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“I will suffer no more.”

“Daniels suffered a major arm injury on January 30, 1980 while digging fence post holes on his farm near Mount Juliet, where he lives. He suffered three complete breaks in his right arm, and two broken fingers when his shirtsleeve caught on a spinning auger. The injury required surgery, and sidelined him for four months.

Daniels was successfully treated for prostate cancer in 2001.[25] On January 15, 2010, Daniels was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke while snowmobiling in Colorado. He recovered and was released two days later.

During a doctor visit on March 25, 2013, Daniels was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia and admitted to a Nashville hospital for a series of routine tests. The tests revealed that a pacemaker was needed to regulate his heart rate. One was put in on March 28 and Daniels was released from hospital within days.”


Anti-choice people say some truly dumb shit. 


It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia & Horror

Dee & Carrie White (Carrie 1976)

“They’re all gonna laugh at you.”

Dennis Reynolds & Norman Bates (Psycho 1960)

“We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?”

Charlie Kelly & Seth Brundle (The Fly 1986)

“I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it.”

Mac Mcdonald & Nada (They Live 1988)

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

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Hi. I did this with @ashinan, and I'm trying to get to know more VLD people so... I'm Ali, my favourite colour tends to sit in the deep red spectrum. I'm a massive Sheith fan (S2 cemented this when before it was more of a maaaaybe), and while I have a weakness for cookies and cream ice-cream I never say no to a raspberry sorbet. I have a terribly affectionate cat called Charlie who is so wonky that when he runs he sounds like a load of slippers falling out of a loft. :)

Hi!! I’m always down to meet more VLD people. It’s nice to meet you Ali :) wasn’t season two great? So much Shiro and Keith development, guh. That is the best description of a cat’s movement that I think I’ve ever read in my entire life. I’m laughing just picturing it. 

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Do you know what comes out of mixing a t-shirt canon full of glitter and your adorable youtuber of choice?

Me neither but somehow it ended on this. Magical girl boy Ethan-kun.. yeah, makes sence. To clarify this isn’t (entirely) my fault, blame @tinyboxbri as well

I would say I’m sorry, but considering how much time I spent on this… nah, I regret nothing.

oh, yeah.. Charlie was involved too ps I have no clue how see-through skirts work, I tried :v

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Hello! You've kind of been the responsible party for my newfound love of Charlie/Daphne and I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful thing :) I was also wondering if you might have some thoughts about Daphne + one of the Weasley family struggling (but eventually) coming to terms with Charlie's choice of partner? (idk, but somewhere in my head I picture Fleur bonding usually strongly with Daphne because of this, and acting as kind of a big sister, all the while reminding Daphne of Astoria.)

this is for the @slytherdornet & @hprarepairnet be mine challenge!

  • now that all of the weasley children had partners, mrs. weasley felt it was her obligation to hold a huge valentine’s day dinner for everyone.
  • and well, no one could pass up the free food.
  • the only problem was that mrs. weasley was not warming up to daphne.
  • not only was daphne pregnant before marriage, she was also a past slytherin.
  • sure, she had warmed up to pansy and blaise now, but for some reason, daphne was different.
  • and it made daphne nervous.
  • pansy told her weeks ago that she would come around, but daphne kept cracking her knuckles as she waited for mrs. weasley to answer the door.
  • it was her nervous habit.
  • “daph, it’s going to be fine,” charlie told her seriously, “mum is intense, but she will come around the more she spends time when you. i thought when ginny brought blaise home, she was going to faint. she even yelled at harry about pansy. but she loves both of them now. it just takes her a bit to adjust.”
  • daphne sighed and was about to respond saying how she was different because of their pregnancy, but she didn’t get the chance to.
  • mrs. weasley answered the door and greeted charlie with a hug.
  • “so good to see you, charlie. i have missed you!”
  • charlie grunted from the force of the hug, but he replied, “i have missed you too, mum.”
  • once mrs. weasley had pulled away from charlie, she looked at daphne.
  • daphne smiled awkwardly and subconsciously put a hand on her belly.
  • mrs. weasley looked down at her hand, and daphne’s smile instantly fell from her face.
  • but mrs. weasley surprised her by tearfully saying, “i can’t believe i’m going to have another grandchild! come here!”
  • and she pulled daphne into a hug.
  • daphne was taken aback by the gesture, but she hugged her back gratefully.
  • she watched charlie smile down at the two of them.
  • and relief washed over her.
  • fleur came to the door and said, “oh daphne, i’m so happy to see you! but molly, can you please let her inside? you’re letting cold air in!”
  • mrs. weasley let go of daphne then and waved her hands in the air.
  • “oh, of course! my bad! i just got emotional.”
  • daphne heard the rest of the family chuckle behind her, and she then followed fleur and charlie inside the house.
  • you can say the dinner went well, and as always, she was thankful pansy and blaise were there for support.
  • as she and charlie were about to leave, pansy walked up to her hand in hand with harry and whispered in her ear, “see, i told you she’d come around.”
  • and all daphne could think was, yeah, pansy was right again. 

Little Tonks asking her mother why she’s never met her grandparents.

Andromeda telling her that she had a choice between her family and Ted. And that sometimes love isn’t as romantic as fairytales want you to believe. And sometimes you have to make hard choices.

Ted listening from the next room and pretending he hadn’t heard but Andi knows when he’s trying to hide something and reassures him that she has no regrets.

Little Tonks growing up and having an embarrassingly obvious crush on Charlie Weasley and they hang out sometimes between classes and he kicks her ass at Quidditch and one time she kisses him “just to see what it’s like” and her hair goes scarlet to match his. And they try kissing again later and it’s nice but they both know deep down it won’t last.

And Charlie has a choice between dragons and Tonks and Quidditch and family and he chooses dragons and Tonks remembers what her mother said and she gets it. She really does. Love isn’t always romantic and sometimes it’s not even really love. It didn’t seem like the choice was very hard for him.

So she throws herself into her work and she knocks things over and she’s a little bit naive but she’s good at hiding behind whatever face she puts on for the day and that helps. And she swears she’s not looking for love because she’s got other things to worry about you see.

And then she finds it without even looking and it’s broken and imperfect and scarred and wears tattered old robes and she doesn’t care. Remus tries to talk her out of it and he can’t because love isn’t always a fairy tale romance and if she has to choose between an imperfect love and being alone then she wants Remus scars and all.

No regrets.