Z-Flex Skateboards - Episode 1: The Beginning — Skateboarding History

Nine years ago today I started testosterone. In my 30 years on this earth, I have embodied many genders. I have lived two thirds of my life as female and a third as male. I graduated from high school as a girl and from college as a guy; those five years were the most difficult yet joyous and rewarding of my life.

I was afraid to take this step toward medical transition; afraid I would lose everyone I loved, afraid of what I would look like, afraid of what people would say and what a freak they would think I am. I thought I would have to move far away and never talk to my parents, extended family, or friends again. I am happy to say I was very wrong.

It has taken a lot of time, patience, and communication, but for the most part I didn’t lose anyone I love, and the people I did lose weren’t real friends in the first place. Nothing has turned out like I thought it would when I first started transitioning; instead of being shunned and vilified by people from my past, I have been received lovingly.

For 20 years, I was ashamed of how I felt and stuffed down what I thought was a terrible secret, only to be met with open arms and discover affirmation, validation, and love. So, thank you to everyone who has been there. It means a lot.

After going through all of this – changing my name, my body, my presence in this world and the way I navigate it, I can just say that I feel really fucking human. And I know what it means to be alive.


Top Surgery Strip Down ft. Ryan Cassata


What Real Men Do

This is my latest video on YouTube - exploring masculinity and gender stereotypes.


Five years ago today I had top surgery. Here’s the vlog from the morning of surgery.


I am so fierce.


FTM transition: Dysphoria. Honestly.

Excellent video from Dade. I love his eloquence and honesty.

Overall I am very open and comfortable talking about my trans experience, but dysphoria is one of the hardest parts of that experience for me to talk about; it is one of the most painful, and still a reality of everyday life.

Like Dade says in the video, I try not to dwell on the negative too much and focus on the positive aspects of transition and my body and accept it for what it is.