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Web Series Wednesday!

There are so many great web series out their that are just begging to be watched! So here’s a nifty list of what to watch now/what to look forward too because their are a TON of amazing web series coming out soon with FANTASTIC PLOTS!


The Veronica Exclusive - one of four web series based on the musical based on the movie Heathers. The Veronica Exclusive films using web cameras which is unlike any web series I’ve seen online. It’s a creative way to film and allows for their production company Stream Vaudeville to get actors and participants from literally anywhere. This web series perfectly combines humour and darkness as the original Heathers movie and musical does plus every actor is amazing and is perfect for their role! Plus they’ve been amazing at promoing us and CWS! #webserieshug

The Late Nell Avery - When I watch a web series 9 times out of 10 it’s based off of a book or has some ties to literature. The Late Nell Avery is the first original web series I’ve seen and it’s fantastic! The premise is that a university student named Cassie documents the strange hauntings going on in her dorm room, harmless hauntings caused by Nell Avery, a ghost and former occupant of the room who can’t leave. The effects for this show are INCREDIBLE and I wish I knew how they made a transparent ghost using a camera! The second season comes out September 3 so catch up on the first season while waiting!

Classic Alice - Alright a lot of people know about this one but I’ve only just started watching it! Basically a girl named Alice gets a “bad mark” on an essay and decides to make all her future decisions by placing herself as characters from Classic novels! It’s a creative and fun web series that’s perfect for book lovers and English majors (like me ;)).

Carmilla - This one already has quite the following on Tumblr but who can blame them?! Based on the novel of the same name, Carmilla is a fun series that brings back that love of vampires and the supernatural that Twilight destroyed. The show has a diversity of characters and relationships and doesn’t make fun of any of it but is rather really accepting and inclusive of everything and everyone!


Beth and Charly - This one is a very new web series but it’s already hilarious! Beth, friendssistant to Charly, a former child star, works to try to bring Charly back to the spotlight she left behind. There are only a few episodes of Beth and Charly but the actors work so well together making the show hilarious, you’re guaranteed to laugh!

Playing Pirates Vlogs - an upcoming web series based on another musical (I’m loving these musical themed web series) Spring Awakening! I’m really excited to see what they’re going to do with their show and how they’ll show all the characters and serious issues in the musical! 

Very Veronica - Another Heather the musical web series! After the success of TVE I’m super excited to see what this one will be like and how they bring the show to vlogging style!

The Heretics - An original web series about witches? Hell yeah!  I am super pumped for this web series because 1) I love witches and the supernatural and 2) IT SOUNDS AMAZING! Super pumped for this!

How Very - ANOTHER HEATHER THE MUSICAL VLOG! I love the dedicated fans of the Heathers fandom and can’t wait to see what happens in this web series! 

Outlaws from Texas - An original historical web series about Bonnie and Clyde! Super excited to see what they’re going to do with this one and how they’ll bring it to the vlogging sphere!

Mission True Love - Another musical adaptation vlog but this time of Legally Blonde! This is the first Legally Blonde vlog being done and I can’t wait to see how they portray Elle and all the other characters! 

Happily Never After - The kids of Disney villains! This sounds so cool and I’m excited to see how they envision and embody these children of villains!

Charlotte’s Web Series - Shameless promotion of self. :P


- Sarah

Avery Drake

I still think there’s a possibillty that Spencer is a twin, just like her mom.

Dr Cochran seemed like he was lying when he said he didn’t remember if Mary had a boy or a girl. I think Noel/Jenna paid him off to say that.

Neither Spencer or Avery came to the meeting between the liars and Sara’s friends. What was the point of even mentioning Avery, if she’s not part of the story in any other way? None of them were present at the meeting, because the other group of friends would see they were twins.

If Avery is Spencer’s twin, that may be how Sara fits with it all. Charlotte were looking for her biological family. Maybe she befriended Sara to get close to Avery, just like she started dating Jason to become close with him and Ali. Through them, she could find out things about Spencer, and later become her friend as well. This may also be the reason why Melissa and Charlotte knew each other.

Avery Drake = AD

AD wants to know who killed Charlotte. Avery and Charlotte probably grew close after they found each other.
AD shot Spencer, so it must have been planned. Maybe Avery blames her for Charlotte’s death and is also jealous of Spencer for growing up with the Hastings.

Avery and Charlotte may even have played together for a while (AD has all of Charlotte’s things, including the A stuff). That’s why Charlotte was ready to reveal herself, because Avery would keep the game alive.

This may be what “Maya knew”. Hence, Mona probably knows too.

When the liars gets a visit from someone in a dream, it tends to turn out to be real. When AD had Hanna, she dreamt that Spencer came to visit her. That was most likely real, only it was Avery, not Spencer. That’s why Spencer was missing her bangs in that scene.

Veronica said that the summer Spencer was high on drugs was a nightmare, because they “never knew if it was her (Spencer) or her evil twin joining them for breakfast.

Mary is/was working for AD. Mary was in the house way before Spencer got shot, and she didn’t seem to care much about what was going on. Maybe she didn’t care because she knows Avery, her daughter, is AD, and that she wants to find Charlotte’s killer. She let AD go, because she didn’t want anything to happen to her daughter. And then she tended (poorly) to the wounded Spencer, because she also doesn’t want her to die.

Toby’s car “accident” must also have been planned by AD to hurt Spencer, if she survived (maybe AD planned for her to survive, and wanted her to really suffer). It seems like AD really is out to get her.

Melissa wants to protect Spencer in her strange, suspicious ways. So if Melissa isn’t the one doing this, it has to be Avery. Who else would single out Spencer in that way?

Avery is also the one who killed Jessica. Because Jessica caused Mary all the pain in their younger years, she only took in one of Mary’s kids and then sent her to Radley. She was the one who decided that the twins were going to be adopted by other families. Jessica died because someone switched out her medication, the same medication Peter was on. Avery could have been sneaking around the Hastings home, pretending to be Spencer (or would have if someone came home), stole the medicine and gave them to Jessica.

Edit: I forgot! 1. Mary said that Melissa and Spencer looked like they could have been twins. Spencer replied with something like "many people thought that when we were younger”. Well, Melissa is 7 years older than her. No one thinks that a 5 year old, and a 12 year old are twins. Maybe at one point, the Hastings had both girls, or they visited each other, and Spencer remembers it wrong. 2. Grunwald said there were a darkness surrounding Hanna and Caleb. That might have been Grunwald “seeing” Spencer, mistaking her energy for Avery’s.

We’ve got a packed calendar this month, so let’s go!

Carmilla is back with season 0, and MsLabelled is back with season 2! Who’s excited?

New this month: Words from Wilde, W.H. Academy, Mac and Beth, and Labour of Love

Webseries included are:
Lovely Little Losers
The Blair Goddess Project
Words From Wilde
W.H. Academy
Classic Alice
From Mansfield With Love
Mac and Beth
Project Dashwood
Project Green Gables
Green Gables Fables
Labor of Love
Social Medium
All’s Fair Play
The Late Nell Avery
Charlotte’s Web Series

Other shows not on a regular schedule:
Like, As It Is
Grimm Reflections

Send me suggestions for next month!