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Falsettos Asks
  • Marvin: What are your thoughts on love?
  • Trina: Have you ever had a messy end to a relationship? (platonic or romantic)
  • Jason: Favorite childhood game? (video game, board game, card game, etc)
  • Mendel: Should people come to you for advice? Do you give good advice?
  • Whizzer: Do you have a skin care routine? Are you good with makeup?
  • Charlotte: What do you love to do out of all your hobbies or interests?
  • Cordelia: Do you like baking or cooking better? Do you cook at all?
  • Diane: Have you ever been confused with someone who looks nothing like you?
  • March of the Falsettos: What would you kill for?
  • Falsettoland: You can use two words to describe yourself. What are they?
  • William Finn: How do you talk? (do you mumble, have a lisp, is your voice deep, do you stutter, etc)
I swear to God, if Charlotte has Poppy tied up and kidnapped, I'm gonna lose it.

Reblog if you are forever #TeamPoppy

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