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Take Care Of You

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Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

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Warnings: Smut, swears, and fluff

Rating: Explicit

A/N: WWWWHHHAAAA!?!?! I have actually uploaded an imagine!? I have had this written for a long time now and I just never finished it, but I have now so I hope you guys like it! I’m combining two different requests from anons: “Seth Rollins smut where you broke 2 of your ribs in a match but it’s slowly healing.. But he’s really scared during sex incase he hurts you.. Please make it long and fluffy :( Pllllllease and thank you” and “Reader friends Charlotte and Dana stab her in the back in the ring (she didn’t knew about the change in the storyline) after that her whole body hurts and she feels horrible so she hide in one of the many empty rooms in the stadium and start crying, Seth hear her and try to give her comfort and somehow convince her to let him check if there anything broken in her body, Seth is so skilled with his words and hands that everything turn in smut”

The chair shot came from nowhere. It hit your skin so hard that it echoed throughout the arena, a sickening sound that made the people in the front row wince. You fell to your knees, dazed and in pain, gasping for air. Another hit and your body dropped to the mat. You could hear Charlotte yelling about how she was so superior to you, Dana laughing. Then you felt Dana kick you in the ribs, making you roll out of the ring. She picked you up and flung you into the steps. You felt something crack. Tears flooded your eyes and you dropped to the ground in a crumpled heap.

This wasn’t how it was suppose to happen. It was suppose to be a slap from Charlotte that would end your on screen alliance, not…this. You saw their boots turn and leave, Charlotte ‘woo’ing as she went. Their music blasted through the arena and trainers rushed to you. “Are you alright y/n?” You couldn’t answer so they helped you up the ramp, your arms slung over their shoulders. The moment you got back stage you shook them off, saying that you just needed ice and that was it. They did everything they could but you refused any help, too hurt emotionally and in too much pain to think clearly. Reluctantly, they handed you ice packs and let you walk away.

“Hey y/n!” It was her. You felt anger wash over you as you turned on Charlotte, your best friend. Before she could even get any words out, you completely exploded.

“What the fuck was that!? Why the fuck did you not tell me there was a change!? What kind of fucking stupid ass idea is that!?” She looked like you just slapped her, and you took so much satisfaction in that. “You know what, go fuck yourself Charlotte!” With that you turned and stomped off. She didn’t try to stop you, just mumbled something angrily under her breath. You had absolutely no idea why you refused medical attention or even where you were going. The sound of the crowd died away and you suddenly felt so alone, so isolated. Tears were falling from your eyes, completely obscuring your vision, so you opened the nearest door and locked yourself inside.

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Aria is in fact “UBER A” and Charlotte’s sister. (A-mazing Theory from Reddit member “maryssmith”

Not mine, but it is the best theory I’ve ever seen (except for the main theory of this group). It ties everything together, twisting some things making everything to get related. :}I just read it on Reddit. Credits go for the user “maryssmith"Just  making it hot for you… In this theory…
Alison DiLaurentis is actually "CeCe Drake"Charlotte DiLaurentis is actually "Bethany Young"Sara Harvey is actually "Charles DiLaurentis” (which makes a really ironic way she died, in the bathtub, when on 6A we we’re lead to believe lil’ Charles was drown on a bathtub)Aria Montgomery is “UBER A”

The Theory:“A warning: this is ridiculously long. But, well, there are no new episodes for awhile and if you’re bored, have at it.So, we know that Charlotte used the name "Cece Drake” but that this wasn’t her real name, which was Charles, later Charlotte, DiLaurentis. What we don’t know is if Charlotte made up this alias (maybe off of Mary’s name because, uh, what are the odds that she just picked that last name randomly?) or if she took the identity of someone else whose name really is or was Cece Drake. Let’s say that she switched identities with somebody really named Cece Drake, who is still at large in the story. There are a few clues that suggest that it’s possible that the real Cece Drake is Alison.Clue #1: Since Charlotte stole this identity, she’d have the records make it look like she was Cece Drake– so Cece’s birthdate would match Charlotte’s age. But the real Cece could have been born at a different time or much later– like, when Ali was born.Clue #2: In the Ali-and-Spencer-at-Radley sequence, Ali says “wasn’t sixth grade the best?” and Spencer replies: “I didn’t even know you then.” We know that the DiLaurentis family didn’t always live in Rosewood and that they lived in a neighboring town apparently when Ali was younger. Veronica once commented that she thought trouble started for the girls “when they met Alison”, implying that the Liars knew one another before Alison knew any of them. Sometime after the sixth grade, Alison started school with the Liars but the DiLaurentis family had moved to Rosewood by then, so where was Ali? I’m going to guess Radley, where she was known by her real name, Cece Drake, and spent some time with her mother, Mary, before her aunt adopted her and changed her name to Alison, spawning Ali’s interest in creating alternate personas (Vivian Darkbloom) and her generally terrible behavior.Clue #3: This explains why Cece Drake was given a visitor’s pass to Radley– the one Spencer finds hidden in the horse at Radley… the one Ali knew right where to find. (Also in the horse? Mona’s fake nurse’s badge declaring her “Ali Dee”. So, the clue is that “Ali Dee”– Alison DiLaurentis– is fake and the real Radley visitor standing before Spencer in the scene is really named Cece Drake.)Clue #4: “But, when I get there, it’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s Cece Drake!” First of all, this scene makes absolutely zero sense on the surface because this argument between Jessica and Ali would have taken place before Charlotte transitioned and also before she left Radley using the name Cece Drake. So, try watching the scene and reading it like this, with this background… Jessica got a call to come to Radley because her daughter was there and saying she wanted to stay. Jessica went there expecting to see her daughter… who is not actually Alison/Cece Drake because Alison/Cece Drake is Mary’s daughter. Ali/Cece switched places with another girl who is Jessica’s daughter (Bethany?) and let that girl escape for a few hours to go have some fun. Jessica got to Radley and expected to see her daughter/possibly Bethany and instead it was not her daughter sitting in Radley but Cece Drake. Ali and her cousin had pranked Jessica hard and Jessica was furious, which is why she used Ali’s real name instead of Alison. Ali responds with “I can’t believe she did it. I didn’t think that bitch had it in her.” Her tone is dripping with sarcasm and a dark kind of mirth and it could be read as if she’s talking about herself as Cece Drake as if that were another person in response to Jessica calling her by another name.Clue #5: How does Charlotte “Cece Drake” DiLaurentis get away for awhile? By playing the identity swapping game with Ali again. Ali lets her steal another of her names– Vivian Darkbloom this time. They’re still playing their game.Clue #6: In Cece’s first appearance, she says a signature Ali line (“You’re always better off with a really great lie”) that is pretty ironic, considering that Cece’s entire persona was a lie and it was based on… Alison. She was doing her best Ali impression, trading personas with her the way they did when Ali was visiting and helped her get out of Radley a few times. The Liars immediately recognize Cece as being similar to Ali but they don’t know just how much so. Early on in her time in Rosewood, Cece seems amused by the lie. When she meets Jason, what does she do? She gets her picture taken in the yearbook. In the Liars’ yearbook one year, there’s a picture of a Cece Drake and it’s the year that Ali is missing. That’s some sorta amusing dark humor. Jason asks her name and she smirks a little. “I’m Cece. Cece Drake.” She’s bemused by telling Ali’s brother his sister’s name– the real one he didn’t know. The same amusement happens when she encounters the Liars at the brew for the first time and introduces herself and talks to them about Ali.Clue #7: It might explain Bethany. We know that Ali and Bethany had contact and we know that Bethany hated Jessica, thought she was a liar and didn’t want to call her Aunt Jessica and all that. My feeling is that Bethany didn’t want to call her Aunt Jessica because she wasn’t her aunt at all– she was her mother– but for whatever reason was keeping that quiet and not helping her to get out of Radley. Bethany had been thrown to the wolves in there, likely because Jessica and her father had had an affair and Bethany’s existence was a secret. Jessica tried to make up for it by buying her a pony but Bethany was having none of it and drew dark pictures of her. One thing that’s interesting? She drew Jessica’s roses in a couple of the pictures. The same roses that Jessica was always seen trimming and working on (in the Charles bathtub flashback, when Jason shows up at Aunt Carol’s, etc..). This indicates that she was, at one point, at the DiLaurentis house. This would explain how she met Ali– at some point, Jessica felt guilty and introduced Ali/Cece Drake to her cousin, Bethany. (Or, alternately, they were around the same age and grew up together in Radley before Ali/Cece was let out sometime after the sixth grade.)Bethany was full of raging jealousy over how Ali got the good deal. She wasn’t even Jessica’s daughter but she got to live outside of Radley in a nice house with great clothes and good food and freedom while Bethany was trapped inside, hating both of them. This is the anger you hear on the audio tape the Liars’ find, with Bethany wondering if “she” (Ali) is just as bad as her mother and if you can trust anyone in that family. Using the yellow top sent to Charles by Jessica, Ali planned to do something about Bethany on That Night… but Bethany was tipped off to the plot and tried to go after Ali instead. The end result is that a girl whose identity we still don’t 100% know was killed and buried in the DiLaurentis backyard and they have now identified her as Bethany but she was previously identified as Ali… meaning, it almost has to be that Ali and Bethany are related, which is what we’re saying here, since if Ali is the real Cece Drake and Mary’s daughter and Bethany is Jessica’s illegitimate daughter, then they are/were cousins.Clue #8: Melissa. Melissa is seen in the yard on That Night talking with Charlotte. If we’re saying that Charlotte is really Bethany, then this makes a lot of sense. Both Spencer and Melissa rode horses and Jessica took Bethany to get Custard (all that yellow imagery!) to get a pony and go for riding lessons. Melissa and Bethany became friends. Melissa almost has to know the secret about Spencer’s biological mother because she’s claimed for so long to have been protecting her. One thing to consider is that if Mary is only somewhat Spencer’s biological mother– like, say, if she was Veronica’s surrogate– than the same might be true of Melissa. It’s entirely possible that Mary Drake is also Melissa’s birth mother which would, well, explain a thing or two about the shadiest of sisters. (It would also make Melissa and Bethany cousins. We also know that Melissa and Bethany knew one another because they were seen together That Night. We also know that it was Bethany who broke up Melissa and Wren’s relationship when she called Melissa to tell her some things about Wren. (Like, let’s say, that Wren is crazy in love with her and planning to disguise himself as a British con artist and steal all of Ali’s money at which point Melissa is like okay, I hate you all lol. Hence the Melissa-in-London scene from the five years forward gap.)The Hastings’ and the DiLaurentis’ would go apple picking (“your family has the worst apples”) at the Campbell farm when they were younger, which is where the video found in the Dollhouse took place. If that’s really Mary and baby Spencer in the video with then-Charles and Jason (hinted at by it being Spencer who first sees the video). The same video seems to be Charles’ birthday party, also taking place for some reason on this farm. The owners of the farm had adopted a boy (Andrew Campbell) who probably no longer factors into the end game here but at the very least we can say that Andrew was probably another Radley baby. (There were way too many cribs and stuff in that room Ali leads Spencer into when they’re at Radley.)Bethany and Charles were friends in Radley, at least before Bethany blamed Charles for Toby’s mom’s death. In this theory, they’d actually be cousins, which might help to explain why they stuck together and were friendly. They talk about needing a really great, borderline unbelievable lie to let them have a life just beyond escaping. Later on, we see Charles has transitioned to Charlotte but we have no idea what’s happened to Bethany. All we do know about Bethany might be that she and Ali, the real Cece Drake, liked to swap identities. Who is to say that Bethany didn’t take a cue from that when she wanted to get back at Alison and hatch a plan of her own with Charles? (See: other people’s Charles = Sara Harvey and Cece = Bethany theories.)Clue #WhateverNumberI'mOn: Ali’s clues to Hanna in the hospital. She told Hanna that what got her in trouble was telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time. If we assume that the truth Ali is talking about is the NAT Club and since the NAT Club is tied to the DiLaurentis family secrets via Jason and the fact that, well, it’s all about exposing secrets, then what Ali told was dangerous. It’s likely she’s talking about Wilden because a) he’s pretty much the only person who seems like he could be genuinely threatening to Ali and b) Rollins and Mary knew enough to torture Ali by using a Wilden mask and he’s still really relevant to the overall story at this point. (Plus, he’s likely beach hottie because we know Ezra really wasn’t and because, um, Wilden’s in Cape May– in a boat, off the beach– in a picture that suddenly vanishes and he’s also a creep and a half. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and all that.) He’s likely who Ali thought got her pregnant (if it was really just a scare. If she had a kid– Amish doll lover, Eliza? named for Audrey Hepburn stuff being so very Ali?– then the father was Wilden). He’s the guy Ali was running from and that would make sense in an overall story kind of way because Wilden is basically the end of the first episode– he’s the very first A suspect (though he’s likely not Uber A), the very first major clue we have to any of it, and the end of the first episode is basically him threatening the Liars before they get their first A text. Yep. Something afoot with Wilden. It also would explain why Wilden was willing to cover up what appeared to be Ali’s murder. Why is a local beat cop willing to cover up the brutal homicide of a teenage girl? It’s not because some nice rich lady asked him to. It’s because Ali knew way too much. It’s why she ran after planning to fake her death and why Wilden was obsessed with figuring out exactly what happened to her.Finally, there’s how this could tie into other major theories of stuff– namely, the theory that Aria is Uber A. The other major plotline in the flashbacks to before Ali disappeared deals with Aria and her discovery of her father’s affair with Meredith. Ali seems to know about this before Aria does and it’s almost as if she led Aria to see her father and Meredith making out in the car. Ali’s need to throw people’s perceived weaknesses in their faces (Hanna and food; Spencer and drugs; Emily’s closeted homosexuality), it’s no doubt that she had found Aria’s by needling the issues Aria has with her father. (I mean, come on, let’s be serious– Aria’s been dating her teacher for basically the entirety of the show. Her English teacher. Girl’s got some major daddy issues.) But, how would Ali figure that out? Maybe it wasn’t the first time Byron’s dick has gone all Peter Hastings on everybody. Maybe Aria discovered more than just Meredith– maybe she discovered that she had a sibling. A sibling that mental-illness-paranoid Byron was okay with keeping locked up in Radley. A half-sister… and lord, help the mister who comes between Aria and her sister…Byron took the sabbatical in part to try to keep Aria away from Bethany. He got Aria to stay quiet and not tell Ella about any of it– not just Meredith but about Jessica, too. About Bethany. Ali showing Aria that he was at it with Meredith was Ali’s way of trying to say that Byron was a scumbag and his promises that the affair that led to Bethany was just a one-time thing and everything was B.S.. And what happened as a result? We saw Aria’s rage. Her really explosive, intermittent anger– much like her half-sister. We’ve seen it more than once throughout the series. We’ve also seen a few more clues that might hint at this and tie to Ali’s secrets… like, that Charlotte/Bethany says when she was released one year for Christmas, she watched an old movie and had a good time with some family. Like, say, her sister Aria, who is the resident old movie buff of PLL. They likely watched White Christmas and “Lord, help the mister…” was a kind of joke to Aria. Aria in flashbacks is seen as the most disapproving but cowardly of the Liars when it comes to Ali’s antics– she wants to do something but she doesn’t stand up to her. What happens mysteriously when Aria wants to do something but lacks the guts? A seems to solve her problems for her. A writes her mom a letter telling her (part) of Byron’s gross behavior. A started texting Ali threats that are a lot saucier than Aria’s quieter nature. Who is the group’s resident photographer? Aria. What did The NAT Club do? Take video and pictures of people. Who started The NAT Club? Jason. Who has since had a thing with Aria? Jason. Whose red cup was seen on the porch That Night, intimating that she might have been inside with The NAT Club That Night before she pretended to wake up? Pigtunia’s unhinged owner, that’s who. If Aria was NAT, then she was in on everything and a big part of Ali’s problems. Which would explain Ali’s comment to Spencer of “you never know who your friends really are”… and then her look to Aria. It would also explain how when Ali visits a feverish Aria, Aria looks scared and asks Ali if she sees A. Ali says that she does and “so do you” and so do the other Liars, everywhere they turn. She says she’s surprised that Spencer hasn’t figured that out yet. Basically, Ali is saying that one of the Liars is A and the scene implies that it’s Aria and Ali knows it. Anyway, cue all of the other 8 trillion “Aria is A” clues but now look at it with the idea of what her motivation is– the injustice served up to her sister, Bethany. Aria and Ali have been locked in a game over all of this for a very long time and it’s the undercurrent of everything from Aria’s relationship with Jason to the fight for the Carissimi money. Ali thinks its hers and she’s been fighting for it since she was trying to get Jason tossed out of her grandmother’s will before she disappeared. Now Mary Drake (who seems a little too familiar with casserole-happy Aria) and Rollins have shown up trying to get it in Charlotte’s name because it’s what Charlotte/Bethany “would have wanted”– they’re gunning for Ali and the way they go about it? They try to lock her up in a mental institution. Poetic justice for Bethany’s childhood.I think this is why the last episodes will feature the Ezria wedding lead up and be driven by a pro-active Aria. It’s because Aria is Uber A and now she’s on the offensive because a group of her former minions are waging a war against her. That’d be Mona, Caleb, Toby… and maybe, just maybe, even Ezra before all is said and done. It’s full circle because, in the end, it was really always all about Aria versus Ali– hell, the entire pilot is about Aria and Ali– and everyone else, from Mona to Toby to Rollins to Charlotte/Bethany to Mary Drake– is ultimately part of that story. Mona was threatened into taking the fall but was the first (and so far, only) one to figure out that Aria is A– a secret she’s kept for awhile now for a variety of reasons (it would expose her own wrong-doings, it could backfire and hurt Mike, etc..). Lucas is working with Mona, Caleb & Toby– but he’s a double agent, so he’s still giving tapes (from his place) to A. Wren’s involved in some twisty way but is not Uber A. Sara Harvey was Charles. (No, really, she died in a f*cking bathtub… of course she was Charles.) Jenna’s the ultimate red herring. In the end, it comes full circle to Aria being Ali’s biggest problem with her proxy Mona being the one who ultimately helps to take her down. When they say that A.D. emerged after Charlotte’s death– that’s true. The emojis stopped, the gloves came off, and who killed Bethany/Charlotte was all Aria and Rollins and Mary cared about. But Uber A? That full circles back to the very start– to that summer, That Night, the Jenna Thing, the NAT Club, Wilden and Ezra, Mona, the whole nine yards. Ali is Cece Drake and Aria is Uber A. Game over? :) “
Once again, credits go for the user "maryssmith” on Reddit.


So the Charlotte show was pretty lackluster yesterday but here’s what I took pictures of. There were also some lovely black pines that I didn’t manage to get pics of but they were probably the coolest things imo at the show. If I had more room and knew I was going to be in nc for the foreseeable future I would have picked up a pair. The king rats were cool too.


Part 2 of Flame

Well here it is!!! You guys really loved my first part so much, I just couldn’t leave y’all hanging!! So… I’m so happy to say that “Flame” is gonna be a series!!

It will officially kick off at last year’s SummerSlam and will conclude after Survivor Series with an epilogue at WrestleMania 33. Now since this is my story and since I’m a avid WWE fan, don’t be surprised if you see some changes or additions in certain WWE superstars storylines.   

Once again if you missed part one, feel free to read it right here!! Also, check out my “Meet Maya Grey” post right here!

A/N: They said she would never wrestle again after her injury. They wanted her to retire for the sake of her health. 18 months later, she’s backstage at Battleground, patiently waiting to shock her friends and the WWE Universe!

10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

[Maya’s outfit for Battleground]

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Flashback to Battleground:




“Are you nervous cariña?” Evangeline, her grandmother, softly asked, watching as her granddaughter finish getting ready in one of the many WWE equipment RV’s they were currently hiding in.

It was the night of Battleground; the final pay-per-view before the brand split and The Draft were put into full effect. It was the night that The Wyatt Family would compete together for what was possibly the last time. The night that The Club planned to “BEAT UP JOHN CENA”. It was the night that her former brothers from The Shield were competing in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But most importantly, after rehabbing a spinal injury for nearly 18 months, it was the night that 3 time former Divas Champion Maya Grey would be making her comeback!!

Nobody knew she was here tonight… not even her closest friends! Not even Roman and Dean, and she had just talked to them on the phone, wishing them good luck in their match tonight!!

As they waited, they were able to watch what was happening from a monitor they had left inside for them. So far, four of the eight scheduled matches had already taken place and she wasn’t scheduled to come out until the 7th match… The Women’s Championship match.

A few weeks before Battleground, Maya met with Triple H and Vince McMahon to discuss her return. Even though she wasn’t drafted to RAW or Smackdown, creative was putting her on RAW and into a storyline with the current Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.  

The layout of what she was to do was pretty simple; after the match ended, Maya’s music would hit and instead of coming down the ramp, she would enter the ring from the crowd and blitz attack Charlotte from behind. Once back on her feet, she would hit her with a spear, take ahold of the title, and raise it above her to symbolize her return and officially kickoff their title storyline.

Both women were already aware of what was going to happen, but had no idea as to whom the person would be. Maya was a respected and well-liked individual in the locker room and this was creative’s idea to not just shock the fans, but everyone else as well.

Before she could answer, her grandfather Mateo quickly jumps up from his seat and wraps one arm around her waist, pulling her close to his side.  

“Of course not!” he exclaims. “My babygirl es luchadora! She’s not afraid of anything! Besides, this is what she’s been busting her ass at the Performance Center the last 18 months for!”

“That don’t mean she can’t be nervous Mateo!” Evangeline fussed, rolling her eyes at her husband of over 35 years. “No ha estado en el anillo durante casi dos años…”

“I’m not an idiot Eva, I know how long it’s been. Stop worrying so much! That’s why your hair is so gray; it’s because you worry too damn much!”

“No, my hair is gray because of you cabrón!” she glared at him. “And excuse me for caring about my granddaughter and her well-being…”      

Maya watched as her grandparents continue to bicker, giggling whenever she would her abuela cuss in Spanish at him. This wasn’t anything new for her to witness. They would bicker at one another, toss out a few swears, but then they would kiss and laugh it off.

She was extremely grateful that they could be here tonight for her comeback, even more so for everything they had done for her the past 18 months. They were the only ones in her family that supported her career and weren’t afraid to show it.

When she wrestled in the Indies as Magenta Riff… they were there.

When she made her debut in the WWE as the fourth member of The Shield… they were in the front row, cheering the loudest out of everyone.

How about when The Shield took all the gold at Extreme Rules and Maya became the youngest woman to ever hold the Divas Champion?

Or when she beat AJ Lee and the entire Divas locker room at WrestleMania 30 to become a 3 time champ?

What about when she beat AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning champion?

Yep, you guessed it. Nearly six years in the WWE and Mateo and Evangeline had never missed a single match Maya had been in.  

So when she suffered that terrifying spinal injury, they immediately dropped everything and rushed to her side. They were with her during both surgeries, went to every doctor’s appointment and rehab sessions… they even packed up their home in San Antonio and relocated to Orlando, just to be closer to her.

She was about to cut them off when the sound of the RV door swinging open startled them all. When Road Dogg stepped into the RV, they each breathed a sigh of relief.

“Maya… it’s time sweetie.”

Saying nothing, she nodded her head to him and hugged her grandparents tightly. Mateo kissed the top of her forehead and whispered “Tienes esto, mi hermoso girasol” softly in her ear. Maya tells them she loves them and walks out with Road Dogg, following him inside The Verizon Center.



A mixture of cheers and boos filled the arena as Charlotte’s music hit. Maya pulled the hood of her black hoodie further over her head to avoid being noticed as she followed security down a dark corridor of the arena. Her grandparents were escorted backstage, waiting with her “surrogate parents” Stephanie and Triple H when she’d come backstage.

As they continued on, she could hear the crowd grow louder as the bell rang and JoJo began the introduction.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and it is for THE WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing first, the challenger. From Boston, Massachusetts… SASHA BANKS!!”

The roar of the crowd made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and her skin break out in goosebumps. Both her breakfast and lunch were threatening to crawl up into her throat and her heart was beating so fast, she worried it would burst through her chest…

“And her opponent; from the Queen City… she is the WWE Women’s Champion… CHARLOTTE!!”


She missed this feeling; that rush she would get before every match when her music would hit and the crowd would start up. She missed walking down the ramp during her entrance and high fiving the fans. She missed hearing The WWE Universe reacting to her flying through the ropes or when she had her opponent in her submission hold and 50,000 plus fans screaming and chanting for her opponent to tap out. This was a feeling that she feared she would never feel again.

She still remembered the night she got hurt. She remembered Nikki breaking kayfabe by stopping the match once she realized something was wrong. She remembered Roman and Dean rushing from backstage to her side, how they stayed with her the entire night and wouldn’t leave the hospital until Evangeline literally forced them out.

“Go get some rest boys.” she whispered to them as she ‘pushed’ them out of her room. “I promise if we hear anything, we will call you. In the meantime, go home, get some food, and go see your families.”

But most of all, she remembered the helplessness she felt as she laid in that hospital bed, listening to the doctor’s explaining her prognosis.  

A spinal fracture with a total of five dislocated/fractured discs, an injury that too many was a career-ending injury and had less than a 54% chance of her ever returning to the ring. She had spoken with Vince and Stephanie on numerous occasions about alternates for her, just as a backup in case the worse was to happen. Topics of following in the footsteps of Corey Graves and become a commentator were thrown around as well as being a trainer for the women down at NXT.

But Maya was stubborn. She refused to accept that at just 23, she would have to retire from in-ring action. She promised Vince that she would beat this and come back 100% stronger and would be a champion once again.

It took two surgeries, 18 months, and countless specialists before she could be cleared by the WWE to be able to train again. By that time so much had changed within the company. There were new faces jumping to the main roster, as well as old ones returning, there was a “revolution” happening in the Women’s Division showing that the women are just as good, if not better, than the men, and both AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan, two people that Maya trained under and considered as family, had sadly retired.

It started to get closer and closer to her big moment and Maya’s nerves were going berserk. Leaning against a wall, she let her mind wonder. She thought about the past two years; about how no one imagined she’d be back after her injury, how depressed she became when the Divas/Women’s Revolution happened and she wasn’t a part of it… then she began to worry that this was all too soon, that she wasn’t 100% healed. But above all else, what she feared the most was that they wouldn’t remember her or even care that she was back.

Although she had some of the best fans in the universe, WWE fans aren’t always the nicest group of people and can turn on a Superstar faster than a speeding bullet. 18 months is a very long time to be away, injured or not. What if they wouldn’t react the way everyone was expecting they would?

Before she could think about it any further, she hears the bell ring and Charlotte’s music hit.


In a matter of seconds, the arena doors swung open and she was ushered in, security boxing themselves around her. Through a tiny gap between the large men, she could see that Sasha had already out of the ring and was heading back up the ramp. Charlotte then stood in the center of the ring with the title raised above her head, milking the moment for as long as she could.

Just as Charlotte went to leave the ring, Maya’s music hit and the crowd went nuts! She watched as Charlotte cautiously move back to the center of the ring and begin looking around the arena. She couldn’t quite see her face, but something told her that Charlotte was NOT expecting this.

“WHAT?!?!” she heard Corey Graves screech through his headset.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Michael Cole gasped. “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!”

“NO WAY… IS SHE HERE?!?!” Byron exclaimed. “IS SHE REALLY HERE?!?!”

Everyone began to search around the arena, ironically looking up at the top of all the arena stairwells, wondering where she is or if she was even here.

Breathe… Maya silently told herself. Just breathe…  


The Verizon Center erupted with a mixture of gasps, cheers, and “Holy Shit” and “Maya” chants. They were so loud you could almost feel the building begin to shake! Backstage, nearly every superstar and crew member watched in pure disbelief over what they had just witnessed.  

Her music hit once again and Maya stood over a motionless Charlotte, raising the title high above her head. She desperately tried to hold back the tears of joy threatening to fall as she basked in the moment.

“This arena is shaking right now! The WWE Universe can’t believe what is happening!” Byron exclaims eagerly. “Hell, I can’t believe what’s happening right now!!”

“It’s been 18 months since this young lady has stepped foot in a ring!” Cole adds, “The last time we saw Maya in action was back in early 2015 before WrestleMania 31!”

“Well Cole, the entire women’s division just got put on notice!! Maya Grey is back and we know exactly what she is going after first.” Corey states as Maya drapes the title over Charlotte and leaves the ring, a smug yet confident smile plastered across her face.    

Meanwhile in catering where they patiently were waiting for their triple threat match, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins stared at the monitor’s in pure and utter shock.

“Holy shit…” Seth gasps,  

Dean started bouncing up and down in his chair, the look of pure excitement stretched across his face. Roman folded his arms across his large chest, a proud, brotherly look emerging as Maya exited the ring and slowly made her way back up the ramp. The two men share a similar look at one another and as if they were thinking the exact same thing, sprang from their chairs and sprinted down to the gorilla.

Seth, on the other hand, stayed seated, still trying to process what he saw. His mouth was opened slightly and his dark brown eyes went wide. The palms of his hand began to sweat and he swore he felt his heart skip a beat. He couldn’t believe it; this was right there in front of him and he still couldn’t believe it!

“She’s back.”



Maya’s POV:

The crowd was still chanting my name by the time I walked through the curtain. The second I was backstage, the crew and a few of the superstars were waiting for me, cheering and clapping for me. In an instant, my emotions hit me hard. I saw my grandparents and immediately fall into their waiting arms, crying tears of joy as they hold me close.

“¡Estoy tan orgullosa de usted amor!” I hear my abuelo whisper against my head. “I knew you could do it.”

I hug Stephanie and Hunter next, they each telling me how proud they are. One by one I go down the line, hugging crew members and my friends that had gathered around to see me. One by one, the likes of Sami Zayn, Big E and Xavier Woods, Cesaro, The Miz and his wife Maryse, AJ Styles, and finally my two closest friends Sasha Banks and Renee Young all came up to me, hugging or shaking my hand, welcoming me back.

As I was engulfed in a conversation with one of the crew members, Roman came up behind me, spun me around, and lifted me into his arms for a huge bear hug. I giggled as the near 6 foot 3 Samoan teddy bear swung my tiny 5 foot 3 frame around like I weighed nothing at all. I wasn’t even fully on the ground yet before I was swept off my feet again, this time by Dean.

I’m not gonna lie: I missed these two goofballs just as much as they had missed me. I missed traveling with them, the late-night diner dinners after all our pay-per-views, Dean’s terrible car karaoke at 2am, tagging with them in mixed matches… I just missed being around them 24/7.  

“Babygirl! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming back?!?” Roman asked once Dean put me back down.

“Yea man, what the hell?” Dean teased, his hands still wrapped around me. “We literally just talked to you! You couldn’t have mentioned that you were returning tonight?!?”

“Well-” I start to say but I was cut off by more of their questions.

“Wait, so did this mean that you’re going after the Women’s title?”

“Does this mean you’re on RAW with me?”

“Aww man you’re not going to Smackdown?!?”

Everyone around us laughed as they continued throwing their questions at me. I couldn’t help but smile though. I knew that they were just as excited as I was to be back. Other than my grandparents, Roman and Dean were two of the biggest supporters in my corner. Whether they were on the road or at their homes… while I was recovering they called, text, facetimed me; they made it a goal to check on me every single day that I was gone. They weren’t just my co-workers, they were my brothers.

I was about to finally answer one of their questions, when…


My eyes grew wide and I felt my body stiffen upon hearing his voice. Roman and Dean shared a look that seemed to say, “Oh Shit”.  It felt as if all the air had suddenly disappeared from the already small room as the crowd me looked at one another awkwardly. I had known that there would be a big possibility of running into him tonight, but I had honestly hoped that I could avoid him.

Maybe it’s not him. I thought. Let it be AJ. Or Sami… Jericho… hell I’ll even take Paul Heyman! Just please oh please don’t let it be him…

I slowly turned around and sure enough, there he stood. The man I use to call a friend. The man I use to love. The man who broke my heart.




Almost in an instant, all those feelings washed over me like a tidal wave. I was angry, hurt, broken, angry, disappointed, stupid… did I mention angry? The image of him and her together burned a hole in my brain as I slowly walked up to him, stopping mere inches away from his chest.

“H-hi.” his voice quivering as he spoke. A small smile nervously crept onto his lips before quickly disappearing.

I wanted to slap him. I wanted to punch him in his stupid face or knee him in the balls. I wanted to hurt him.

“Fuck you.”

My shoulder hit his hard as I walked past him, refusing to look back at him. Tonight was about me and my comeback and I wasn’t gonna let him spoil it.



(HERE WE GO!!!!)

Growing - Josh Zerker Imagine

so i have finally popped something out of the oven !! and here’s another !! i hope this is what you wanted xx

requested; yes

pairing; josh x reader

word count; 701 words

warnings; none

age 5

“but mum i don’t want to go to big school!” i screamed at the top of my lungs as she dragged me out of the car and handed me my sparkly unicorn bag.

“listen (y/n), there’s a lot of things we don’t want to do, but we have to live with it.” my mother replied as she softly took my small hand in her’s leading me down into the quad where all the other 5 and 6 year olds were waiting.

i huffed, tapping my black leather school shoe against the ground impatiently as my mother straightened out my school skirt. i looked around at all the other kids playing, a small boy with brown hair catching my eye.

he waved at me, and i shyly waved back.

the start of a growing friendship.

age 12

“josh, what if bryson doesn’t like me?” 

josh and i sat up in my tree house, munching away on some small finger sandwiches i had made a few minutes prior and playing some dumb game i downloaded on my xbox. 

“ya know because i haven’t kissed anyone before?” i whispered shyly.

my face flushed bright red as i took another bite out of my ham and cucumber sandwich, trying to hide as much of my face as possible.

“if he doesn’t like you than he is an idiot.” he simply responded with a small shrug of the shoulders before pausing his game and looking over at me.

“i mean you’re pretty and you make good sandwiches, who wouldn’t like you?” he stated causing me to giggle.

“josh, promise me that if i don’t have my first kiss by the time i’m 16, we’ll share our first kisses.” i said, looking at the boy i had grown very fond of.


needless to say, bryson didn’t like me

age 16

i flattened out my navy blue dress as i stood from my seat before i fixed up the corsage tied around my wrist. i held my hand out to josh to take ahold of, looking down at him. “dance?”

year 10 homecoming.

josh took my hand, pulling himself up and walking us both to the dance floor. the both of moved awkwardly to the music the dj had selected, our heads swaying along with the music. our feet awkwardly jump or moved side to side, neither of us actually knowing how to dance.

“hey did you wanna use the photo booth?” josh asked over the loud music. 

i simply nodded before making my way over to the small booth.

i picked up a few props, wrapping a feathery scarf around josh’s neck.

“seriously (y/n)?” he asked, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

boy those lips.

i nodded up at him, a small blush rising to my cheeks. we both hopped into the photobooth, putting on the silly props before deciding how we were going to pose for the first picture.

“ya know, i still haven’t had my first kiss.” i admitted, posing for our second photo as i gave josh a hug.

“i guess i’ll be fixing that now then.” he whispered before his hands cupped my face. he leant down, pressing a sweet and soft kiss to my lips. 

i flushed a dark shade of red as i realised that the photobooth camera had gone off again.

age 24

“babe i can’t find her dummy!” i heard josh call out to me.

i sighed as i rolled slowly off the couch, making my way my soon-to-be husband and our newborn baby girl, charlotte. 

“it should be where i left it, in her mouth.”i said as i entered the room, leaning against the wall as i watched josh search for it.

i watched as two heads popped up from behind the cot, causing me to giggle.

“stop looking so pretty and help me find the damn thing.” he whined, putting on his best pout and puppy dog eyes. 

i rolled my eyes, walking over to charlotte’s cot, looking inside and picking up her blanket. i raised my eyebrows, picking up the small dummy and handing it to him.

“maybe if you moved a few things you would find things easier.”

“i love you.”


Originally posted by dailylittleliars

This theory will tie in with my previous theory of Spencer’s twin being Uber A. This could all come together in an explosive endgAme story. Imagine the drama, the horror, the emotions, the anger. The writers, I believe, could definitely go this direction!

As we all know, Spencer has a history with Radley. She was admitted there in Season 3 after Toby “died”. Mary has a long history there too, and so does Charlotte. Spencer can be quite explosive, as shown when she became crazed and psychotic in S3. Her attack on Mona could be one example.

What Spencer referenced in 3x12 (”The Lady Killer”) really caught my attention. Other theorists have noticed it too!

Spencer mentioned the movie “Basic Instinct”, a film about a crime novelist played by Sharon Stone that murders people and then writes murder-mystery novels to cover up the crimes. She used her novels as alibis. What does this sound reminiscent of?

Spencer revealed to Caleb in 6x12 (”Charlotte’s Web”) that she wrote a college essay about a bride’s murder who was killed on her wedding night… the same way as Charlotte. It had been initially believed she had committed suicide from jumping from her 8th floor balcony “clutching her wedding bouquet”. When Charlotte was found dead, she was holding a pink rose.

It was later ruled as a homicide when the coroner found that the bride had died from injuries “sustained before the fall. Her neck was broken and her fingernails and hands had been wiped clean before she was pushed off her balcony.” This is exactly how Charlotte died! Spencer used this as an alibi and claimed that the killer used this and thinks that they’re trying to set her up. Like Spencer said in 3x12, “classic Sharon Stone move”.

In 6x12 when Veronica said it was best for Spencer to skip the next conference for her election, Spencer nodded strangely. It’s as if she knew she was guilty.

Spencer’s motive would be revenge. She did it to protect the Liars, and she was angry that Charlotte was being let out. At Charlotte’s hearing, Spencer seemed like she was holding it in. You could tell she was enraged, but she was hiding it carefully.

Spencer wanted to hide what she had done, and she knew it could cost her everything. She didn’t want to reveal what she had done to the Liars. And now, she can’t because it could cost her their friendship. Uber A is out and everywhere, looking high and low for Charlotte’s killer. It’s what Spencer did that caused all of this.

She was my original guess for being the killer, and after she was revealed as Mary’s child, I started doubting if the writers would go down that route. The route where Spencer killed her sister, unknowingly. It would raise stakes and dramatic tears would unfold. Mary would be ultimately devastated, and Spencer would come face-to-face with her twin. Her twin who is A.D. The psychopathic, stalker twin VS the intelligent, killer twin.

Now I know that they could certainly go down this road the more I think about it. It would be devastating and gut-wrenching. Spencer would start to feel guilt and remorse for killing her own sister, not knowing that Charlotte was her older sibling. She would be facing her twin—Uber A. Her mother would let out everything. Spencer snuck out of the hotel room that night and followed Charlotte. She confronted her, and it lead to a murder. She could’ve planned it too.

Originally posted by sparia-slays

Spencer has always had the guts to do something like this. She just had to keep low and do it quietly, without anybody knowing anything. It would all make a lot of sense if she killed Charlotte.

What do you all think? Could this be possible?

Thanks for reading!

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rhxsw  asked:

I'm not sure if that has been covered already, but when I was rewatching the Dollhouse, I noticed that when the Liars went into their own rooms for a "surprise", all of the girls screamed at the same time. Does this indicate that there was somebody in each room?

The next episode Hanna told us that they had to play psychological games, like choosing which liar to electroshock or which liar to not give food to for the day (which liar to starve). That’s pretty messed up. But later we found out none of it actually happened. Charlotte was just playing mind-games. I’m assuming that’s why they screamed, because they saw the instructions or something like that waiting for them. The levers to electroshock their friends? Something along those lines I’m assuming. But at the end of the day it’s a mystery show and, as bad as this sounds, the screams don’t really have to mean anything. It’s just to set the mood for the scary episode. Well that’s my weird interpretation!

I found his jumper3||Dan Howell

First Part, Second Part

A/N: Here is part 3. I decided to continue this series since so many of you sent me lovely messages. Thank you so much for that I appreciate every single one of you.


I woke up earlier than I normally would. Somehow I had too much to think about and Dan followed me into my dreams. My bare feet skipped over the wooden floor as I made my way to the kitchen. Charlotte’s room was still empty. That meant that she had found a substitute for Dan at the party yesterday. Sun was flowing through the windows in the living room. The bright light made dust grains visible that danced thought the air. I couldn’t forget Dan’s nightly visit but seeing him asleep on my couch made me jump in surprise anyway. Maybe I thought that he would have left already or it was just hard to believe that after all this time he’d come here and actually apologize. His little snores were the evidence for the fact that last night didn’t just happen in my dreams. The fact that we had no curtains in the living room didn’t seem to bother him. He was still sound asleep. Even when I started to make myself breakfast and rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen he didn’t wake up. His upper arm was put over his eyes so they were shielded from the sun. I decided to not disturb his sleep since he looked so god damn peaceful. Never tickle a sleeping dragon they say.

Even Dan’s giant body couldn’t take up all the space on the couch so I sat down next to him and continued reading a book that I was already half way through. At about midday the front door opened and revealed Charlotte who looked like she hadn’t slept in five days. She was still wearing yesterday’s outfit but somehow it didn’t look as pretty anymore. Charlotte closed the door behind her with a little bit too much force. The loud sound caused Dan to snap out of his dream.

Just as my room mate entered the living room he sat up straight and rubbed his eyes with a drawn out yawn.

“Morning” I said. My word was addressed to both, Charlotte and Dan. Both reacted with total confusion. Dan looked around like a lost puppy. He carefully examined the blanket I had put over him last night then his eyes landed on me. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in his mind at that moment. The look he gave me was filled with embarrassment, gratefulness and something else but I couldn’t quite figure what it was.

Meanwhile Charlotte froze in the middle of the room. Her mouth hung open and she stared between me and Dan whose hair was a complete mess. I put my book down on the coffee table.

“How was the party?” I casually asked Charlotte, trying to hide the fact that Mister Super Popular had slept on my couch.

Her eyes formed into slits when she turned her head towards me.

“What is he doing here?” she asked, her voice was a dangerous growl.

I quickly eyed Dan. What was I supposed to say? His eyes hid a little twinkle that meant nothing good. Just as I was about to tell her a stupid lie he interrupted me.

“We just fucked. Edwards couldn’t resist.” Dan lied with a cocky smile plastered all over his face.

I shot him a death glare and noticed in the corner of my eye that Charlotte was shooting me a death glare as well. Somehow her eyes had become even thinner slits and steam was basically coming out of her nostrils and ears.

“I should go now.” Dan said standing up. He stretched, causing his t-shirt to rise up and reveal a little bit of his stomach. “I’ll hopefully see you at another party of mine.” he said with a smile as he walked past Charlotte. She was too angry and startled to smile back. He was nearly out of the door when he turned around again.  

“Oh and Edwards, thanks for the fuck. I’d love to do that again.” he grinned and before I could yell at him in anger the door had fallen into it’s lock and he was gone.

“You hooked up with Dan?!” Charlotte snarled as soon as he had left. “You knew I wanted to get with him!” she shouted with her hands on her hips.

“I can’t believe you would stab me in the back like that. You are dead, Edwards.” Charlotte threatened. I silently cursed Dan in my head. He always manages to make my life miserable.

“Nothing happened between us!” I yelled back, throwing my hands up in defence.

Charlotte’s flushed cheeks and her with hatred filled eyes revealed that she wasn’t having any of it.

‘Time to dig yourself a grave’ I though to myself as soon as she stormed away into her room.

When I walked to class after that weekend I noticed a few of Charlotte’s friends glare at me. Some even started to whisper when I walked past them. 'I don’t understand why Dan would even fuck her. He must have been pretty drunk. She is such a bitch for doing that to Charlotte. ’

Wow thanks, that didn’t hurt at all. Shout out to Dan for ruining my chance of living a happy life and having friends here. When he apologized I thought there was still a good part of Dan left, hidden behind his fuckboy behaviour. For the blink of on eye I thought he was still the same guy he was back then before Sophomore Year. I guess I was wrong. And that realization hurt more than all of those dumb comments that were said behind my back. It hurt more then seeing him again for the first time after a year at the party. It hurt more than hearing him say sorry. But it didn’t hurt more than what happened in high school. Although I was now sure he wouldn’t change and my hate for him wasn’t going to fade there was still one question left.  

Why did he say 'I wish we could go back to the times when you didn’t hate me’ when all of his actions made me hate him?

I have had a completely terrible week lately, and the other day I came home from uni and I was in the worst mood and had a tonne of work to do. But I couldn’t study because I knew I would hate myself for it, so I did a bunch of other stuff instead to put me in a positive mood, so I decided to compile a list of things to do when you’ve had a crappy day!

1. If it’s a nice day, go for a walk or lay out in the sun - sitting inside all day does not do wonders for our mood, especially if it’s a really nice day outside. Go soak up some rays and hopefully that Vitamin D will get you feeling nice and warm.

2. Have a bath or a shower - even if you get home from school or uni or whatever at like 4pm, go have a shower and a bath. Wash your hair. Brush your teeth. Make yourself feel clean. If you’re having a bath, fill it with bubble bath and bath bombs. If you’re having a shower, lather yourself in nice smelling body wash.

3. Moisturise your entire body - cover yourself from head to toe in moisturiser. Treat yo skin. You’ll not only smell amazing but will be as soft as a cloud.

4. If you didn’t have a shower, get changed into comfy clothes - there is nothing better than the feeling of coming home and taking off your jeans and putting track pants on. Also if you wear a bra - TAKE IT OFF!!!

5. Light candles in your room - make your room glow and look pretty and make it also smell super delish.

6. Have a cup of tea or glass of wine - have a really nice relaxing drink, whether that be herbal tea, an english breakfast or a sneaky glass of wine. The other night I had a glass of red wine in bed #noregrets

7. Watch an episode of a guilty pleasure tv show - watch a random episode of Sex and the City. Watch Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte make some really terrible decisions and whine about boys. It will make you feel better, promise.

8. Read that book you’ve been meaning to start - read a couple of chapters of a book that you have wanted to read for so long but keep putting it off. I have had Catch 22 on my bedside table for about 5 months with the intention of reading it and I still haven’t made it past chapter 1.

9. Make a yummy dinner - look up recipes on the internet or in a cookbook and just pick the best one. It’s treat yoself afternoon, make something that you are going to love.

10. Put on a party playlist - put on your favourite music that is sure to get you in a good mood. I love the Throwback Dance Party playlist on Spotify!! If you have never listened to it, I seriously suggest you go and jam to it asap. Dance around your room and sing as loudly as you can. Your neighbours will love it.

11. Icecream - seriously, I told you to treat yourself. Go and get a bowl of icecream. You will love yourself for it. I promise.

If these have worked and you really need to study, go and do it sista. If these haven’t worked, go to bed. Studying when you are in a bad mood is only bound to make you more frustrated and angry and it will show in your work. In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle - TREAT YO SELF.



Charlotte Bower Bunce

Charlotte had three older brothers and, according to her, they were all terribly mean. They liked to tell her that she wasn’t a girl, or that her eyes were weird, or that her nose was too big.

“You are a girl, your eyes are pretty, and your nose is just right,” Octavia said, in that tone of voice that was signature to the Bunces. It left no room for argument. “Everyone who says otherwise can go hang.”

A moodboard for @carryon-countdown Day 5: Previous Gen/Next Generation. Inspired by the wonderful @ebbthegoatgirl‘s OC Charlotte

She’s trans, feisty, and tends to get in a bit of trouble with her roommate Octavia Bunce, whose family takes Charlotte in after being kicked out of her own. Go read the fic here  !

"When life gives you lemons"
  • Aria: writes a book about the lemons
  • Spencer: throws the lemons at other politicians
  • Mona: do you have nightmares about the lemons to?
  • Hanna: design a lemon dress
  • Emily: make a drink of the lemons
  • Alison: please give freedom to the lemons
  • Toby: build a house for the lemons
  • Caleb: takes the lemons to Hanna's hotel room without calling first
  • Charlotte: but did the lemons die?
  • Charlotte: fuck i died
  • Jason: don't approve the yellow color of the lemons
  • Ashley Marin: rebuilds Radley to a lemonade bar
  • Ezra: builds houses of the lemons for homeless people
  • Veronica: runs for lemon senator
  • Fandom: trend the hashtags #5LemonsForward and #SpencerThrowingLemons
  • Plot twist: the lemons commits suicide by cutting themselves in pieces
  • Plot twist #2: someone had already cut the lemons, they didn't commit suicide
  • Dr Rollins: if I knew this would happen I wouldn't have given you the lemons
All Grown Up

This is just a quick little one shot of Amelia with some of her Private Practice family. It’s set sometime after Amelia and Owen’s wedding. 

Owen used all of his might to pull he and Amelia’s suitcase out of the trunk of the cab. Amelia watched through the lens of her sunglasses as Owen used every muscle to lift the piece of luggage that was probably twice her size. “Jesus what did you pack in there, bricks?” His face was red, his veins budging out of his muscles, something that Amelia was secretly enjoying the view of from her spot on the sidewalk.

Tipping her glasses down, revealing her deep blue eyes, her voice did her best Owen impression she could give, “Just the essentials.”

Wheeling the suitcase over to the sidewalk they were now making their way up the pathway to the front door of the house. He leaned forward as he followed Amelia, whispering in a low husky voice, “Is you red lingerie set one of those essentials?”

“Maybe…” Amelia teased as she stopped in her tracks, allowing her back to lean against Owens chest. Biting her bottom lip, knowing it drove him mad, she slowly turned herself around tilting her head in a flirty way. Owens hands found their way around her waist, pulling her petite frame into him as his lips met hers.

He kissed her slowly, each kissed filled with mystery. “Let’s skip the birthday party.” Another kiss. “And go straight for the after party.” Another kiss. “Just you.” Another kiss. “And me.” He kissed her again, this times her hands linking around his neck as she continued to laugh between each kiss.

“Either get a room or give me hug.” The southern accent rang through the outdoors, the pair pulling a part only for both of their eyes to meet the skinny blonde standing in the doorway of the house.

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New Boy (Calum hood)

The girl mocked me after tripping me down the stairs….in front of the whole school. I picked my AP chemistry textbook up as everyone around me continued on with their laughing. Cool girls, they always think that they run the school and can do whatever they please with he rest of us.

Oh, I’m Y/n by the way. Don’t feel sorry for me, it happens a lot more then you think. High school can be a dangerous place for the people who aren’t preppy cheerleaders, super geniuses, or bonehead jocks who thinks a girl isn’t hot unless they’ve seen her naked. But hey, what do I know? let’s get back to the story….

As I walked into my Chemistry class, you could still hear the giggles and see the smirks from the people who just witnessed my tragic accident. “Students settle down now!” Mrs. Mulberry screamed while slamming her metal ruler down on her table. “I will NOT tolerate any form of bullying in my class! Don’t make me get the principle down here!” Well at least I have one person on my side. “Why does she always slam her ruler down like that? For all I care, She can take that thing and shove it up her a-”

This is my best friend, Penelope. But everyone calls her penny.

We both laugh but Mrs. Mulberry isn’t amused. “I’ll just wait for y/n and penny to finish up their conversation since it’s more important that what we’re learning today. Maybe that’s why you tripped down the stairs y/n, cause you can’t seem to pay attention.” A chorus of ooo’s and laughters spreads throughout the class. So much for having someone on my side. As she turned around to continue teaching, some boy walked into the class room. He was tall with dark hair and had the most perfect jawline I’ve ever seen in all my years of living. This has got to be a new kid cause there is no way I could have never seen this boy around school. “Penny, who is that?” As she looked up from her textbook, her eyes could have popped out of her skull. “Damn. I have no idea but I sure wouldn’t mind getting to know him.” “Students, we have a new student joining us today! he’s traveled all the way from Australia! What’s your name again young man?”


And from this point on, my entire life changed…

nah just kidding. But this guy seriously was hot as hell.

As he walked to the back of the class to find a lab table to sit at, he had every girl drooling over him. “Y/n he’s gonna sit next to us!!” “Yeah right penny, out of all the people he could sit next to in our class why would he sit-” before I could even finish my sentence he was already sitting down in the vacant spot next to me. I kept my head facing penny, afraid to turn it forward in case he was looking at me. “Y/n say something to him!” “Shut up he can probably hear you!” I said. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter by the second.

Why would he want to talk to me? I just fell down the stairs for crying out loud! And besides, he looks way to cool to be in my league. “Y/n, just say hi…it’s not that big of a deal”. She was right of course. After all, it would be nice to have someone who doesn’t think I’m a complete loser. I turned around and he was a thousand times hotter up close. His big brown eyes were already looking into my soul like he knew every single detail about my life. It made me even more nervous. “Hey I’m y/n”. before he spoke he plastered a little smirk on his face while staring me up and down. Usually I wouldn’t be this nervous in front of someone but there was something about Calum that made me feel..I don’t know, different….I think it’s the jawline. “I saw you fall down the stairs and it looked pretty bad…you okay?” Great. He saw he saw me fall. My life is officially over from this point on. “Yeah I’m fine” I tried smiling away the embarrassment that was pouring out of me. He smiled and somehow it made me forget that I was even embarrassed. “You listen to good charlotte?” “What?” He motioned to my shirt that penny had gotten me for my birthday. “Of course, if I didn’t then I’d be one of those dolled up barbies sitting over there.” I pointed to the group of girls eyeing Calum from across the room. He laughed “you know what y/n? You’re pretty funny.” “Ive been trying to tell people-” “Y/N! One more outbreak in my class and I’ll give you detention!”

55 minutes later the bell rung. As I was putting my stuff back into my book bag. Calum spoke to me again,

“hey y/n?”
“Maybe I’ll see you around?”
“Well we do have the same class together”

Nice one y/n, now he’s probably gonna think you’re a smartass.

He chuckled, “yeah. See you tomorrow then.” and with that he walked out of the classroom.

This is gonna be one hell of a school year.

Two Girls

This is a fic about Penelope Bunce’s daughter and her roommate’s adventures at Watford! Her roommate, Charlotte, is a trans girl, something my amazing friend @billsydoestuff mentioned I should do!!! So thank you SO much to Billy for this and helping me write this + make it as accurate as possible!!! 

Some links to look at beforehand, if you want:

List of my OCs

Octavia Bunce aesthetic

Octavia Bunce has a girlfriend!

Fic that introduced Octavia Bunce

Octavia Bunce was terrified of the Crucible.

Her mum told her that, providing it didn’t stick her with a glitter-shedding fairy like it had with her, she’d be fine. Her uncles, Simon and Baz, had told her to always have an open mind. Then they’d winked at each other, which she didn’t really understand.

You never know what the Crucible is going to be up to.

So, now, Octavia was standing around with a bunch of other eleven year olds, nervous sweat running down her back. She’d made sure to wear her best dress, frilly and pink, to match her braids, but no one else was as dressed up as she was. It made her nervous.

The darkness of the sky here at Watford seemed much darker than at her house. She didn’t see any familiar faces; it was all strangers, milling about with the glow of the giant bonfire making their faces look monstrous.

She wrung her hands and waited for the pull. Uncle Simon had assured her that, regardless of who it was, the Crucible would never steer her wrong.

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He’d been wide awake most of the night until he was finally able to close his eyes an hour before. This was when he heard his phone go off, and even though he wanted it to wait, to finally get some sleep, there weren’t many people who would text him in the middle of the night. In fact, he didn’t have many people left in his life. There weren’t many people who would text him in the middle of the day, either.

It was Aria. They had talked earlier in the day after she left the room following her statement during Charlotte’s hearing. He didn’t feel right letting her leave the room in that state. He knew why she couldn’t sleep. Knowing Charlotte was going to be free put a knot in his stomach. He already lost Nicole, he didn’t want to lose Aria. He couldn’t lose Aria. He couldn’t sleep either.

He knew she wasn’t completely sober when she said, “My brain is making too much noise.” It had been five years, but he knew Aria very well. He remembered what she used to do when she couldn’t fall asleep. It usually worked.

A few minutes later, he knew it wasn’t going to work tonight. 

The Dimple Habit

So @magicalpostface requested a habit fic to do with dimples AGES ago. And @omeliatrash tagged me in a @omeliafics prompt: “Kiss me. Right here, right now.” And this is a furry fluffy future fic using both ideas.

She does this thing.

One of the first things I noticed about Amelia Shepherd is the dimple in her left cheek. When she smiles her skin quickly digs a groove in on itself just beyond the corner of her lip and without fail my eyeline will be forced to drop and admire it. On the rare occasion that she forms an ear-to-ear smile, the right cheek will join the fun and create a double dimpled grin to make your heart melt.

The dimple of excitement. I remember when we were first getting together… well, trying to get together. The interruptions were almost fateful in timing. We’d spent the past day or two finding fleeting moments in on-call rooms to make out as if we were silly teens hiding from teachers in corridors. I had purposefully tracked down which OR she was operating in and had briefly caught a glimpse of her through the window to the scrub room. I barged in, her head whipping around.

“Owen,” she greeted, a little surprised, “-errrrrr chief.”

She was covering her tracks from her slip in familiarity in front of the scrub nurse between us.

“Hey, Dr Shepherd,” I frowned, trying to act as serious as possible but wanting nothing more than to smile at her. I asked her if she’d finished her surgery and we improvised some small talk about Bailey until the coast was clear. Not one to beat around the bush, she said she felt there was business left unfinished, many agenda items left unchecked…

“We need a follow up,” she teased as she looked me up and down, ramping the workplace flirting up a notch and causing me to raise my eyebrows a little.


“When we won’t be… interrupted,” she slowly said. I saw her eyes dive to my lips before swiftly checking where I was looking. I watched her mouth, irresistable and tempting in colour. Like I said before, fateful timing was plaguing us and on cue, she was paged. Those damn interruptions. I didn’t know when I was going to have another chance to see her and I needed to see her. Badly. So I stopped her on her way out by suggesting that night.

“If you’re not on call?” I finished.

“I’m not…” she answered my prayers. And that’s when she did it. She flashed me the cheekiest of grins, inadvertently causing the dip to her left cheek and of course, like magnets, my eyes were pulled to the mark. I remember having an overwhelming desire to kiss her as she carried on looking at me with the dimple and suddenly adding a daring bite of her bottom lip. She knew what she was doing. Yes, she knew what she was doing because, like a pro, on her way out the door, she took one glance back and made sure to catch my eye once more.

As soon as she left, I had to let the biggest sigh of tension out my body. She had me wrapped around her little finger.

She does this thing.

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I cannot believe what theory I am about to post but... I think Hanna murdered Charlotte.

I know that sounds impossible but hear me out for a second.

Remember Ashley Marin’s car from before the time jump, in particular the pilot episode 1x01? Her silver Bentley?

Now take a look at this car in the background of this from 6x12. Notice that the body style and the color look very similar.. (the line that goes across the side of the car from the headlight to the back is a rare mark, if you screenshot the gif and zoom in it’s easier to see then a screenshot of the episode itself.)

I never even saw the car leaving the church in the background behind Aria and Ezra until this amazing theory by @the-ruby-daly . But as I looked closer, I noticed the car looked familiar and it wasn’t because of Lucas.

It could be Ashley Marin’s car. 

And then I got to thinking…. didn’t Hanna rush into deleting the security camera footage of the night Charlotte was killed?

I know she hesitated but only for like, a day. She eventually went back and deleted not just an hour or two of footage but a whole 24 hours. What is she hiding? Why does she need an alibi so badly? 

Why was she awake at 3am when Aria left the hotel? Did she drive her mom’s car to the church following Charlotte after she got her friends drunk?

And why did Alison look at HANNA after her taunting prayer?

Plus, what better way to get away with murder than to point fingers at someone else.


And then there’s Hanna’s extreme need for an alibi that I mentioned before..

She begged Lucas to lie and say that they had spent the evening together and for what? Why would she need an alibi if she was just passed out in her hotel room with her friends, like she says? What is she covering up?

I know it sounds insane…BUT WHAT IF.

Hanna hated Charlotte. She had every reason in the world to want Charlotte locked away forever or dead. And Hanna was awake during the time that she was murdered…

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She’s an unlikely suspect, but still a suspect.