We have rested long enough. Frost to fire and fire to frost. Iron will melt. But it will writhe inside of itself! All these years, all I’ve known is darkness. But I have never seen a brighter light than when my eyes just opened. And I know that light burns in all of you! Those embers must turn to flame. Iron into sword. I will become your weapon! Forged by the fierce fire that I know is in your hearts! For I have seen what she sees. I know what she knows. I can kill her. And I’d rather die today than live another day of this death! Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?


[Charlize on her famous Dior ad] “Oh, God. That fucking walk was so hard to do [laughs]. I was in a hotel recently, all dressed up to go down to a function, and I did the walk in the corridor leading to the elevator. But I was wearing patent shoes, and they got stuck to each other, and I ended up falling into the lift as the doors opened. The whole thing got caught on security camery. It was hilarious.”


Mad Max: Fury Road