charlotte brathwaite

Sun Ra Visitation Series

The spirit of Sun Ra touches down at Joe’s Pub for this series of evenings led by director Charlotte Brathwaite pairing Sylvan Oswald’s play ‘Sun Ra’ with live music by the Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Each night features an eclectic mix of guest artists who share a connection to Sun Ra’s call to dream beyond the limitations of this physical world. Don’t miss Burnt Sugar, “a fleet-footed big band, sliding and swaggering” (Rolling Stone), Oswald and Brathwaite as they explore a portion of the play each night of the series in preparation for a 2015 run at LaMaMa E.T.C.

I recommend that anyone near the city goes to see this. The production is directed by the lovely Charlotte Brathwaite, whose remarkable staging of Woyzeck amazed audiences in Western Mass this Halloween. She is a directorial force to watch out for, and a lovely woman. The playwright, Sylvan Oswald, possesses a remarkable talent for combining compelling characters, electric dialog and engaging plots. His 2011 play Pony riffs on Buchner’s work, taking Woyzeck to new depths that push and subvert social and theatrical boundaries.

One of my greatest regrets this semester is that I can’t make it to this production. I hope some of you will go in my place! If you run into the director after the show, tell her Elena sent you. She’s a remarkable person and worth getting to know.