Charlotte (Chapter 59)

“You guys ready?” Our pilot asks.

Caspar and I give thumbs ups and Joe stands there shaking. Joe watches as they strap me to a guy and I see his eyes squint. I give him a wink and bite my lower lip teasing him a little.

“Alright. Who’s first?” the pilot asks.

“Me!” I yell and raise my hand. They guy I’m strapped to chuckles.

“We can go first,” he agrees.

“Alright. Whenever you’re ready.”

Joe looks at me and grabs my hand. He kisses it and looks at me.

“See you down there.” I yell.

He nods.

“Let’s do this!” I yell.

They man leads us to the edge of the plane and I look out. All I can see is clouds. I can see little patches of the earth through the clouds, but it’s mostly just clouds.

“Three, two, one!” the man I’m strapped to yells and then we leap out of the plane.

“Oh my goooooooosh!” I yell and smile.

The skin on my face is being pushed back and I can’t help but laugh.

“WOOOOO!” The man yells and I join him.

The clouds get closer and closer until we go right through them. After we make it through the ground is clear as crystal and it is approaching in great speed. It’s thrilling just falling. I feel weightless. I feel like I’m a bird falling, falling, falling until I hit my desired height and the man pulls the parachute. We tug a little and then glide through the air slowly. I can see buildings off in the distance, bodies of water, and of course a large field.

“WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!” I hear and look up.

I can see another jumper. It must be Caspar. I smile and then look back at the nearing earth.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” The man yells.

“So beautiful!” I yell back. “This is incredible!”

We slowly sail down and I take in the beauty of the earth around me. The air is so thin up here but it’s getting easier to breath. I think my heart racing is also part of it.

A few minutes pass and it’s almost time to land.

“What do I do?” I ask.

“Lift your legs up like you are going to sit in a chair,” he says and I do.

“Like this?”

“Perfect, now you’re going to fall. Just fall back on me. I’ve got you.”


We approach the ground and I hear another yell. I look up and see that another person has jumped from the plane.

“Oh my gosh!” I gasp.

“Wait, no keep your legs up.”

“Oh sorry,” I say and look towards the ground again.

We come closer to the field and I lean back on the man and we slide onto the ground. I lay on him and look up at Caspar who is not far behind us and I watch a little figure which can only be Joseph just fall and fall. I can hear his yelling get closer and closer. The man unstraps me and I stand up.

“Thank you.” I say still looking at Joe. “I can’t believe it.”

“I know. You just jumped out of a plane.” The man who I was just strapped to says and stands up.

“No,” I smile. “My boyfriend just jumped out of a plane.”

“Oh, he’s- he’s your boyfriend?” He asks and I look at him puzzled.

“Yeah, why?”

“No, nothing,” he says and takes off his helmet. His hair is dark brown and a little longer than Joe’s. His eyes are a beautiful light green and his skin is olive toned. “All the pretty girls are always taken I guess.”

“What?” I ask blushing.

“I’m sorry,” he says and smiles, “I don’t mean to make you blush.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” I say and look back up at Caspar and Joe. “It’s not appropriate.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any harm I ju-”

“I don’t care, dude.”

“It’s Bradley.” He says.

“What?!” I ask looking at him again.

“My name is Bradley.”

“Hi,” I say. “My name is Charlotte and I’m taken now please just let me watch my friend and boyfriend fall.”

“Gezz sorry.”

“You should be.” I huff and look at Caspar who is about to reach the ground.

“CHARLOTTE!” he yells and I run over to where he landed.

He unstraps himself and he stands up. He wraps his arms around me and I gladly take his hug.

“Oh god Charlotte that was so much fun!” Caspar breathes when he lets me go.

“I know!” I smile in agreement and also because I’m glad to have someone else here with me so I’m not alone with Bradley the creepy skydiving man.

“I can’t believe Joe jumped,” he says looking up at him.

“Me either. He is so amazing.”

“Charlotte, love!” Joe yells when he is close.

“Hi, babe!” I yell loud. I hope Bradley gets that I don’t want to be with him. If I didn’t already make it clear it should be clear now.

He lands and I run to him.

“I’m so proud of you, Joseph!” I smile and help him up after he detaches from the man he jumped with.

“Come here,” he says and pulls me to him.

He presses his lips to mine and kisses me sloppily. I don’t even care. He just jumped from a plane for me and that is the sexiest thing he has ever done. It also helps get the point across to Bradley so I’m even more for it.

“I love you so damn much, Charlotte!” He says when he pulls apart from me.

“I love you too,” I giggle.

He hugs me and whispers, “I look forward to seeing this dress.”

I look at him and he winks. I smile and grab his hand as we walk back to the station to return out gear.

“Thank you so much!” the front lady says when we leave.

“Thank you.” We all say and then leave.

Gosh, that was such a thrilling experience. It was so moving to go with Joseph for his first time, one of Joe’s only first’s I share with him. It was so exciting to go skydiving in the United Kingdom! I can’t believe Joseph jumped for me. I can’t wait to show him my dress.

Authors Note:

Did you think Joe would jump? I didn’t think was going to make him jump, but I had too! New chapters every Sunday! Love, Britt

Hunger Games Simulator

I can’t help it, this thing is just way too much fun.


She’s as romantic as always.


That would be so funny to listen to, since they have literally the same voice.


Fujiwara probably just tried to check Aki’s legs.

Well, DUH.

As romantic as always.

Well, DUH.



These three are literally the last ones I would guess to do that.

Like all the time…

Wait what

Who wouldn’t.

Rin is a slut.

Rin is a slut. (I ship this.)


Who wouldn’t.

Who wouldn’t.