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Lady Blackhawk named ‘em that. She says one bite and you’ll be bouncing all over Gotham, too!!

So are these the greatest things you ever saw, or what?!!?

It’s a brownie!
It’s a cookie!


Tube of cookie dough! PLUS Box of brownie mix.

Cut up some candy bars. Try not to eat all the Nutella before you start.

Here you go: Put some cookie dough in a pan. It might not fit and OH NO I GUESS YOU HAVE TO EAT THE REST YOURSELF.
Life is so hard!

Follow the directions on the back of the brownie mix, pour SOME but not ALL of it on top of the cookie dough.

Toss a bunch of candy bar pieces on top. I used Snickers, Milky Way and Butterfingers because that’s what the girls had in their stashes…erm, I mean, that’s what I found.


Here’s where it gets super-cool - get a BIG fat spoonful of Nutella, right? And sort of…smear it…LIGHTLY!…over the top of the batter.


Use the handle of the spoon and kind of…draw a line through it. Pretty, right? I am an ARTISTE.

Applause, applause.

Bake for whatever the directions tell you. Eat more Nutella while you wait.

TRY TO LET THE DARN THINGS COOL Or owww…burnt tongue.

(Totally worth it, but ooooowwwww.)

Cut into ENORMOUS pieces and watch Huntress and Canary try not to eat them. 

(Full disclosure - Actual cookie dough and brownie batter were used here, but absolutely feel free to use whatever works for you!)


PUMPKIN SPICE PUMPKIN COOKIES <3 (Caption helpfully written by Julia (@ineverhadmyinternetphase) as I hate putting words on the interwebs, photographs by/edited by me)

Yes, we made the pumpkin spice pumpkin cookies from the 2015 Halloween baking vid! Best fun ever, we had Dan and Phil playing along with us and we had the plushies helping and also Charlotte owns the same little ghostie as them so he was helping us along too.

Dan and Phil plushies helped us the whole way through. The second photo is Dan hugging the jar of his soul (molasses) and then there is also super pastel Dan that Charlotte made in the eight photo.

Seventh photo is all of our decorations - mostly QPR themed with a couple of pumpkins and a ghost for a nod to Halloween (in the middle of March, as you do…)

Basically an amazing night to top off an amazing week and I cried on the train the whole way home

E.T.A: Cookies tasted like Christmas, would 10/10 recommend making these and if you veganise the dough (hit me up for altered recipe it’s fab) then you can munch on the cookie dough as you go.


No Bake Mango Charlotte Cake! 👉 Recipe available on link @tipbuzzfood
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Sorry it took so long, there you go!

  • Charlotte just… watching Kamui’s coronation at the end of Revelation and… suddenly realizing… If he becomes King of Valla and if she’s his wife then that means…! Kamui and Aqua and the rest of the siblings jump and turn their heads as Charlotte is yelling “I’M QUEEN OF VALLA, BITCHES!!!” out the window at the top of her lungs. “Papa, what has gotten into Mama?”, “Queenliness, Kana. Queenliness.”
  • “Mama, do you think you can become a Lord Wyvern if I transform and you jump on my back?”, “I don’t think this is how it works, dear… *cough*I’malreadyridingadragonprince*cough*”, “What did you say?”, “Nothing, Kana, nothing.”
  • Alternatively: “Okay, now I’m angry! Dear, change into a dragon! We’re gonna Lord Wyvern the shit out of them.”, “Charlotte, I’m pretty sure that’s not how you become a Lord Wyvern.”, “Shut up, I know how to ride dragons and you know it!”
  • Charlotte teaching Kana how to get whatever she wants from boys (super sweet smile, adorable pouting, heartbreaking watering eyes, etc.) and regretting it soon after when she realizes Kana testes it on Kamui to get pretty dresses or earrings… and of course Kamui is unable to say no to his little girl. “No no no no, I’M the one who gets dresses and earrings from HIM!”. Also Kana uses it to get Charlotte to bake her something whenever she feels like her parents have been neglecting her because of their war duties.
  • Kana wearing a white bow in her hair just like her mom’s, except she replaced the jewel in the middle by her dragonstone.
  • Charlotte just… crying happy tears… Not only she managed to marry a prince who happened to become king of a secret kingdom, but she really loves him and she didn’t have to give up her childhood dreams of true love and happy marriage. She still overhears people saying she only married Kamui for his position and money but, even though it broke her heart and filled her with rage before, now she’s just content knowing these are just lies. She knows the nature of her feelings. When she was ready to sacrifice her own happiness to repay everything her parents did for her, happiness still came to her. Now she just can’t wait till the moment she can introduce her husband and daughter to her parents. From now on, everything is gonna be okay.
Reasons I'm actually Cordelia from Falsettos

-Loves girls, so much
-I love Charlotte, so much!!
-Baking? Cooking? That’s amazing stuff I love!
-Crop tops.
-Short hair.
-I love the tight-knit family so much!!

Reasons I’m not:
-I don’t have a gf :(
-idk probably a few more reasons

In conclusion: I just might be Cordelia

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Just curious because I've seen a lot of headcanons about how Charlotte and Cordelia met. What is your stand on how they met and what did they do for their first date?

i feel like maybe they met in college, when charlotte was premed and cordelia wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in yet. cordelia discovered her passion for cooking bc she loved cooking/baking for charlotte! i think their first date was simple, like a coffee date on campus or something and they were both super nervous


If this reminds you of The Great British Bake Off then we can be best friends: Le Biscuit roulé -Casino’, or the ‘Charlotte Royale’

It’s the Raspberry jam-rolled sponge cake with smooth bavarian kirsch cream filling that to me was made famous by the technical in The Great British Bake-off season 4, in the technical challenge that Kimberely won (and she was my favourite). Imagine my surprise when it was not Kimberley but rather my mother who had triumphed this technical challenge, by bringing home a perfect - the rolls spaced tightly together, the cream staying intact - Charlotte Royale (albeit one under a French name)! We ate her “Le Biscuit roulé-Casino” or my “Charlotte Royale” with raspberry coulis. The tartness of the coullis paired wonderfully with the sweetness of the cake. 


I just had a thought!

Toby was building the house for Spencer. He asked her to dinner. I’m guessing to get back together because correct me if I’m wrong the house wasn’t done like at all and he said when he started building it it was for her. He even asks how long she’s staying and she says something to the effect of “the hearings tomorrow and then I don’t really know.”

When Charlotte was released Spencer said she only said she wasn’t afraid because she never thought they’d let her out and then said something about how her and the girls could go jet setting around the world and leave Ali and Charlotte to bake cookies in their ugly house or something.

Charlotte roaming around free GUARANTEED that Spencer would NEVER come back to Rosewood. Even for Toby and his beautiful house.


Toby didn’t go to Spencer’s to say goodbye. He went there to confess and he choked.

Super Fluffy Smutty Sunday Masterpost

Here you go, folks! A one-stop shop for all the fluffy, smutty goodness that I have posted today, complete with ratings. 

Belle builds a blanket fort (G)

Rumpel’s shadow keeps trying to reattach itself in Neverland (G)

Spinner! Rum dreams of Belle. Cue furtive wanking (NC-17)

(Check out Woodelf68’s sequel!)

Rumpel’s birthday present is rather naked (NC-17)

Cupcakes: Post-baby’s birth fluff (PG)

Cupcakes: First time after the baby is born smut

Cupcakes: Elvira teaches Charlotte to bake (G)

An accident leaves Belle in a coma and she witnesses people’s dreams: Happy Ending (PG)

Gold teaches a knitting class, Belle is a student (G)

They sex-roleplay people they know. Badly. (NC-17)

The Great Wide Somewhere: Romantic dinner in Tuscany (T)

Belle wears a revealing dress to a ball, Gold is unable to function (T)

Carousel: They have sex on the carousel (NC-17)

As The Day He Was (Re)Born: Rumpel and Belle tell Neal about life in the Dark Castle before the first curse (G)

Rumpel and Belle have a date that (almost) no-one cockblocks (PG)

Belle has an accident and must wear flat shoes  (NC-17)

Missing Pages: Continuation of the missing pages stories (PG)

Let Go: Happy Ending (T)

Belle arrives in Storybrooke in a magic chest: What happened next? (PG)

Lab Nights and Christmas Lights: One year later (T)