a day in which Marlene wouldn’t cry about it when she finally fell asleep.

She and Evan had dated ever since she could remember and she was pretty sure that she had loved him from the very moment she laid eyes on him. Marlene and her friends were having dinner the night they met and he asked her to dance. He litteraly headed towards her table and ask her, right there, in front of all of her girl friends. She blushed a little but accepted. By the end of the night he had her address and the promise of a date. It was probably love at first sight.

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Spencer’s Dream

I see post after post about Spencer’s dream; the one with Maddie Ziegler dancing all creepily in 6x05.

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I’ve read a lot of people asking what it means, if it means Spencer was in Radley as a child, if Maddie was portraying Spencer etc, but I think the answer is right in front of us…

Her subconscious took her back to that room because she had seen Charles’ name in there before. She is not the girl dancing. The dancing girl was just the vehicle that brought her back to that room and, therefore, her first experience with Charles.

Maddie’s face is literally shown to be in the same room; she is the poster child for nutrition. Spencer had seen the girls’ face in the room when she was in Radley in season 3. She had also seen Charles’ slippers, yet did not pay attention to them.

My thoughts are that her subconscious picked up the C.D slippers, and when they were introduced to Charles DiLaurentis, her memory of the name (seeing the slippers) manifested itself in her dream. As the dancing girl can be found in the same room as the slippers, she was the one to bring Spencer back to the room. 

She isn’t Spencer, she was just the anchor that brought Spencer back to where she had first come across Charles.

In this case, it literally is interpretative memory!

I’ve been thinking about Charlotte’s dollhouse room and the contrasting family images we were shown, and I think I have figured out their meaning.

We were being shown that Charlotte belonged to two different families.

Biologically, The Drakes (right) and through adoption, The DiLaurentis’ (left)

This room is where she held all of her most personal possessions. She had the home video of her adoptive family, but due to being taken from Mary at birth, she never got to know her blood family in the same way, and so forged a family picture out of mannequins. 

I think this was just an early hint at Charlotte’s past and the complexity of her family life. She felt a lot of love for both of them, and as we know, she was trying to find Mary. I think she had both of her family’s feature in her soul room because she felt connected to both of them, despite never meeting her biological family. 

Finally, they all played a vital part in her becoming A. The DiLaurentis’ sent her to Radley, which ultimately motivated her and enabled her to start her A game, and reuniting The Drakes was her goal once her A game was over.

Caleb thinks Spencer murdered Charlotte

So this is like a mini mini theory.

In 6b Hanna finds the card in Ali’s room that has Aria, Ali, and Emily crossed off leaving Hanna and Spencer. Hanna decides to admit to killing Charlotte. When she’s at the lost woods with Caleb Hanna says something to the effect of “someone had to be the bait” and he’s says “it didn’t have to be you” which I totally take to mean he thinks Spencer should have. Then in 7x01 they all vote for who they think killed Charlotte I think Caleb voted for Spencer because he thinks she killed Charlotte.